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The following quotations come from both the original game and its expansion packs. For quotes and dialog from the single player campaigns, see the Single Player quotes page.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Start menu quotes: Imperium Thought for the Day

These quotes are displayed at the bottom left hand corner of the main menu screen. Every time you access the game, a different quote from the following list will be selected:

  • Death be thy compass.
  • Carry the Emperor´s will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.
  • Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.
  • To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor.
  • Prayer cleanses the soul, but pain cleanses the body.
  • There is only the Emperor, and he is our shield and protector.
  • A small mind is easily filled with faith.
  • Praise be, Emperor, Lord.
  • For those who seek perfection there can be no rest on this side of the grave.
  • The difference between heresy and treachery is ignorance.
  • Thought begets Heresy; Heresy begets Retribution.
  • Knowledge is power, guard it well.
  • A small mind is a tidy mind.
  • An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.
  • Better crippled in body than corrupt in mind.
  • If a job´s worth doing it´s worth dying for.
  • Innocence proves nothing.
  • Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice.
  • Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair an illusion of the mind.
  • Success is commemorated; Failure merely remembered.
  • The wise man learns from the deaths of others.
  • Zeal is it's own excuse.
  • Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none.
  • Know the mutant; kill the mutant.
  • Death is the servant of the righteous.
  • My armour is contempt.
  • Ignorance is a virtue.
  • A wise man does not fear, a man afraid does not think.
  • Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life.
  • Only in death does duty end.
  • Excuses are the refuge of the weak.
  • Kill, kill, kill.
  • Faith is your shield.
  • All souls cry out for salvation.
  • Without Him there is nothing.
  • Damnation is eternal.
  • Cease and Repent.
  • Submit to His will.
  • Purity of purpose.
  • Curse now the death in vain.
  • His will be done.
  • No man died in His service that died in vain.
  • To withdraw in disgust is not apathy.
  • There is nothing to fear but failure.
  • Mercy is a sign of weakness.
  • A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.
  • Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
  • Truth is subjective.
  • Faith without deeds is worthless.
  • There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.
  • Beginning reform is beginning revolution.
  • Educate men without faith and you but make them clever devils.
  • Forgiveness is a sign of weakness.
  • Hard work conquers everything.
  • Perseverance and silence are the highest virtues.
  • Success is measured in blood; yours or your enemy´s.
  • Leniency is a sign of weakness.
  • Hatred is the Emperor´s greatest gift to humanity.
  • Magnanimity is a sign of weakness.
  • Thou shalt not.
  • The man who has nothing can still have faith.
  • Compassion is a sign of weakness.
  • Be strong in your ignorance.
  • Doubt is a sign of weakness.
  • A broad mind lacks focus.
  • Tolerance is a sign of weakness.
  • A narrow view sees better.
  • Despair is a sign of weakness.
  • The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Imperium.
  • Burn the heretic.
  • Kill the mutant.
  • Purge the unclean.
  • Examine your thoughts.
  • Serve the Emperor today, tomorrow you may be dead.
  • Obey your orders.
  • It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.
  • To question is to doubt.
  • The truly wise are always afraid.
  • Fear denies faith.
  • Never forget, never forgive.
  • Only the Emperor is all.
  • The Emperor knows, the Emperor is watching.
  • Life is a prison, death a release.
  • A suspicious mind is a healthy mind.
  • Heresy grows from idleness.
  • Life is the Emperor´s currency, spend it well.
  • That was then, this is now.
  • Foolish are those who fear nothing, yet claim to know everything.
  • Brave are they who know everything yet fear nothing.
  • Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise.
  • It is better for a man to be afraid than happy.
  • Happiness is a delusion of the weak.
  • True happiness stems only from duty.
  • To serve Him is to worship Him.
  • The loyal slave learns to love the lash.
  • Work earns Salvation.
  • Work is Prayer.
  • He who keeps silent consents.
  • Truth begets hatred.
  • Cowards die in shame (faithfully shown every time an attempt to exit the game is made).

Unit Quotes

Like many Real-Time Strategy games, units in Dawn of War, except for the Necrons, will speak in reaction to the commands of a player. Units speak for the following cues:

  • First created
  • Selected by the player
  • Ordered to move to a location
  • Ordered to take a Control Point/Critical Point/Relic
  • Finished taking a Control Point/Critical Point/Relic
  • Ordered to attack a unit
  • Ordered to use one of their special abilities
  • Ordered to enter a Transport/Bunker
  • Disembarking from a Transport/Bunker
  • When the unit breaks(loses Morale)
  • When the unit regains its Morale
  • A character is ordered to join a unit
  • A character is ordered to leave a unit
  • Upon first sighting an enemy unit
  • When fired upon by enemy units
  • Random moments during battle against enemy units

Space Marine Unit Quotes


Common quotes

Note: these quotes are said by several units

  • "Yes, my lord."
  • "Space Marines, attack!"
  • "Squad Broken!"
  • "Regrouping!"
  • "Squad Morale Restored!"
  • "Orks! Purge the beasts!"
  • "Enemy sighted!"
  • "Greenskins!"
  • "Traitors!"
  • "Orks sighted."
  • "Eldar! Purge the witches!"
  • "Xenos spotted!"
  • "Fallback and regroup!"
  • "Death to the foul warriors of Chaos!"
  • "Heretics!"
  • "They come."
  • "The enemy attack at their peril."
  • "For the Emperor!"
  • "Deep Striking!"
  • "What is your will?"
  • "Yes, most beneficent one?"
  • "As you wish."
  • "Yes, lord?"
  • "Build routine seven two one initiated."
  • "With all due haste."
  • "I will do as you ask."
  • "Initializing build protocol."
  • "I exist to serve."
  • "I shall obey."

NOTE Servitor uses the Space Marines' morale broken and recovery quotes.

