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Tabletop Tactica

When the hit PC Game Dawn of War first came out, the Relic Forums created the TableTop forums to provide a place where the DoW fans who were already playing the TableTop game Warhammer 40,000 to congregate and talk about anything relating to the TableTop game, rather than Dawn of War. Some of the players who started frequenting the forum and became regular posters there were veteran TT players who have played for a number of years, and enjoy passing on their knowledge to other people.

How did it start?

As quite a few players new to TT started arriving, and asking questions about how to play various races, some of the veterans took their experience in their particular races and put it to paper, creating the TT section Tactica Thread. Each Tactica generally contains a list of each unit in the Codex, with advantages and disadvantages, the best and worst setups for the unit, what you should use the unit for, popular unit combinations, useful wargear explanations, sample army lists and variant force set-ups for that particular army. They are all incredibly useful to new players to give them a feel for the race, and the tactics associated with that race.


Many players have contributed to the collection of articles since the Index was put up, including: BrianGeneral, cfoley, Dooks Dizzo, eventhorizon, Legiemus Urov, MooFreaky, Piccolo, Popsumpot, The Preacher, TS_Ahriman and many more. Anyone who is a member of the Relic Forums can write a Tactica for their army, and if the community deems it of use, or of a high enough quality, it will join the index with the rest of the articles; otherwise it will be lost to the warp, only to surface on occasion when an unholy sorceror commits Necromancy.

The Tacticas

There is at current a Tactica for each major army in the 40k universe, and in some cases, even tactics for fighting against each of the races too, as well as general tactics for long range warfare, army x vs army y threads, and even an entire article dedicated to the use of Techmarines. The overall quality of the articles is good, but the ones that stand out the most for each race are:

  • Chaos- ‘A guide to Chaos’ – TS_Ahriman
  • Dark Eldar- ‘The Art of Enslavement’ - MooFreaky
  • Eldar- ‘The Art of War’ - eventhorizon
  • Necrons- ‘Insight into all things ancient, evil and metallic (A guide to Necrons) - Legiemus Urov
  • Space Marines- ‘An introduction to the Adeptus Astartes’ – BrianGeneral
  • Witch Hunters- ‘Witch Hunters Tactica’ – The Preacher.

Some of the Tacticas mentioned, and in the Index thread are considered by some to be of the highest quality you are likely to find on the internet. The current Index of Tactica Articles can be found here: Index of Tactica Articles