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A list of commonly used Relic Forums abbreviations and terms:


General Relic Forums abbreviations

General Forum Speak

NB: Most of these abbreviations are the same in many forums.

  • BTW: by the way
  • ATM: at the moment
  • FYI: for your information
  • IMO: in my opinion
  • IIRC: if I recall correctly
  • AFAIK: as far as I know
  • WIP: work in progress
  • FWIW: for what it's worth
  • OTOH: on the other hand
  • WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get
  • NSFW: not safe for work
  • IMBA: Imbalanced
  • GL: Good Luck
  • Hf: Have Fun
  • GG: Good game
  • Wp: Well Played
  • Ul: Un Lucky
  • GS: Gamespy

Relic Forum Specific

  • RERIC: Relic as typed by raging nerds

Relic-made Games

  • COH: Company of Heroes
  • DOW: Dawn of War
  • WA/DOW:WA: Winter Assault
  • DC/DOW:DC: Dark Crusade
  • HW: Homeworld
  • HW2: Homeworld 2
  • IC: Impossible Creatures

Tabletop forum abbreviations


  • #d/#d#: Amount of dice rolled/An amount of dice followed by type of dice (3d6=3 six-sided dice)
  • 40K: Warhammer 40,000
  • AC: Autocannon
  • Ad Mech: Adeptus Mechanicus
  • AM: Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Beardy Cheese: see imba
  • BFG: Battle Fleet Gothic
  • BR: Blood Ravens
  • CA/CA ####: Chapter Approved/Chapter Approved (year designation)
  • d: die or dice
  • d#: An indication of what kind of dice (4,6,10 sided, etcetera)
  • GD (1): Games Day
  • GD (2): Golden Demon
  • GL: Grenade Launcher
  • GT: Grand Tournament
  • HQ: Headquarter Unit
  • HW: Heavy Weapons
  • IC: Independent Character
  • IG: Imperial Guard
  • KG: Krak Grenade
  • LC: Lascannon
  • LotR: Lord of the Rings
  • NL: Night Lords
  • RT: Rogue Trader
  • RTT: Rogue Trader Tournament
  • ST: Storm Trooper
  • TS: Thousand Sons
  • TT: Table Top
  • TMC: Tyranid Monsterous Creature
  • WB: Warboss
  • WD/WDM: White Dwarf/White Dwarf Magazine
  • WE: World Eaters
  • WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get
  • WH: Warhammer
  • WH40k: Warhammer 40k
  • SM: Space Marines
  • WH: can also mean Witch Hunters
  • IG: Imperial Guard
  • TL: Twin Linked
  • IA: Imperial Armour
  • BL: Black Libary
  • WS: Weapon skill
  • BS: Ballistic skill
  • S: Strength
  • T: Toughness
  • A: Attacks
  • I: Initiative
  • LD: Leadership
  • SV: Save
  • AV: armour value
  • D-launchers: Decoy launchers
  • GL: Grenade Launchers
  • PG: Plasma gun
  • MG: Melta gun
  • ML: Can also mean Missile launchers
  • VDR: Vehicle Design Rules
  • GW: Games Workshop
  • 'Crons: Necrons
  • CCW: Close Combat Weapon
  • Nids: Tyranids
  • Mech Tau, Mech Eldar, etc... - An army of (tau, eldar, etc) almost entirely mounted in vehicles, short for mechanized.
  • BBB: Big Black Book, The current fourth edition Warhammer 40 000 rulebook.
  • MEQ: Marine equivalent (any army high in stats and expensive in points). Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, Necrons, Sisters of Battle and Grey Knights.
  • GS: Green Stuff (Games Workshop modeling putty)
  • GK: Grey Knights
  • Flashlight: Lasgun or [occasionally] pistol
  • EoT: Eye of Terror Codex
  • IoM: Imperium of Man
  • =I=: Inquisition/Inquisitor (symbol)
  • =][=: Imperial Eagle (symbol)
  • Points-Sink: A model or unit that costs a lot of points for what it does and therefore is not cost-effective. Examples: Burna Boyz, Land Raider
  • HH: The Horus Heresy trading card game, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


  • CSM: Chaos Space Marines
  • IW: Iron Warriors
  • DG: Death Guard
  • LatD: Lost and the Damned (see Eye of terror codex).
  • MoN: Mark of Nurgle
  • MoS: Mark of Slaanesh
  • MoK: Mark of Khorne
  • MoT: Mark of Tzeentch
  • MoCU: Mark of Chaos Undivided
  • AL: Alpha Legion
  • EC: Emperor's Children
  • EoT: Eye of Terror
  • FA: Fallen Angels
  • BT: Bloodthirster
  • BFTBG: Blood for the Blood God
  • BL: Black Legion