Scout Marine Squad
  • "Scouts reporting for duty."
  • "We will move ahead, and mark any enemy positions."
  • "Getting into position!"
  • "On patrol."
  • "I sense danger... we will root it out."
  • "Scouts, charge!"
  • "Attack!"
  • "We will take them down from here."
  • "The enemy is in our sights!"
  • "Lining up our targets!"
  • "Gathering intelligence."
  • "At your command."
  • "Entering enemy territory."
  • "Strategic point identified"
  • "Scouts, advance."
  • "Commencing infiltration."
  • "Our aim is true."
  • "Scouts ready."
  • "Scouts awaiting orders."
  • "Infiltrating enemy territory."
  • "Fall back!"
  • "Fall back and regroup!"
  • "Squad morale restored!"
  • "Our faith holds us!"
  • "Regrouping!"
Space Marine Squad
  • "Marine Squad deployed."
  • "Moving out."
  • "Ever vigilant!"
  • "Cleanse! Purge! KILL!"
  • "For the Emperor!"
  • "Stay vigilant, brothers."
  • "Onward, to glory!"
  • "Fear our wrath."
  • "Maintain attack formation."
  • "Engaging the enemy."
  • "Commencing attack."
  • "None shall stop us!"
  • "For the glory of the Imperium."
  • "Let the grenades fly!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "Initiating attack protocol 23."
  • "Orders received, brother."
  • "Direct us to the enemy."
  • "Death to the alien."
  • "Heresy grows from idleness."
  • "At your command!"
  • "Weapons at ready! It is time..."
  • "We are the Emperor's chosen."
  • "Fall back!"
  • "Squad broken!"
  • "To the rally point!"
  • "Regroup!"
  • "Squad morale restored."
  • "Regrouping."
  • "Our faith holds us."
  • "Returning to battle."
  • "Claim it in the name of the Emperor!"
  • "Take and Hold!"
  • "Strategic point identified."
  • "Consolidating position on the objective!"
  • "Objective achieved!"
  • "Yes my lord."
  • "Eat boltgun!" (while in melee combat)
Assault Marine Squad
  • "Death from above."
  • "Fear our wrath."
  • "Activating jump-packs."
  • "To the skies!"
  • "Target their vehicles!"
  • "Destroy the armor!"
  • "Eat Chainsword!"
  • "Stand ready"
  • "Placing Charges"
  • "Fear denies Faith"
Space Marine Veteran Sergeant
  • "You will stand your ground!"
  • "No mercy!"
  • "To me, my brothers!"
  • "Fall in!"
  • "Rally squad!"
Grey Knights
  • "All sinners fear the Emperor's wrath!"
  • "Brothers, strike for the chapter and the Inquisition!"
  • "Come feel the bite of my sword!"
  • "Daemons and heretics will fall before us."
  • "Drive them back into the warp!"
  • "Emperor, preserve us!"
  • "Feel the power of the Emperor!"
  • "I shall make my penance on the battlefield."
  • "In the name of the Inquisition we commandeer this vehicle."
  • "Let the purgation begin."
  • "Lo, though the time is dark, my faith shines."
  • "None shall stop us."
  • "Onward, brothers."
  • "Our faith makes us strong"
  • "Praise the Emperor and strike down his foes."
  • "Purge the beasts!"
  • "Strike them down with all your might!"
  • "Suffer not the witch to live."
  • "Take us to the battle, brother Marine."
  • "That place will be ours."
  • "The daemons are too strong!"
  • "The Emperor guides my blade!"
  • "The Emperor is with me and I shall not fear."
  • "The Emperor protects us."
  • "The enemies of man cannot stand before us."
  • "The enemy fights back."
  • "The Grey Knights have come on behalf of the Holy Inquisition."
  • "The Heretics will suffer the ultimate punishment!"
  • "The Ordo Malleus has sent us to aid you."
  • "The warriors of the Inquisition are yours to command"
  • "They will die this day!"
  • "This is the judgement of the righteous, scum!"
  • "To battle!"
  • "We come from Titan to purge the daemon."
  • "We go to spread His word."
  • "We have purified this place."
  • "We shall carry the light of our faith!"
  • "We shall purify the land."
  • "We strike with the wrath of the righteous!"
  • "We will hold against this scum!"
  • "Why has He forsaken us?"
  • "With me, my brothers!"
  • "Withdraw! Regroup!"
  • "Yes, brother."
  • "You will fall!"
  • "Your banner flies here once more, brother."
Terminator Squad and Assault Terminator Squad
  • "Terminators ready."
  • "Cease and repent."
  • "(Laughs)...They do not have a prayer."
  • "None shall stand in our path."
  • "Into the maelstrom of battle!"
  • "By His glorious name!"
  • "We shall cleanse."
  • "We shall prevail!"
  • "We seek the enemy."
  • "We await your command."
  • "Where do you need us most."
  • "A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy."
  • "Deploying behind enemy lines!"
  • "Your will?"
  • "The Emperor's finest, reporting."
  • "Take us into battle."
  • "Boarding Transport."
  • "None shall survive!"
  • "For the Emperor!"
  • "Apothecary, ready!"
  • "How can I serve?"
  • "The battlefield awaits."
  • "What are your needs?"
  • "Direct me to the injured."
  • "Who requires my aid?"
  • "They are finished."
  • "The enemies of the Emperor shall be destroyed!"
  • "No servant of the Emperor shall fall if I can help it."
  • "The fallen shall be forever remembered as the Emperor's finest."
  • "Death or healing... I care not which you seek."


Rhino Transport
  • "Going straight to the front lines."
  • "We carry the virtuous."
  • "Take refuge within our armor."
Land Speeder
  • "Death has arrived."
  • "We bring His will."
  • "Land Speeder here."
  • "Land Speeder deployed."
  • "Land Speeder ready for battle."
  • "Engaging thrusters."
Dreadnought and Hellfire Dreadnought
  • "I have awoken."
  • "Even in death I still serve!"
  • "I am ready to serve... again!"
  • "At last, back to war."
  • "By His will."
  • "I will be there soon."
  • "To me, my brothers!"
  • "I will purge the unclean."
  • "It is better to die for the Emperor than live for yourself."
  • "I will crush those who stand before me."
  • "I am the instrument of His will."
  • "Take me into battle."
  • "Identifying targets."
  • "Burn, Heretic!"
  • "Die! Die! Die!"
  • "I shall end you."
  • "I have waited long for this day."
  • "Deep Striking!"
  • "Feel my wrath!"
  • "For the Emperor!"
  • "Faith is eternal."
  • "Command me."
  • "All those who oppose His will must die."
Land Speeder Tempest
  • "Engaging the enemy."
  • "The target will be destroyed."
  • "Acquiring target."
  • "Assault cannon is hot."
  • "Fear the Tempest!"
  • "Orders received."
  • "Tempest en route."
  • "Tempest on the way."
  • "Plotting a course."
  • "By the Emperor's will, we fly."
  • "We ride the Tempest, we bring the storm."
  • "Tempest here, ready for orders."
  • "We fly for the Emperor."
  • "Land Speeder Tempest, reporting in."
  • "Land Speeder Tempest, air to ground assault."
  • "Land Speeder Tempest, in the air!"
  • "Whirlwind artillery tank deployed."
  • "They will never see it coming."
  • "His wrath falls from the heavens."
  • "Whirlwind artillery tank here."
  • "Triangulating attack coordinates"
  • "Whirlwind missile battery ready to fire."
  • "Preparing Whirlwind missile battery to fire."
  • "Predator deployed."
  • "Predator at your command."
  • "Predator tank here!"
  • "Death has arrived."
Land Raider
  • "Land Raider at your disposal."
  • "The machine spirit is prepared."
  • "An easy objective."
  • "Death has arrived."
  • "The machine spirit shall protect us."
  • "Land Raider armoured transport here."
  • "His will be done."

