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DOW = Dawn of War
WA = Winter Assault
DC = Dark Crusade
SS/SoSt = Soulstorm
SM = Space Marines
IG/Guard = Imperial Guard
Elves = Eldar
Greenskins/Da Boyz = Orks
CSM = Chaos
Crons/Necs = Necrons
DE = Dark Eldar
SoB = Sisters of Battle
LP = Listening Post
LP2 = Listening Post with first upgrade
LP3 = Listening Post with second upgrade
Gen = Generator
Gibs = Pieces of killed infantry remaining on the battlefield consumed by Kroot Carnivores for health and harvested by Tortured Slaves and Tali for Soul Essence (Necrons, Earth Caste Builders, and Skull Probes do not produce gibs, but Pariahs do.)
Cap = To capture a strategic point/critical location/relic
Decap = To decapture a strategic point/critical location/relic
Capping unit/Capper = A unit that is being used to cap strategic points. Can also be used to describe each race's basic starting units that are usually used to cap points
Hero/Commander = The unique units of each race that are more powerful than the rest
Uber unit = The powerful tier 4 unit each race has which requires a Relic
Full Cap = An army that takes up your maximum troop allotment (usually 20 squad cap and 20 support cap)
Crit = Critical Location
SP/Point = Strategic Point
Req = Requisition
Pow = Power
HW's = Heavy Weapons upgrades for infantry units
AoE = Area of Effect
DoT = Damage over time. Usually regarding abilities such as the Grey Knights' Psychic Inquisition spell.
HQ = The Headquarters Structure
HP = Hitpoints
DPS = Damage Per Second
FOTM = Fire On The Move
CC = Close Combat
TP = Teleport
Spam = To continually build and mass one type of unit
Econ = Your economy in the game, meaning how fast you are accumulating Requisition and Power. This is normally expressed using the first number beside each resource in the game (before the slash), separated by a forward-slash. Eg: 98/30 - This means you are accumulating 98 Requisition and 30 Power every 10 seconds.
Floating/To Float = To underspend and build up an unused surplus of resources
Dancing/To Dance = To run away from units trying to engage you in close combat, either running to a position that they can continue firing from, or to make the enemy susceptible to fire from other units.
To Tie Up = To engage a ranged unit in close combat, preventing it from firing its ranged weapon
Disruption = To use a weapon or ability that knocks the opposing troops down or through the air
Harrassing = To make a nuisance of yourself early in the game by targeting SP's, builder units or capping units in an attempt to slow the opponent down
Fast-tech = To make your way up the Tech Tree as quickly as possible, in order to field units (such as vehicles) before your enemy has any effective way to counter them
Rushing = To attack your opponent with a big army very early in the game in an attempt to annihilate them
Turtling = Building up lots of defenses around your base deliberately to wait for the enemy to attack you rather than advancing out into the field
Turret Farming = A term sometimes used to describe a strategy that involves building lots of turrets around your base or your listening posts
'Turretland / Turretcity = A term used for a base which has the maximum of 6 turrets, or even another base for 12 turrets
Econ Boom = Economy Boom, a strategy that involves building very little troops at the start of the game and concentrating on upgrading LP's early to tech faster
Buff = To increase the strength of a unit or race, usually for balance reasons
Nerf = To decrease the strength of a unit or race, also usually for balance reasons
Micro = Micromanagement. Generally refers to the skill required to use each individual unit to its maximum potential, including targeting, attacking/retreating, changing stances, using special abilities etc...
Macro = Macromanagement. Generally refers to the skill required to use a race effectively as a whole, including resource management, structure placement, teching etc...
IMBA = Imbalanced, either because the unit is underpowered or overpowered
TT = Table Top
UP = Underpowered
OP = Overpowered
Abuse = To constantly use a known imbalanced unit, ability, or strategy. Examples include Fire Prism spam in Winter Assault or Shuriken Grav Platform spam against Orks in the original Dawn of War.
OBS = Observer, a person who observes an online game as it is being played
STD = Standard game using the usual 1,000 requisition and 100 power (or 300 power for Necrons)
QS = Quick-Start, a game mode that starts every player with 10,000 requisition and power (or 20,000 power for Necrons)
FFA = Free for all, when three or more players battle on a map without allied teams
FTW = For the Win
FTL = For the Loss
MU = Match-Up
GG = Good game
WP = Well played
BO = Build order
AFK = Away from keyboard
newbie/newb = A new player to the game
n00b/noob/nub = A new player to the game, often with derogatory connotation. Sometimes use synonymously with 'newb'; e.g. a 'noobs only' game is intended for new players.
Tier 0 = Sometimes used to describe the tech level at the very start of the game, before the barracks or equivalent is built and only builders and capping units can be produced
Tier 1 = The tech level at the start of the game. Can also sometimes refer to the tech level once the barracks or equivalent structure is built
Tier 1.5 = Generally refers to the race's tech level once the armoury or equivalent structure is built
Tier 2 = The tech level after the first HQ upgrade for SM/Chaos/IG/Necrons, at 55 Ork Pop + Pile O Gunz! for Orks, after Soul Shrine for Eldar, or after the Path to Enlightenment for Tau
Tier 2.5 = Generally refers to the race's tech level after the vehicle production building is built
Tier 3 = The tech level after the second HQ upgrade for SM/Chaos/IG/Necrons, after the Orky Fort upgrade for Orks, after Mobilize for War for Eldar, or after the Kauyon/Mont'ka Command Post is built for Tau
Tier 4 = The general term for the final tech level which unlocks each race's tanks and relic units
FoW/Fog = Fog of War. This is the darkness that obscures your vision, except near you and your allies units and buildings.
LoS = Line of Sight. Term that is usually used to state the distance that is cleared of fog-of-war by a certain unit, or allows enemy units to be seen within that distance.