  • KoS: Kult of Speed: Ork Variant army list, revolves around a highly mobile approach featuring many Death Koptas, Fast vehicles and bikes.
  • KMB: Kustom Mega Blaster
  • P/k: Power 'Klaw'


  • ML: Multi tracker
  • SMS: Smart Missile System
  • D-pod: Disrtuption pod
  • Railhead: Hammerhead with Railgun, possibly followed by Burst Cannons, Multi-tracker and Decoy. A common feature in Tau armies.
  • Fireknife: the use of the Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, and Multi-tracker combination, one of the most common configurations on Tau XV8 Battlesuits.
  • FW: Fire Warriors


  • 'Fex/Carni: Carnifex
  • Screamer Killer: Carnifex armed with 2 pairs of scything talons
  • TMC: Tyranid Monsterous Creature
  • Gunfex: Carnifex with Barbed Strangler and Venom Cannon.
  • Dakkafex/Devilfex: Carnifex with 2x Twinlinked Devourers.
  • Flyrant: Hive tyrant with 'Winged' upgrade.

Armies of the Imperium

  • WS: Can be used for White Scars
  • TH: Terminator honours
  • TA: Terminator Armour
  • SW: Space Wolves
  • Space Puppies: Space Wolves
  • DA: Dark Angels
  • Rhino Rush: A tactic commonly used in previous editions of 40K, involving 'rushing' a group of Rhinos forward, deploying marines, and having the marines charge into combat early in the game. Now defunct due to rules changes.
  • BA: Blood Angels
  • Smurfs: Ultramarines (due to the fact that Ultramarine veterans have blue armor and white helmets, and Veteran Sergeants have red helmets.)
  • BT: Black Templars
  • Ass-cannon, Ass-can: Assault Cannon
  • Las/plas: Lascannon and Plasma Gun combination common setting of normal SM/CSM squads. Almost always uses 6 or 8 models, sometimes Plasma Cannon is used instead of Lascannon.
  • Pred: Predator Tank. (Can also be Baal Pred, referring to the Blood Angels variant.)
  • DW: Death Wing
  • UM: Ultramarine
  • LR: Land Raider
  • LRC: Land Raider Crusader
  • RW: Raven Wing
  • SoB: Sisters of Battle
  • LotD: Leigon of the Damned
  • NFW: Nemesis Force Weapon
  • Cat/Cats: Catachan/Catachans

Dawn of War Discussion abbreviations

See also Dawn of War: Terminology
NB: Many of these abbreviations are similar/the same as the tabletop ones.


  • FS: Farseer
  • SC: Seer Council
  • WS: Warp Spiders
  • DR: Dark Reapers
  • BL: Bright Lances
  • FP: Fire Prism
  • BS: Bonesinger
  • Gu: Guardian
  • WL: Wraithlord
  • FoF: Fleet of Foot
  • Fragon/FD: Fire Dragon


  • SB: Storm Boyz
  • BM: Big Mek
  • NL: Nob Leaders
  • TB: Tank Busters
  • KK: Killa Kan
  • LT: Looted Tank
  • BS: Big Shoota
  • Dok(s): Mad Dok(s)
  • NS: Nobz Squad
  • LLR: Looted Leman Russ
  • MANZ: Mega Armored Nobz

Space Marines

  • SM: Space Marine Squads
  • FC: Force Commander
  • ASM, Assmarines: Assault Marines
  • LS: Land Speeder
  • Dred: Dreadnought
  • CCD: Close Combat Dreadnought
  • WoTE: Word of the Emperor
  • HB: Heavy Bolter
  • ML: Missile Launcher
  • AT: Assault Terminators
  • OB: Orbital Bombardment
  • DS: Deep Strike
  • Ivan: Chaplain

Tau Empire


  • CSM: Chaos Space Marines
  • CL: Chaos Lord
  • CS: Chaos Sorcerer
  • PSM: Possessed Space Marines
  • BT: Blood Thirster
  • AC: Aspiring Champion
  • GL: Grenade Launcher
  • CoT: Chains of Torment
  • DB: Doom Bolt
  • Oblit: Obliterator
  • Pred: Predator Tank
  • FL: Forced Labor

Imperial Guard

  • CS: Command Squad
  • HH: Hellhound
  • LR: Leman Russ
  • TP: Techpriest
  • BB: Baneblade
  • IC: Infantry Command
  • GM: Guardsmen
  • HWT: Heavy Weapons Team
  • LRS: Long Range Scanner
  • Commie(s): Commissar(s)
  • Sent(s): Sentinel(s)
  • Chim(s): Chimera(s)