Hero Units

Force Commander
  • "I command in the name of the Emperor."
  • "While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace."
    • This quote is a shortened version of verse 1 of the Legiones Astartes Silver Skulls' Catechism of Hate.
  • "Today the enemy shall know fear."
  • "Faith and duty!"
  • "We are united in His service."
  • "We shall know no fear."
  • "The Emperor protects."
  • "My faith is my shield."
  • "Praise the Emperor."
  • "He who stands with me shall be my brother."
  • "Walk softly...and carry a big gun."
  • "Beware the alien, the mutant, the heretic."
  • "I serve mankind."
  • "For the glory of the Emperor!"
  • "For the honor of the chapter!"
  • "For Terra!"
  • "For the Emperor!"
  • "Agreed."
  • "Follow my lead!"
  • "By my command, attack!"
  • "Space Marines, advance!"
  • "Follow me into battle."
  • "My aim shall not falter!"
  • "I fear no evil, for I am fear incarnate!"
  • "This day shall be a glorious one for the Imperium."
  • "By my fury they shall know the Emperor's name!"
  • "No retreat, no surrender!"
  • "To the last man and the last round!"
  • "Look to your wargear!"
  • "Be swift, driver!"
  • "Together to victory!"
  • "I'm needed elsewhere."
  • "Taking command."
  • "My duty calls."
  • "Duty calls me elsewhere."
  • "My will is undone!"
  • "Brothers, we must withdraw!"
  • "Initiate a tactical withdrawal!"
  • "Brothers, regroup!"
  • "Back into the fray!"
  • "Our foe approaches."
  • "Chaos approaches."
  • "Foul Greenskins approach!"
  • "Forgive me...for I have failed you."
  • "Emperor...forgive me."
  • "No...we cannot...fail..."
  • "My powers are yours to command."
  • "Fear not the psyker."
  • "Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation."
  • "Through discipline we prevail."
  • "Information is power!"
  • "I shall never tire."
  • "Mind over matter."
  • "I can sense the enemy, they are close."
  • "There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt."
  • "None can stand before us!"
  • "Knowledge is power, hide it well."
  • "Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment."
  • "Venerate the immortal Emperor."
  • "An open mind is like a fortress with its gate unbarred and unguarded."
  • "Do I detect uncertainty in your purpose?"
  • "My mind is focused and ready for action."
  • "Follow my orders.'
  • "With me, brothers."
  • "You are prepared, my brothers."
  • "I am in, drive."
  • "Carry me to battle."
  • "Dispatch me here."
  • "This course of action is unwise"
  • "I cannot prevail!"
  • "I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies."
  • "I speak His word."
  • "I am the Emperor's will made manifest."
  • "Faith is purest when it is unquestioned."
  • "I accept the challenge."
  • "By the Emperor, it shall be so!"
  • "Bless the mind too small for doubt."
  • "Your wise counsel belies your years."
  • "Difficult, to be sure... but it shall be so."
  • "I shall rally the troops to your cause!"
  • "May you lead us to victory!"
  • "Redeem them with sword and fire!"
  • "Brothers, we are together again!"
  • "Rally to me, brothers, and we will win!"
  • "Drive them back!"
  • "To the last, kill them all!"
  • "Only in war are we truly faithful!"
  • "May the Emperor watch over us all!"
  • "You cannot stand against my Faith!"
  • "For the glory of the Imperium, CHARGE!"
  • "Break the enemy line!"
  • "We live and die as brothers!"
  • "Pain now! Reward in the afterlife!"
  • "Our duty lies elsewhere so be quick!"
  • "Spirit us to our objective, driver."
  • "So this is where the Emperor's will brings us."
  • "Ahh, to walk upon the bloodstained ground."
  • "We have been humbled."
  • "Retreat, heed me and regroup!"
  • "I hear the drums of war again!"
  • "Make a stand! Here and now!"
  • "None can withstand our faith!"
  • "Mighty Emperor, guide my blow!"
  • "Come all you xeno scum and fallen heretics, come and face the one true might of the universe and wither under the Golden Throne's gaze!"
  • "Take them, and quickly!"

Chaos Unit Quotes


Common Quotes
  • "I feel the warp overtaking me... it is a good pain!"
  • "We... must... kill!"
  • "Even a warped mind can see the odds stacked against it!"
  • "Sanity- is for the weak!"
  • "It is as though a thousand mouths cry out in pain."
  • "Enemies! We need enemies!"
  • "Maim, kill, burn! Maim, kill, burn!"
  • "Break their bones!"
  • "Rend them in half!"
  • "I feel the maw of despair swallowing me!"
  • "Lapdogs of the False Emperor!"
  • "Hostile Chaos are in the area!"
  • "The Eldar are here!"
  • "Orks are in the area!"
  • "Defile the fools."
  • "We see the Orks!"
  • "Crush the weak."
  • "A Chaos foe is near."
  • "Ah! Our old foe."
  • "The green horde approaches!"
  • "Die loyalist scum!"
  • "Fresh victims!"
  • "Enemy spotted!"
  • "The weak fight back!"
  • "Meeting resistance!"
  • "Our Prey is near"
  • "Squad broken!"
  • "Despair, for your end is near!"
  • "B-Bless us, great one."
  • "Anything for the great powers!"
  • "My life is forfeit!"
  • "Yes, yes of course!"
  • "We're here for the dark gods."
  • "As you wish!"
  • "I swear to you it will happen!"
  • "I try to do your will!"
  • "W-we're here to serve master!"
  • "But of c'course, master!"
  • "Whatever you desire!"
  • "Yes, yes! We will work faster!"
  • "Thank you... thank you master!"
  • "We serve!"

NOTE Heretics use the Chaos Space Marines' morale broken and recovery quotes.