Space Marines

Tacs/Tacbolters = Space Marine Squads
Frags = Space Marine Squad Frag Grenades
HB's = Heavy Bolter
ML = Missile Launcher
ASM's = Assault Marine Squads
MB's/Meltas = Assault Marine Melta Bombs
GK's = Grey Knights
PI/Holocaust = Psychic Inquisition
Terms/Termies = Terminator Squads
AT's = Assault Terminator Squads
Probe = Skull Probe
To probe someone/probage = To use the Probe's Sabotage ability
Apoc/Apoth/Medic = Apothecary
FC = Force Commander
OB = Orbital Bombardment
Lib = Librarian
WOTE = Word of the Emperor
Chap/Chappy/Ivan = Chaplain
LS = Land Speeder
LST = Land Speeder Tempest
Dread = Dreadnought
Hellfire Dread/HF Dread = Hellfire Dreadnought
WW = Whirlwind
Preds = Predators
LR = Land Raider
Barracks/Rax = Chapel-Barracks
PP = Plasma Pistol
PS = Power Sword
PF = Power Fist
Cult = Machine Cult
OR = Orbital Relay
DS = Deep Strike


FL = Forced Labour
CSM's/Tacs = Chaos Space Marine Squads
Raps = Raptor Squads
Rap Harrass = Harrassing with Raptors
HB's = Heavy Bolters
Cults = Cultist Squads
Nades/GL = Grenade Launchers
AC = Aspiring Champion
BF = Berserk Fury
Zerks/KB = Khorne Berzerker Squads
PSM's = Possessed Squads
Oblits = Obliterators
DS = Deep Strike
CL = Chaos Lord
Poison = The Chaos Lord's slow ability
Sorc = Chaos Sorcerer
CoT/Chains = Chains of Torment
DP/Prince = Daemon Prince
BT = Bloodthirster
Preds = Chaos Predators
HT = Hell Talon
PtW = Purge the Weak
PP = Plasma Pistol
PS = Power Sword
PF = Power Fist
Circle/Sac Circle/SC = Sacrificial Circle


