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Resource Sharing

In a multiplayer game, either with multiple humans or just with AI allies in a skirmish match, resources can be shared between allies. With resource sharing enabled, all players on the team receive the same amount of resources from any strategic points, relics, critical locations, power generators, or turbo generators. However, the resources produced for each player are diminished as the size of the team increases. Resource producers generate 50% resources to each player on a two player team, 33% resources on a three player team, and 25% resources on teams of four or more.

For example, building a power generator on a two player teams gives Resource power.gif +6  to both teammates. Players on a three player team get Resource power.gif +4  each, and players on a four player team get Resource power.gif +3  . In all scenarios, the generator is producing Resource power.gif +12  total. So although a two players could only get Resource power.gif +60  from 6 generators with resource sharing turned off, they will each generate Resource power.gif +36  for both players from their generators, giving Resource power.gif +72  for each player. The same holds for three or four player teams.

Requisition sharing works the same as power, but the display is slightly inaccurate. On a two player team, a strategic point will produce Resource requisition.gif +3.6 for each player, but the display truncates this to just Resource requisition.gif +3 . Building a listening post on the strategic point produces Resource requisition.gif +3.6 for each player, Resource requisition.gif +7.2 total, and the display will now show Resource requisition.gif +7 .

Resource researches or modifiers (such as the AI's difficulty level resource modifiers) only apply to the resources received by that player. Allies of a player who has all the resource researches get no bonus, and playing with an Easy AI that gets just 30% resources gives the human player(s) no resource penalty.


Necrons operate on a different economy that other races. Necrons share power with other Necrons normally, but they do not share resources with other races nor do the other races share with them. To compensate for this, when Necrons are on a team, all the players generate resources as if they were on a team but the other race type was not there.

For example, on a two player team of Necrons and Chaos, both players produce Resource power.gif +12  from their generators so that they can still get the maximum Resource power.gif +72  from 6 generators. Essentially they generate resources appropriate for a resource sharing team but keep all the resources for themselves. On a three player team of Necrons and two Eldar, the Eldar share resources with each other like a two player team while the Necron player generates the superior Resource power.gif +12  from his generators.

It's worth noting that no matter how the combinations are worked, players still get Resource power.gif +72  when everyone on their team who can share resources with them has 6 power generators.

Donating Resources

As a sort of manual resource sharing, players can donate resources to their teammates even if automatic resource sharing is turned off. Only requisition and power can be shared, and Necrons cannot donate or accept requisition donations. Faith, Soul Essence, and the Ork resource cannot be donated. Resources are donated in 100 unit increments, but 25% of the donation is lost in the transaction, so the resources are received in only 75 unit increments.

Skirmish AI

If there aren't enough players to fill out a map, or if the Skirmish game mode is played, AI players are added to fill in the remaining slots. The different difficulty levels of the AI are largely dependent on resource rate differences, although Easy and, to a lesser extent, Normal also suffer from reduced intelligence as well. In Dark Crusade, the AI also receives an extra 100 power at the start of the match, and its starting resources are modified by its difficulty income modifier. For example, an Insane AI starts with Resource requisition.gif 1400 Resource power.gif 280  instead of a human's Resource requisition.gif 1000 Resource power.gif 100  . The AI does not get extra power and does not get different starting resources depending on its difficulty level in Soulstorm. AI difficulty levels do not affect the resource income of other players when Resource Sharing is turned on. Resource bonuses from generator and Listening Post completion remain unaffected by difficulty modifiers. The Necron time bonus is also unaffected.

  • Easy: The AI receives only 30% resources.
  • Normal: The AI receives only 80% resources.
  • Hard: The AI has the same resource rate as a human player.
  • Harder: The AI receives 20% extra resources.
  • Insane: The AI receives 40% extra resources.


Automatch is a way of playing opponents of roughly equal rank for points on the current server's automatch ladder. Each of the multiplayer servers in Dawn of War has its own ladder, so stick to one server if you want to climb the ranks. All new players start with a score of 1000 and cannot be reduced lower than 1000.

Once a player has selected what type of automatch they would like to play - 1v1, 2v2 random, 3v3 random, 2v2 arranged, or 3v3 arranged - they will automatically be matched with another player within 200 points of their score who is looking for a game of the same match type. The higher the score of your opponent, the more points earned for a victory and the fewer lost in defeat. Conversely, the lower your opponent's rank is, the fewer points earned in victory and the more lost in an overturning defeat.

Automatches are played on a subset of the two player maps included in the game. The victory conditions for all automatches are Annihilate, Control Area, and Take and Hold. The 1v1 automatch maps are:

  • Battle Marshes
  • Blood River
  • Bloody Hell (Dark Crusade only)
  • Emerald River
  • Fallen City
  • Fata Morga
  • Frazier's Demise (Soulstorm only)
  • Meeting of Minds
  • Moonbase (Soulstorm only)
  • Outer Reaches
  • Quest's Triumph
  • Shrine of Excellion
  • Titan's Fall
  • Tranquility's End
  • Vortex Plateau (Soulstorm only)

Victory Conditions

Victory conditions detail what is required to win a battle. These are set by the game host before the match begins. Only one of the victory conditions needs to be met to win the game. Two players can be going for completely different victory conditions, but of course only one player can win in the end.


This victory condition requires destruction of all buildings capable of unit production to be destroyed.


This victory condition gives each player a standard commander unit. Death of this unit results in defeat.

Destroy HQ

This victory condition requires the destruction of all headquarters, but other unit production buildings can be left alone.

Economic Victory

When economic victory is enabled, if a player can amass 12,000 requisition and 12,000 power they will win the game. Necrons must acquire 24,000 power.

When one player reaches over 75% of the resources required, i.e. over 9000 requisition or power, (over 18000 power for Necrons) a warning message will appear indicating the name of the player and the percentage of the resources that the indicated player acquired.

Control Area

If this victory condition is enabled, a player or team can attain victory by controlling two-thirds of a map's Strategic Points for 8 minutes.

Each minute that passes after the timer is triggered, players will receive an audio and visual warning. When 30 seconds are remaining, players will receive another warning. The last 15 seconds or so there will be beeps indicating that the game is nearly over.

Take and Hold

This victory condition grants victory on the condition that a player or team retain control of 50% of a map's Critical Locations for 7 minutes.

Each minute that passes after the timer is triggered, players will receive an audio and visual warning. When 30 seconds are remaining, players will receive another warning. The last 15 seconds or so there will be beeps indicating that the game is nearly over.

Game Timer

The game timer is not really a victory condition. It merely adds a timer to the game for timekeeping purposes.

Sudden Death

If sudden death is enabled, then a player can be defeated simply by decapturing a strategic point that the player currently controls.

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