Cultist Squad
  • "We are chaos, chaos is strong!"
  • "How can I serve?"
  • "Yes, lord?"
  • "Aaah, my spleen!"
  • "We can serve you, we are eager to please!"
  • "Enemies of the dark gods, bewaaare!"
  • "My spleen!"
  • "For the dark gods!"
  • "Chaaaaaaaaarge!"
  • "Our victory, is assured!"
  • "We captured it for Chaos."
  • "Crush, kill, haa haa, destroy!"
  • "Grant us the gifts of the chaos gods, great one!"
  • "We will control this entire world, a point at a time!"
  • "Lord, we need help!"
  • "We will serve you...and in return...grant us the power of the dark gods!"
  • "The GODS have forsaken us..hahaha..."
  • "PLEAAAAAAASE, send us support!"
  • "What is your wish, haa, great one?"
  • "We are eager to prove ourselves!"
  • "Yes, master. Right away, master!"
  • "For the dark gods!"
  • "We shall capture it."
  • "Master, we must flee!"
  • "We're ready to fight."
  • "Do not punish us, we will not run from the enemy again."
  • "We have returned to the battle, surely we deserve the gifts of Chaos."
  • "You favor us with your attentions!"
  • "We are your favorites, are we not?"
  • "How have we failed?!"
  • "Where ever you wish."
Chaos Space Marine Squad
  • "For the dark gods!"
  • "Death to the enemy! Death to the false Emperor!"
  • "Die, loyalist scum!"
  • "You will be killed by traitors' hands"
  • "Damnation! Where is our support?"
  • "Die scum!"
  • "At your command."
  • ".....yes?"
  • "Rejoice in the coming oblivion!"
  • "Skulls for the Skull Throne."
  • "We are legion!"
  • "We ride to battle."
  • "Maim, kill, burn! Maim, kill, burn!"
  • "Chaos will consume you!"
  • "Support us!"
  • "Attack! Attack!"
  • "We are embarking."
  • "Exit quickly."
  • "They are too strong!"
  • "We will have our revenge!"
  • "The path to ruin!"
  • *Growl* "When do we attack?!"
  • "For the glory of Chaos!"
  • "We will rejoice later.. To battle!!"
Raptor Squad
  • "Chaos Raptors, ready to kill!"
  • "Raptors ! To the hunt!"
  • "We soar on wings of fire!"
  • "Raptors, to the skies!"
  • "We live for the hunt!"
  • "None can travel faster!"
  • "We can taste their blood already."
  • "We shall strike them from the skies!"
  • "Take to the skies!"
  • "We are back for more blood."
  • "We return to battle, and this time we will not fail!"
  • "Flee!! The enemy has us in their grasp!"
  • "Point us at our prey!"
  • "They will never see us coming."
  • "You are already dead!" (while in melee combat)
Aspiring Champion
  • "Sanity... is for the weak!"
  • "I feel the warp overtaking me... It is a good pain!"
  • "Aaaah, the chaos gods speak clearly now!"
  • "Once more, into the fray!"
  • "Flee now, fools!"
  • "Chaos, consume us!"
  • "None can stand before me!"
  • "I am unstoppable!"
  • "Your death will bring me pleasure."
  • "It is as though a thousand mouths cry out in pain!"
  • (When broken)"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "It was a momentary madness!"
  • "Of course, we do your bidding."
  • "We are the destroyer!"
  • "We see the target."
  • "The objective is not lost on us!"
  • "Kill! Crush! Rend them limb from limb!"
  • "Enemies! We need enemies!"
  • "We're back, and better than ever!"
  • "Even a warped mind can see the odds stacked against it!"
  • "We will tear the flesh from their bones!"
  • "That is the way to hell!"
  • "Do you hear the voices too?"
  • "I feel the maw of despair swallowing me!"
  • "Their souls will be utterly destroyed!"
  • "We will send the enemy to hell, and worse!"
  • "Oh...Are we leaving so soon?"
  • "For the glory of Chaos!"
Khorne Berserker Squad
  • "I am invincible!"
  • "By Khorne, it will be done"
  • "As you wish, but set us loose!"
  • "Why should I?"
  • "You want that worthless trinket?"
  • "I heard you the first time!"
  • "I am not your bootlick!"
  • "Blood, blood, blood, blood!"
  • "I'll drink their blood from their hearts!"
  • "Split them open!"
  • "Uuuaaarrarraaargh!"
  • "Kill! Kill! Kill!"
  • "For the slaughter!"
  • "This is the last time!"
  • "This errand is beneath me!"
  • "The trophy is mine!"
  • "It is done. Don't waste my time again."
  • "Why aren't we killing yet!?"
  • "Nooo! This can not be!"
  • "They won...for now!"
  • "I shall have my vengeance."
  • "I hunger again."
  • "We need a new driver! This one is DEAD. *laughter*"
  • "So much blood...too much to drink."
  • "Drive quickly, before I kill you!"
  • "Where is the blood I was promised?"
  • "Break their backs!"
  • "Blood for the Blood God!"
  • "Gut them! Gut them all!"
  • "Engulf them in pain!"
  • "You will die by traitor's hands!"
Possessed Squad
  • "We are filled with the power of Chaos!"
  • "Do you hear the voices too?!"
  • "Chaos consume us!"
  • "The power of Chaos grants us strength!"
  • "Are we leaving so soon?"
  • "Good! Back into the thick of it!"
  • "The objective is not lost on us."
  • "I feel the Warp overtaking me...it is a good pain."
  • "It is as though a thousand mouths cry out in pain."
  • "We must kill!"
  • "Must...Obliterate!"
  • "Take us to battle"
  • "We will strip the flesh from their bones"
  • "We have captured a location!"
  • "Enemies, we need enemies!"
  • "THAT... is the way to HELL!"
  • "Fear upon the enemy!"


Chaos Rhino
  • "We will deliver pure evil into the heart of the battle!"
  • "With great haste, so as to spread the taint more quickly."
  • "Where can we take the armies of Chaos?"
  • "The best way to travel."
  • "As quickly as we can."
  • "Chaos Rhino reporting"
Chaos Predator
  • "Predator here: The armored fist of Chaos!"
  • "After a thousand battles, one only seeks death!"
  • "Just take us into the thick of it!"
  • "There will be nothing left to bury"
  • "We will crush their skulls under our iron treads!"
  • "Hammer them till they fall!"
  • "Their weapons are ineffective against Chaos armor."
  • "All weapons primed and ready for battle."
  • "Let fly, all guns!"
Hell Talon

Note: The Hell Talon speaks with impeccable pronunciation.

  • "The Hell Talon serves Chaos."
  • "The Hell Talon cannot be stopped."
  • "Coordinates received."
  • "Plotting a course."
  • "Hell Talon on the way."
  • "Engaging engines."
  • "Hell Talon, ready to serve Chaos."
  • "We are the flying scourge of Chaos."
  • "We bring destruction from above."
  • "We rain immolation from on high."
  • "Hell Talon…operational."