General Dawn of War

  • T1: Tier 1
  • T2: Tier 2
  • T3: Tier 3
  • AV/AT: Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Tank
  • HW/HWT: Heavy Weapons Team
  • CC: Close Combat
  • TT: Table Top
  • QS: Quick Start
  • LP: Listening Post
  • LP2: Second level Listening Post
  • LP3: Third level Listening Post
  • SP: Strategic Point
  • CP: Critical Location
  • UP: Underpowered
  • OP: Overpowered
  • BO: Build Order
  • WA: Winter Assault
  • FF: Friendly fire
  • AoE: Area of Effect
  • Nades: Grenades
  • TS: TrueSkill

Homeworld Discussions

Strike Craft

  • AB: attack bomber
  • Aco: Acolyte
  • CF: cloaked fighter
  • DF: defense fighter
  • HC: heavy corvette
  • Inty/Int: interceptor
  • LC : light corvette
  • MV or MGC: multigun corvette
  • RC: repair corvette

Capital Ships

  • AF: Assault Frigate
  • CS: Command Ship
  • DD: Destroyer
  • DF: Drone Frigate
  • DFF: Defense Field Frigate
  • DN: Dreadnought
  • GW: Gravwell Frigate
  • HC: Heavy Cruiser
  • HF: Hive Frigate
  • IAFA: Ion Array Frigate
  • ICF: Ion Cannon Frigate
  • MBF: Multibeam Frigate
  • MD: Missile Destroyer
  • MS: Mothership
  • SF: Support Frigate

General Online Gameplay Abbreviations

  • dw: die well
  • dwh: die with honor
  • ffa: free for all
  • fs: formation switching
  • gg: good game/good grief (context-sensitive)
  • gh: good hunting
  • pb: probe bomb
  • rr: research ramming
  • tvb: top vs bottom
  • hf: have fun

Homeworld Terms

  • Build Order: The sequence of ships you build in a game. For example, a build order of scouts/lcs/intys/abs would mean that you research and build scouts, light vettes, interceptors, and attack bombers in that order.
  • Capital Ships: The ship class that encompasses all the frigates, the collector, and the controller.
  • Armada/Clan: An online gaming club.
  • Corvwall/Vettewall: A group of corvette-classed ships placed in a wall formation, either on neutral or (usually) aggressive tactics, and supported by SFs and/or rc's.
  • Initial Build: The types and number of ships you build at the beginning of the game. Common format for a build order is by number of: collectors/controllers/research ships, so that if I said I went 4/1/2 on Talas, it means I have 4 collectors, 1 controller, and 2 research ships total.
  • Kiith: An extended family grouping, whose inner loyalties form the primary allegience system on Kharak.
  • Newbie/n00bie/n00b: A newcomer to online play. It doesn't matter how long you've owned the game, only how long you've played online. If you've played less than 100 games online, some people will consider you a n00b.
  • Research Order: The order in which you research ships, closely associated with build order.
  • Rush or Scout Rush: An early attack where two (or more, if a 3v3 or 4v4 game) teammates send a scout force of 20 - 25 scouts to a single opponent, as soon as those scouts are built, in order to isolate that opponent and quickly overcome their collection. The initial attack is usually reinforced with more units in case the isolated opponent's ally tries to help.
  • Smurf: A skilled player who uses an alias to kill an unsuspecting game veteran.
  • Strike craft: The ship class that include the fighters and corvettes.
  • Super Capital Ships: The ship class that includes the destroyers, carriers, and heavy cruisers.
  • Swarm: Group of strike craft, usually assigned to a single hotkey that includes three or more classes of strike craft. For example scouts and light vettes alone are not considered to constitute a swarm, however scouts, light vettes, and defenders would constitute a defender swarm.

Homeworld 2 Discussions

Relic Modding Forums abbreviations

Dawn of War Modding

  • AE: Attribute editor
  • C2C: Closer to codex Mod
  • DOWPro: Dawn of War Professional
  • ME: Mission editor
  • OE: Object editor
  • RDN Wiki: Relic Developer's Network Wiki
  • SCAR: SCripting At Relic
  • Spooky RAT: Spooky's Relic Archive Tool

Homeworld Modding

Homeworld 2 Modding

Boardwar Terms

  • Boardwarrior: A person who plays boardwars
  • Powergaming: Unfairly gaining an advantage, by any number of means. These can include simply making your people too powerful, always countering things that happen to you, outright ignoring things that other people post, and other things of that nature.
  • Metagaming: Using knowledge gained outside of the game inside the game in order to gain an advantage.
  • GM: Game Moderator/Master, they are the origanal creators of the BoardWar. Their word is usally final within their BW.
  • BW: Short for BoardWar
  • OOC: Out of Character
  • IC: In Character