Orky Pop/Ork Pop - The current tech level and population cap (full description)
Grots = Gretchin
Sluggas = Slugga Boy Squad
Shootas = Shoota Boy Squad
BS = Big Shootas
SB's/Stormies = Stormboyz
NL = Nob Leader
TB's = Tankbustaz
Klaws/PK = Power Claws
PK Nobz = Nobz with Power Claws equipped
FG's/Gitz/Flashies = Flash Gitz
MANZ = Mega Armoured Nobz
Doc = Mad Dok
FJ/Juice = Fightin' Juice
BM = Big Mek
WB = Warboss
Trukk = Wartrukk
Trak = Wartrak
Kan/KK = Killa Kan
LT/LLR = Looted Tank (Looted Leman Russ)
Squig/Squiggy = Squiggoth
Big Gen = Bigga Generator
Banner/WB = Waaagh! Banner
WB2 = Waaagh! Banner with first upgrade
WB3 = Waaagh! Banner with second upgrade
POG = Pile O Gunz!


BS = Bonesinger
FOF = Fleet of Foot
Guards/GU = Guardian Squad
Locks/WL = Warlock
Shees = Howling Banshee Squad
COW Shees = Banshees after the Call of War upgrade
Reapers/DR's = Dark Reaper Squad
FD's/Fragons = Fire Dragons
WS = Warp Spider Squad
Haywires = Haywire Grenades
Harlies = Harlequins
Council/SC = Seer Council
FS = Farseer
MW = Mind War
Storm = Psychic Storm
Avatar = Avatar of Khaine
BL Plat = Brightlance Grav Platform
Falcon = Falcon Grav Tank
WL/Chicken Legs = Wraithlord
BL = Brightlance
NW = Nightwing
Prism/FP = Fire Prism
MFW = Mobilize for War
Stone = Aspect Stone
Shrine/SS = Soul Shrine
COW = Call of War
ATE = Annihilate the Enemy

Imperial Guard

TP/Techpriest = Techpriest Enginseer
Guards/GM = Guardsmen Squad
CS = Command Squad
HWT's = Heavy Weapons Teams
KK/Kassies = Kasrkins
Nades/GL = Grenade Launchers
General = Imperial General
SR = Strafing Run
Commie/Commi = Commissar
CotMS = Curse of the Machine Spirit
Chims = Chimeras
HH = Hellhound
Sent = Sentinel
Bassy/Lisk = Basilisk
Tunnel = To tunnel your troops from one structure to another after using the bunker ability
Garrison/Bunkering = To put IG troops inside the IG buildings so they can fire from the inside
IC = Infantry Command
TC = Tactica Control
MC = Mechanized Command
MPC = Mars Pattern Command


BS = Builder Scarabs
NW = Necron Warriors
NL\Space Jesus = Necron Lord
FO = Flayed Ones
HD = Heavy Destroyer
TS = Tomb Spyder
SP = Solar Pulse
Res Orb = Resurrection Orb research or Mass Resurrection ability
LF = Lightning Field
PS = Phase Shifter
NB = Essence of the Nightbringer
Lith = Monolith
SC = Summoning Core
FA = Forbidden Archive


SS = Stealthsuit
Pids/Bugs = Vespid Stingwing Strain
FW = Fire Warrior
KC = Kroot Carnivores
Feed = to use the Kroots' cannibalize ability
PT = Pathfinder Team
BS = XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
CS = XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
TC = Tau Commander
ACB = Air Caste Bombardment
MB = Missile Barrage
DS = Drone Squad
DH = Drone Harbinger
HH = Hammerhead
PtE = Path to Enlightenment

Dark Eldar

Drake = Mandrake Squad
Haemon = Haemonculus
WB = Warp Beast Pack
RJB/Reaver/Bike = Reaver Jetbike
DoD/Dais = Dais of Destruction
LOL Beam = Dark Scythe
HoB = Hall of Blood
DF = Dark Foundry