Hero Units

Chaos Lord
  • "Forces of Chaos... bow to me!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "I am here to lead you" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "We'll play it your way... for now!" (Dawn of War only)
  • "Don't think you can order me around." (Dawn of War only)
  • "Come my minions! Let us steal their souls!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "The forces of Chaos... call for your destruction!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Do not make me wait!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Take me to them, that I may...render judgement!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade "Take me to them...that I may render judgement!")
  • "We will be back!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "What do you want?" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "I seethe with purpose." (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Back off!" (Dawn of War only)
  • "Do not trifle with me, worm!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Weaklings! I will fight alongside you no longer!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Feast on their flesh!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "I will shatter their souls!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Cross me...and die." (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "We have returned." (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Find me more souls to crush." (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "For Chaos!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "You rabble are unworthy of my presence." (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "The ground trembles at every step." (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "Slaughter them all!!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "They... hear their doom approaching." (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade "They hear their doom approaching.")
  • *when de-taching from a squad* "Go now and spread the taint as I have shown you!" (Dawn of War/Dark Crusade)
  • "I know..." (Dark Crusade only)
  • "Feel the taint!" (Dark Crusade only)
  • "Destroy them all!" (Dark Crusade)
  • "You weaklings!" (Dark Crusade)
  • "Meet your death!" (Dark Crusade)
  • "Imperial maggots of the Emperor, I will savor their destruction!" (Dark Crusade)
  • "Vile Eldar approach. Destroy them."

NOTE There are two versions of the Chaos Lord's speech: A snarling version (In the original Dawn of War and Winter Assualt), and a voice reminiscent of the Chaos Sorcerer in Winter Assault (Dark Crusade). Of note is that Dawn of War's Chaos Lord, Lord Bale, is voiced by Scott McNeil.

Chaos Sorcerer
  • "The true power is here."
  • "If that is your wish."
  • "I am power."
  • "Guide me wisely."
  • "I command the darker powers."
  • "Chaos rewards those who kill in its name."
  • "My abilities are at your disposal."
  • "Your death will mirror your pathetic life!"
  • "Chaos comes for you!"
  • "My wicked intellect will lead us to victory."
  • "You will have need of me."
  • "I have done all I can to show you the ways of Chaos."
  • "The Chaos gods demand their souls."
  • "The lust for blood is never satiated."
  • "Chaos is the only true answer."
  • "None can stand against the coming darkness."
  • "I have done all I can to show you the ways of Chaos."
  • "Take me to the next battle."
  • "Ah...a fresh crop of victims."
  • "I understand more than you could possibly know."
  • "Your soul is mine!"
  • "Fall now, for your end is at hand!"
  • "The ancient powers of Chaos go where they please."
  • "It cannot be!"
  • "The enemy got lucky...It won't happen again."
Daemon Prince
  • "The forces of Chaos are mine to command!"
  • "On your knees when you beg of me!"
  • "I am a prince of the Warp here to purge this land!"
  • "I am destruction incarnate!"
  • "You dare to order me!?"
  • "I have ascended - none may challenge me!"
  • "All pale before my might!"
  • "I shall flense the skin from their bones!"
  • "They are but gnats before me!"
  • "Come to me! Come to me and die!"
  • "The age of the False Emperor is over at last."
  • "Despair, for I am the end of days."
  • "Pathetic creatures!"
  • "More souls to feast upon!"
  • "What do you want?"
  • "Cross me, and die!"
  • "I am here to lead you!"
  • "None can stand before me!"
  • "I seethe with purpose!"
  • "The ground trembles with every step!"
  • "I go!"

Eldar Unit Quotes


Common Quotes
  • "The craftworld sings to me and I respond in kind."
  • "Look, it changes as I play!"
  • "My music is a pillar upon which whole worlds have been built."
  • "We are shaped by fate just as we shape it."
  • "My music will shape the wraithbone."
  • "Show me a place that is ready to receive the gift of the Eldar."
  • "Engage with care."
  • "Unleash the swordwind!"
  • "Strike swiftly and true!"
  • "Nothing remains unchanged by the music of creation!"
  • "Take me to where I may call forth the Wraithbone."
  • "Command me to build."
Guardian Squad
  • "We will fulfill our duty."
  • "Guardian squad ready."
  • "Yes?"
  • "All Eldar must answer the call."
  • "We will go swiftly."
  • "It will be done."
  • "Danger has found us."
  • "We are under enemy fire."
  • "You will die by Eldar hands!"
  • "Orks. Their stench fills the air."
  • "We cannot fail."
  • "We cannot win."
  • "Closing in on the objective."
  • "Charge the enemy position."
  • "Our eternal battle against Chaos continues."
  • "The Great Enemy."
  • "Mon-keigh!"
  • "The Humans have ignored our warnings, and for that, they must be exterminated."
  • "The horde has arrived."
  • "It can not end this way!"
  • "No!" (when broken)
  • "Why...don't...you...die" (while in melee combat)
  • "Vile servants of Chaos approach."
  • "Charge!"
  • "To the fight."
  • "Our warrior heart shines once more."
  • "Assuming combat formation again."
  • "What is your wish?"
  • "Take the battle to the enemy."
Ranger Squad
  • "We return from exile."
  • "You called us back."
  • "The wanderers have returned."
  • "You have need?"
  • "You cannot imagine what we have seen with our eyes"
  • "We yearn to wander."
  • "We return to defend the craftworld."
  • "We walk the path less travelled."
  • "We seek the adventure that only war can bring."
  • "We have travelled much darker paths."
  • "We move effortlessly."
  • "We move unseen."
  • "Silent, and swift."
  • "Just name your target."
  • "We strike without fear or hesitation."
  • "The enemy is within range."
  • "Camoline cloaks activated."
  • "Fall back and reload! Reload! The enemy is upon us!"
  • "Retreat to the Webway!"
  • "Ahh yes, the stationary target."
  • "We approach the designated target."
  • "Objective sighted."
  • "Do not stop until we are victorious!"
  • "Let us hunt."
  • "Welcome to your death!"
  • "Take us to where we may best serve the cause."
  • "At last, the open sky!"
  • "Rangers do not miss."
  • "Their last thought will be to wonder how we got so close"
Howling Banshee Squad
  • "All fear the voice of death calling to them."
  • "Many are called, few survive."
  • "We are the harbingers of death."
  • "We exist to avenge our sisters."
  • "Show us the way. We will not fail you."
  • "Combat is our path! You must lead us to it!"
  • "Our blades shall form an impassable wall."
  • "Our strength fails us!"
  • "Our cries herald the coming of great pain for our enemies"
  • "Our swords shall taste blood."
  • "We are the messengers of doom."
  • "Swiftly, sisters!"
  • "We shall cleanse the universe of their pathetic existence!"
  • "Taste my blade!"
  • "To the battlefront, pilot!"
  • "Exterminate them!"
  • "To battle!"
  • "You are inferior!"
  • "Khaine! Guide our blades!"
  • "We exist to exact harsh vengeance."
  • "Is this our end?!"
  • "It cannot be done! We must retreat!"
  • "We go, to die!"
  • "We have failed."
Dark Reaper Squad
  • "All who love life, fear the reaper."
  • "We bring heavy weapons to crush the enemy."
  • "Take us within range of the enemy."
  • "We are the Destroyer's agents on this plane."
  • "They will die before they even see us."
  • "We are the dealers of death."
  • "The Destroyer has turned on us!"
  • "The Destroyer guides us."
  • "Take us to a better firing position."
  • "Somewhere, there are more enemies to fight."
  • "The Destroyer's spirit lives on."
  • "Let them try to move us."
  • "Our time of weakness has passed."
  • "We have mastered the art of destruction."
Fire Dragon Squad
  • "The flames of the ancestors are yours to command."
  • "So our ancestors decree."
  • "Call upon us if you wish."
  • "I follow the purity of flame."
  • "There is wisdom in your words."
  • "Your song shall guide me."
  • "I am the song of fury here to serve."
  • "Sing of glory and press on!"
  • "Our path is dangerous but necessary."
  • "We will scatter them to the winds!"
  • "No more songs, we fight now."
  • "Burn away their impurities!"
  • "No song shall stir your eternal slumber!"
  • "Hurry! Time is of essence!"
  • "We shall not fail the craftworld again."
  • "As I dream so shall it be."
  • "We have little time to lose!"
  • "We will sing of firestorms now!"
  • "Reap the inferno!"
Warp Spider Squad

