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Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is a recently released second expansion to Dawn of War by THQ and Relic. The expansion features an all new single-player experience and 2 new races- the Necrons and the Tau. Relic aims to make 'the greatest expansion pack ever made' according to one company representative.

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New features

It features a new campaign including a new "meta map", similar to that in Dune. It also introduces a new option in which commanders can be customized in the campaign - Wargear. It has been said by Tranj that there will be no new units for the existing races, but Grey Knights were spotted in released screenshots. The addition of one new unit to each existing race was confirmed on 7 August 2006. They are the Space Marines Grey Knights, Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Team, the Orks Flash Gitz, the Eldar Harlequin, and the Chaos Daemon Prince.

Gameplay Changes

  • Stealth units can attack and cap while in stealth mode
  • Singleplayer commanders can be upgraded between battles, making them much more powerful (This does not occur in multiplayer, but upgrades as per usual will upgrade heroes).
  • The Necron's monolith, starting as a building, will be able to turn into a slow moving, but teleport capable unit.
  • Risk style "meta-map" in which a player attacks a territory with his army with the goal of taking over the map, while each territory has its own unique units and upgrades as a reward when captured by a player.
  • Each of the original 5 races (Including the Imperial Guard with WA) will gain a new unit, Grey Knights for the Space Marines, Flash Gitz for the Orks, Heavy Weapon Teams for the Imperial Guard, Daemon Prince for Chaos and Harlequins for the Eldar

Interoperability with other games

Dark Crusade can be played without Dawn of War or Winter Assault; having the previous games unlocks the races those games introduced in multi-player. Having Dawn of War installed and inputting its CD-Key allows use of the Eldar, Space Marines, Orks and Chaos in Dark Crusade's multi-player; having Winter Assault installed and inputting its CD-Key allows use of the Imperial Guard. There is a trick available to unlock the races without installing the full games by copying the executables and editing the registry. Players of Dawn of War and Winter Assault cannot connect to a player using Dark Crusade as the two games are not directly compatible, unlike Company of Heroes.

Soulstorm follows the same format as Dark Crusade did.

All new and previous races are available in single-player skirmish or the meta-map campaign.

New Races

THQ's marketing strategy meant that Tau were revealed as one of the races in the new Dawn of War expansion rather early. Necrons were revealed later but still ahead of the scheduled time. It has been suggested that if the Necrons were revealed first then it could have prolonged the tension that Tranj worked so hard to build.


The Necrons economy relies on power. Strategic points are needed as they will be the source of speeding production and upgrade times.

The Monolith is the only unit-producing structure that the Necrons have, so Necron players will have to choose at an early stage whether to build up an army or build up to a monolith, inferring an expensive system. The Necrons are possibly the most unique of all of the existing races.


The Tau have been welcomed with slightly less enthusiasm, this may well be due to the fact that they are not as radical as the Necron structure. Their army may look as standard as the others, but they have advanced technology and their weapons of choice are ranged. In addition, they also have alien auxiliaries in the form of Kroot and Vespids.


Dark Crusade was released in October of 2006.

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