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This interview is transcribed from the original thread.

Hello ladies and gents, today we're talking to Akranadas, as I'm sure you can tell. I'm Obtuse and I'll be interviewing today along with Methuselath and SPECIAL GUESTS!!!1!oneoneone. This series of brief interviews will hopefully give some people a little bit of an insight into the folks that help keep law and order around their neck of the woods and hopefully be mildly entertaining at the same time.

Today we're interviewing one of the Dawn of War section mods, Akranadas, whose yearbook entry can be found at the following location:

With that aside, whether or not you're ready, we shall begin the interview proper:

Obtuse: OK, Akranadas, gimme the basic information.

Akranadas: I'm nineteen, male and from Australia.

Methuselath: What is your view on the general mentality of DoW's community, do you love them or hate them? Do the frequent discussions about the darker side of earthly relationship turns you off or does it awaken hidden desires?

Obtuse: Whu?

Akranadas: Well... First I love the DoW Community, there are some really great characters and I enjoy seeing what they come up with night after night, It's what keeps me coming back. Second now: I would say I try to stay neutral in all discussions, unless its about Eldar

Obtuse: I’m astonished you managed to actually answer that. Now Arky, how did you come across the Relic Forums, and what madness led you to want to moderate it?

Akranadas: I came across the Relic Forums after I purchased Dawn of War way back when. When I first started posting, I had no intention of being a moderator, and up until the day I was asked, I never thought about it. But When I was, I saw it as a oppertunity to help further the community

Methuselath: Akranadas, how is the moderating life treating you? We all know the balance discussions always attracts the worst sort (bar a few respectable members) how do you keep you're cool and handle the matters neutrally?

Obtuse: I would like to point out that statement is entirely Meth’s opinion and does not reflect the views of the moderating staff or in fact anyone but himself.

Akranadas: Well, I have many ways of dealing with that, I usually just think of how I would feel if I was new and decided to rant, so I try to be calm when locking and answering in the balance discussions area. To stay neutral is easy, I just don't answer anything Eldar related :p

Obtuse: I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't have a bleeding clue about the reasoning behind the 'you and Eldar' thing. Could you explain, perhaps?

Akranadas: Well, From the first Time I played DoW, I fell in love with the Eldar play style and their units, particularly the Farseer. I had no prior knowledge of W40k Universe at that point, but since then, I am a devoted Eldar fanboi.

Methuselath: Are you sure the Farseer and Banshee don't influence your love?

Akranadas: Oh they do, Taldeer is my favourite.

Celtti: (walking past) Yes, Akranadas has a thing for tall, cocky women who also are total b*tches. (As everyone stares) And I’m not even joking, not me.

Methuselath: We all know ye’r’ short Celtti, so stop trying to take offence at other's height.

Celtti: No offence taken. (Turning to Akranadas) Do you take special pleasure in locking threads?

Akranadas: No, not really. I feel sorry for all the threads I lock.

Moe: (from behind the sofa) One does not take pleasure in locking threads. Every time a thread is locked it means that all moderation efforts have failed.

Akranadas: Moderation is just that, Moderation. You’re the referee in the Forums.

Methuselath: In that case, I'm sure you view the community's accusation about nazism in unfounded. On an unrelated note, how do you view Moe, as a paternal senior moderator or an abusive master?

Moe: Yes, answer the Moe bit. I'm totally not going to hold it against you.

[At this point Moe wanders off to compose the "sorry but you're fired" message. He read out the last part]

Moe: The administrator who fired you has added this message: "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, bitch"

Akranadas: Moe is a great guy, and I truly respect everything he has done and will do for the forums. I can count on him to help me out with any trouble in the forums I may face.

[At this point, with a smirk Moe throws the threatening letter into the trash]

Moe: I'm very proud of Akra, who has just achieved corporate brown-nosing level 4.

[Crash! Tiresias leaps through the window, rolls across the carpet, shakes himself like a dog and strikes a pose.]

Tiresias: Is the moderator forum a magical paradise full of fairies rainbows and magic?

Moe: It's just your regular forum. Threads, Posts, multiple porn stashes...

Akranadas: And a beer fridge!

Obtuse: Okay, we’re nearly out of time, but If there's one thing that you would like people to take away from this interview, what would it be?

Akranadas: I would like them to know, that I am in fact. like them; Just a person behind the Avatar and words. Oh, and read the FAQ!

(It’s at

Obtuse: I do recommend it, it’s very useful and no-one seems to realise it’s there. Cursed sticky blindness.

Methuselath: Overall, do you like your job as a moderator?

Akranadas: I do Indeed. I do have those days where I think, "What the hell am I doing? I should be playing games." but then I think of effort I put into the little things I do around the forums (like FAQ and Guides) and remember, even though many of the readers will never thank me personally, I know they appreciate my effort.

Obtuse: Any final thoughts?

Moe: (Rising out of his chair, his skin a healthy shade of beetroot) LEARN TO COUNT TO TWO, YOU DOLTS!

(That being, of course in reference to this, in case you were wondering:

Everyone: Hurrah!

[The session ends with everyone huggling each other, and Grabnutz brings in a bag full of muffins, possibly stolen from orphans. Happy days.]