Note: The Warp Spider's voice is highly distorted

  • "Fully materialized and prepared for war."
  • "We are called to battle."
  • "What do you know of war?"
  • "Waiting here is but a phase of our existence."
  • "Strike quickly, while our enemy slumbers."
  • "We move through the warp as it moves through us."
  • "We are on our way."
  • "We are shadowy death."
  • "We live to move."
  • "We can be there instantly."
  • "This world moves so slowly."
  • "We focus on the temporal objective!"
  • "We sting, then disappear."
  • "A fast strike in and out."
  • "We shall win this war."
  • "To battle!"
  • "Embrace your destruction!"
  • "We focus on a temporal objective."
  • "Retreat to the warp!"
  • "If only the universe could be held so easily." (Upon capturing a point.)
  • "The warp called us, but we return to the fight."
  • "We are ready to fight again."
  • "The laughing god's faithful have arrived."
  • "Let your enemies fear, for a Harlequin of the laughing god dances at your side."
  • "Like the ninety-nine blades of Vaul strike true!"
  • "I come to dance the dance of death."
  • "The troupe goes where the fates wish."
  • "A new stage awaits."
  • "The troupe is ready. The stage is set."
  • "Long ago, Lileath foretold this day."
  • "We are Kurnous's hounds sent to the hunt."
  • "Serve us as you did Vaul, Falcon."
  • "In war, there is poetry; in death, release."
  • "Isha will cry no tears for them."
  • "The Harlequin dances their end."
  • "Death and Fate have taken the stage."
  • "See your death in my eye mon'keigh."
Warlocks and Seer Council
  • "The Council has arrived."
  • "We are ready to fulfil our role in this battle."
  • "The Seer Council has sent me!"
  • "We walk our path."
  • "The burden of leadership lies with us."
  • "Fear the judgement of the council!"
  • "Our minds work as one."
  • "The time for war is nigh."
  • "We go."
  • "We are in agreement."
  • "Let us play our part."
  • "Our minds are at your service."
  • "We are ready to strike."
  • "Now our paths cross our enemy's."
  • "Concentrating all energy on the enemy."
  • "Must... clear... mind! Fall back!"
  • "With speed."
  • "Cut them down!"
  • "No mercy!"
  • "The Eldar will hold!"
  • "Transport us, so we may rest our minds."
  • "We are needed elsewhere to direct the course of the battle."
Avatar of Khaine
  • "I am Kaela Mensha Khaine."
  • "I am Khaine incarnate."
  • "War is my master."
  • "The immortal hand of Khaine."
  • "I walk again...a god amongst mere mortals."
  • "I must destroy."
  • "Their ashes will litter the battlefield."
  • "All shall burn."
  • "Khaine's burning blood flows through my veins."
  • "I will destroy."
  • "Khaine's enemies will pay with their lives."
  • "I am doom."
  • "It burns."
  • "Bring enemies now."
  • "I walk into battle to unleash the wailing doom."
  • "I am war."
  • "By my bloody hand the enemy shall not live past this day."
  • "Kill kill...kill!"
  • "They burn well."
  • "I shall sacrifice their souls to Khaine."
  • "They will be reduced to cinders."
  • "Good, more walking sacrifices to Khaine."
  • "Crush, crush the enemy!"


Falcon Grav Tank
  • "The Falcon has landed."
  • "Just as Falcon brought Anaris to Eldanesh, we bring warriors to the front."
  • "Falcon, at your service."
  • "We are ready to engage the enemy."
  • "Just take us to the target."
  • "Weapons fully charged"
  • "Eldar fast attack vehicles have arrived."
  • "Vypers ready to sting."
  • "We move quickly towards the target."
  • "Vypers will bring quick death to the enemy."
  • "Shuriken Cannons, FIRE!"
  • "Target acquired."
  • "We'll take it down!"
  • "Nightwing locked on target."
  • "Set an intercept course."
  • "Interceptor on course."
  • "I soar amongst the clouds."
  • "Wings locked in rear position."
  • "Plotting a course."
  • "Nightwing in flight."
  • "The skies are ours."
  • "They cannot match our speed."
  • "Nightwing, swift."
  • "Eldar interceptor, ready for battle."
  • "I fly for the Craftworld."
  • "Nightwing, sleek and deadly."
Fire Prism
  • "This battle calls for massive firepower."
  • "Fire Prism, at the ready."
  • "Our weapons cut through them like a blade through air!"
  • "We will cut a swathe through their ranks!"
  • "Their existence is just a momentary distraction..."
  • "We move quickly towards the target."
  • "They will be utterly destroyed."
  • "Bringing full weaponry to bear on the enemy."
  • "Prism cannon fully charged."
  • "Take us to the battle."
  • "The terrain matters not."
  • "Weapons fully charged."
  • "Identify the enemy you wish to annihilate."