Sisters of Battle

ES = Ecclesiarchal Servitor
BS = Battle Sister Squad
Pope = Confessor
LS = Living Saint
PE = Penitent Engine

The Dawn of War Player's Guide

The Dawn of War Player's Guide - Thought of the day: Knowledge is power, guard it well.
Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle



Scout Marine Squad

Space Marine Squad

Assault Marine Squad

Grey Knights

Terminator Squad

Assault Terminator Squad

Skull Probe


Force Commander





Cultist Squad

Chaos Space Marine Squad

Raptor Squad

Khorne Berzerker Squad

Horror Squad

Possessed Squad


Chaos Lord

Chaos Sorcerer

Daemon Prince




Guardian Squad

Ranger Squad

Howling Banshee Squad

Dark Reaper Squad

Fire Dragon Squad

Warp Spider Squad



Seer Council

Avatar of Khaine



Slugga Boy Squad

Shoota Boy Squad



Nobz Squad

Flash Gitz

Mega Armoured Nobz

Mad Dok

Big Mek



Techpriest Enginseer

Guardsmen Squad

Heavy Weapons Team



Command Squad




Vindicare Assassin


Earth Caste Builder

XV15 Stealth Team

Vespid Stingwing Strain

Fire Warrior Team

Kroot Carnivores

Kroot Shaper

Pathfinder Team

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

Kroot Hound Pack

Tau Commander


Shas'Ui Bodyguard


Builder Scarabs

Necron Warriors


Flayed Ones



Necron Lord

Essence of the Nightbringer

Essence of the Deceiver


Tortured Slave

Mandrake Squad

Warrior Squad

Hellion Squad

Scourge Squad

Wych Squad

Warp Beast Pack




Ecclesiarchal Servitor


Battle Sister Squad

Seraphim Squad

Celestian Squad

Death-Cult Assassin

Sister Repentia Squad


Avenging Angel


Living Saint

Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle



Land Speeder


Hellfire Dreadnought

Land Speeder Tempest



Land Raider


Chaos Rhino


Chaos Predator

Hell Talon


Falcon Grav Tank




Shuriken Grav Platform

Brightlance Grav Platform

Fire Prism




Killa Kan


Looted Tank







Marauder Bomber

Leman Russ



Devilfish Troop Carrier

Skyray Missile Gunship

Drone Squad

Drone Harbinger


Hammerhead Gunship


Greater Knarloc


Tomb Spyder

Attack Scarabs


Heavy Destroyer

Lord Destroyer

Restored Monolith


Reaver Jetbike





Dais of Destruction


Rhino Transport


Lightning Fighter


Penitent Engine

Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle



Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator



Machine Cult

Sacred Artifact

Orbital Relay

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Desecrated Stronghold

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Chaos Temple

Chaos Armoury

Sacrificial Circle

Machine Pit

Daemon Pit

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Webway Assembly

Listening Shrine

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Webway Gate

Aspect Portal

Soul Shrine

Support Portal

Support Platform

Mine Field



Da Listenin' Post


Bigga Generator

Waaagh! Banner

Da Boyz Hut

Pile O Gunz!

Da Mek Shop

Mine Field


Field Command

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Infantry Command

Tactica Control

Mechanized Command

Mars Pattern Command

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Cadre Headquarters

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Tau Barracks

Path to Enlightenment

Kroot Shaping Center

Vehicle Beacon

Kauyon Command Post

Mont'ka Command Post

Coalition Center


Dormant Monolith


Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Summoning Core

Forbidden Archive

Greater Summoning Core

Energy Core

Gauss Turret


Kabal Fortress

Tower of Loathing

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Slave Chamber

Hall of Blood

Haemonculus' Laboratory

Dark Foundry

Wych-Cult Arena

Soul Cage


Ecclesiarchal Chapel

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Adepta Sororitas Convent

Pristine Sanctuary


Holy Reliquary

Shrine of the Living Saint

Inferno Turret

Purgatus Mine Field