  • "I have arrived."
  • "All those who oppose the Eldar shall fear my wrath."
  • "Shall I divine your next move?"
  • "The random hand of fate delivers me to you."
  • "For our ancestors."
  • "Yes, that is the way."
  • "Naturally."
  • "The logic is clear."
  • "I can sense the enemy, they are closing in!"
  • "The mists of space and time retreat from my mind."
  • "I have lost my vision! I need assistance!"
  • "The future seems so... clear."
  • "The future is clouded and uncertain."
  • "Strike quickly, right now!"
  • "We must hold the enemy back!"(when in charge)
  • "I will join the dance of death."
  • "The pieces are in place, it is time for us to make our move."
  • "Charge the enemy!"
  • "Follow, my kin!"
  • "I knew that fate did not fortell my end."
  • "Fate takes me to my next victory."
  • "They cannot escape their fate."
  • "I am needed elsewhere. Take me."
  • "I knew you had need of me."
  • "My mind is too weary to fight on."
  • "Their extermination shall be for their own good."
  • "Our enemies are here."
  • "They are no concern to us."
  • "How I can help?"
  • "My powers are yours now."
  • "We fight, because we must."
  • "Their defeat is not a matter of when, but how!"
  • "Orks approach. They are a cancer. We are the cure."
  • "Destroy the forces of Chaos, or we may yet know a fate worse than death."

Ork Unit Quotes


Common Quotes
  • "Gretchin is ready!"
  • "Yes?"
  • "What now?"
  • "Please! N-no more kicking!"
  • "We'll do it."
  • "Build it right up for you!"
  • "Yeees, yes, yes, that's goooood."
  • "What's happening? What's going on? Where are we going!?"
  • "Uh, looks OK to me."
  • "What's wrong with it?"
  • "We'ze gonna make it nice and strong!"
  • "A-a-alright."
  • "Gunz might be dat way. Lets go the other way."
  • "Ok. Alright."
  • "Time to build stuff."
  • "We'll go all sneaky like."
  • "Look at the size of their guns! We can't win!"
  • "Argh! Run for it!"
  • "Argh! Argh! Argh!"
  • "On our way!"
  • "We'z not going back to that slaughter."
  • "We're not going to any place scary, are we?"
  • "Charge! Wait, no, run away!"
  • "Run, hide!"
  • "Just becauze wez not runnin doesn't mean we want to be fightin'!"
  • "It looks ok to me."
  • "I'm not doing anything."
Slugga Boy Squad
  • "All here, Boss!"
  • "Waaagh!"
  • "Orky power"
  • "Orks, Orks, Orks, Orks! Orks, Orks, Orks, Orks!"
  • "For Gork and Mork!"
  • "Shoot! Smash! Chomp! Stomp!"
  • "Green is best!"
  • "Orks is made for fightin!"
  • "Orks is made for fightin, an winnin!"
  • "Ere we go!"
  • "Where's da fightin'?"
  • "Iv you say so."
  • "Dey shootin' us!
  • "We'z all gonna die!"
  • "We'll blow 'em ta bits!"
  • "Um, Boss, we's gettin' shot up!"
  • "Puny Eldar, you can send 'alf da boyz 'ome!"
  • "Dem Marine boyz iz here"
  • "Up yours!"
  • "Wot do you want?"
  • "Sod off!"
  • "It now belongs to da Orks!"
  • "Let's get lootin!"
  • "Wot?!"
  • "We better be goin' to a fight."
  • "Chew 'im up, and spit 'im out."
  • "Lets leg it!"
  • "Skwad got dere morale back!"
  • "Wake up Boyz! It's time fer fightin'!"
  • "Kill 'em all!"
  • "Wot is it?"
  • "Yeah?"
  • "Let's get back into it!"
  • "We'll make it Orky!"
  • "Saddle up lads!"
  • "Spoiky boyz a'comin'!"
  • "Stinkin' Chaos boyz!"
  • "More humies for stomping!"
  • "It now belongs to the Orkz!"
  • "Dem spikey boyz iz here"
  • "I see 'umies!"
  • "Doze otha' boyz thinks they're betta t'an us! Get 'em!"
  • "Enemies here! Da fight's startin'!"
  • "If we leg it...we can fight again another day!!"
  • "BOSS..{breathes heavily}..we gotta go!!*
  • "Ders too many ov "em!!"
  • "Get out, ya freeloaders!!"
Shoota Boy Squad
  • "We'z da fastest and da meanest dere is!"
  • "What are ya waitin' for? Dis is takin' forever!"
  • "We get da job done fast!"
  • "Stormboyz is ready fer a fight!"
  • "What can we do fer ya?"
  • "Last Oone t' da fight, iz a runty squig!!"
  • "Wahooooo!"
  • "Let's jump over 'um!"
  • "Waaaaagh! from above!"
  • "'Ere ta blow stuff up!"
  • "Hold on to da pin, throw da uvver part."
  • "Ahahahaha! Don't hold on to dat end of it!"
  • "Ready da bombz, boyz!"
  • "We'll frag 'em ta zog!"
  • "We'ze good ta go!"
  • "Ev'ryone knowz red wunz go fasta!"
  • "Point us at da tankz."
  • "Ahh! Dakka dakka dakka!"
  • "We'll move real sneaky-like."
  • "Attack!"
Nobz Leaders and Nobz Squad
  • "When da Boss ain't around, you listen to me!"
  • "Big iz best!"
  • "Hurgh! Diz better be good!"
  • "We captured it!"
  • "Yeah?"
  • "Letz get outta 'ere!"
  • "We don got enough boyz!"
  • "Orkz are back to stay."
  • "We'z not afraid of nuttin'."
  • "Nobz is better then smaller, runtier orkz."
  • "Want to smash."
  • "Nobz ready fer bashin'."
  • "We got dis ting you wanted."
Flash Gitz
  • "We's da shootiest!"
  • "Dance, 'umie! Dance!"
  • "Look at me flash, boss."
  • "Like shootin' Squigs in a barrel!"
  • "First here, then there. Make up yer mind already!"
  • "Mine's shootier than yours."
  • "I want their teef! Don't touch their teef!"
  • "C'mere so I can shoot ya, git!"
  • "Sure we'll take it, but when do we get ta shoot somethin'?"
  • "Dakka dakka dakka!"
  • "Run and shoot. Shoot and run."
  • "I got me an itchy trigger finger."
  • "Dat dere's grots' work, dat is!"
  • "Can't ya get some slugga boyz ta do dat?!"
  • "It'z all yours boss."
  • "We got it. Can we shoot stuff now?"
  • "We got da best shootas there is."
  • "I love da sound of me shoota, don't you?"
  • "Gyehahaha! This is what we like best!"
  • "We'z gonna shoot some stuff up, yeh?"
  • "Yeah? We been waitin."
  • "I KNEW today wuz gonna be special!" (when firing)
Mega Armoured Nobz
  • "Yeah I'm here, who wants ta know?"
  • "Wot? I wasn't listenin'!"
  • "We needs more Gretchin!"
  • "Any Nob knows dat!"
  • "Touch me again an' I croak ya!"
  • "Sounds stupid, but ok..."
  • "If it's a fight dey wantz..."
  • "Whyz you givin me orderz?"
  • "Oi! Where'z me arm?!"
  • "Run! We'll fight again later wit more nobz!"
  • "We needz more red paint... kill 'em all!"
  • "Time ta bust skullz!"
  • "Crush dere brainz in!"
  • "Surprise!"
  • "Wazn't expectin' dat, woz ya?"
  • "Who dat talkin'?"
  • "You'z a pretty mouthy one ain't ya?"
  • "Squish 'em!
  • "Hey! Why'd you get ta drive?!"
  • "You ain't da Warboss of me!"
  • "You call dat drivin'?!"
  • "We painted it red, just like you said" (when they take points)
Mad Dok
  • "Who's ready fer surgery?"
  • "Huh?"
  • "Da Dok is in!"
  • "No pain, no gain!"
  • "It's gonna hurt a lot, but you'll be better! You'll see! Ha ha ha!"
  • "I'll bring da fightin' juice!"
  • "Oh! Fresh meat! I can make so many improvements!"
  • "I got just wot you need!"
  • "Still time to operate!"
  • "You boyz, is too 'ealthy. I'm leavin'.
  • "Gettin' out me stabbin' bitz..."
  • "Find da bodies...I need more bodies!"
  • "This is gonna hurt...a lot!"
  • "Fight on boyz..."
  • "Send me to da boys!"
  • "Time to collect some spare parts."
  • "On my way."
  • "This won't hurt a bit! .... ..... Ha ha ha ha ha!!" (When using the fighting juice)


  • "Dis is my Wartrukk. Pretty nice, huh?"
  • "Wartrukkz iz da fastest!"
  • "Wartrukk here."
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Fasta, FASTA!! *engine revs*"
  • "Wartraks is da first to da fight!"
  • "Hahahahaha, Dakka dakka dakka!
  • "I's gonna shoot 'em all!
  • "Wartrak is da fastest!"
  • "Wartrakz are da shootiest dere is."
  • "Wartrak ready fer shootin'!"
  • "Fasta, FASTA!! *engine revs*"
Killa Kan
  • "I'z dead 'ard and ready for stompin'!"
  • "Yea"
  • "Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!"
  • "I'z dead 'ard!"
  • "I gotcha"
  • "Uhh... which button makes this thing go?"
  • "I'll take care of 'em."
  • "Iz gonna stomp you good!"
  • "Time to stomp and kill!"
  • "Time for smashing!"
  • "Kan ready for fraggin stuff!"
  • "Hehehe, time to chop things up!"
  • "They call me Stompy."
  • "Chaarge!"
  • "Kill, smash, chop, stomp"
  • "Stomp...stomp...stomp...STOMP!"
  • "Dakka dakka dakka!"
  • "Bomb 'em!"
  • "Letz make a big hole!"
  • "Get da gun ready!"
  • "We'z gonna blast ya ta bitz!"
  • "Grot's away!"
  • "Bye now!"
  • "You can't escape da Grot Bomb!"
  • "Flyboyz on da way!"
  • "Flyboyz comin'!"
  • "What was dat? Did sumpin' just fall off…?"
  • "More speed! MORE!"
  • "Wooohaaaa!"
  • "Who called for da bomma?"
  • "Flyboyz ready, boss!"
  • "Our bombz is da biggest!"
  • "We'z got da Fighta-Bomma, fastest of da speed freakz!"
  • "Fighta-Bomma here, ready to make a big boom!"
Looted Tank
  • "We done found us a tank!"
  • "Dis tank makes da loudest boom!"
  • "Looted Tank ready fer blastin'!"


Big Mek
  • "'Ere ta fix yer gubbinz, heh heh heh!"
  • "'Worrizit?"
  • "*sigh* Foot sloggin' it is!"
  • "I should invent some kinda machine, that makes walkin', faster!"
  • "Where's da Trukk? Why'z I walkin'?!"
  • "Oi! You Boyz follow me, or I'll give ya a thump!"
  • "Let's go stomp sumfin!"
  • "Now this could use a little extra flashy bitz!"
  • "I fixed a few thingz whilst we was gettin' here... Probably didn't break nuthin' important though." *snort*
  • "Finally! No more walkin'!"
  • "I'll open 'em up!"
  • "Time for da big boom!"
  • "Yeah?"
  • "Don't botha me! I'm workin' on somethin'!"
  • "I got all da good bitz for dis fight! K'he ha ha haaagh!"
  • "Come on ladz, leg it!"
  • "We got ourselves enough boyz to get back in da fight"
  • "You go over there! I'm goin' over here!"
  • "I am leaving!"
  • "Dey don't stand a chance!"
  • "Fixin' it up!"
  • "Awright, lemmie get out my tools, den!"
  • "I'm da biggest, so I'm da boss!"
  • "I have the power of Gork, and Mork!"
  • "Form up, lousy runtz!"
  • "Go fasta, lousy mek!"
  • "Come on boyz, dis iz our stop!"
  • "WAAAAGH!"
  • "Orks iz da biggest and da strongest!"
  • "I'z too big to be beat!"
  • "I wanna get stuck in with da boyz!"
  • "You lot! I'm da boss now!"
  • "Gah! You boyz iz no good!"
  • "I'm outta here!"
  • "Run for it ladz!"
  • "Let's get outta here!"
  • "Ready fer stompin'!"
  • "We'z da Orks, and you iz not!"
  • "On my way to do some crushin'!"
  • "We'll clobber da whole lot of 'em!"
  • "Send me to da fight!"
  • "Lemme at 'em!"
  • "I'll show 'em a trick or two."
  • "Put yer backs into it, boyz!"
  • "Fight like an Ork!"
  • "Other Orks? We'll smash 'em!"

Imperial Guard Unit Quotes


Common Quotes
Techpriest Enginseer
  • "I hold the secrets of the Machine."
  • "I hear the Machine Spirit's voice."
  • "It will only take me a moment."
  • "Ah... a challenge worthy of my skill!"
  • "As you wish, so shall it be done."
  • "This able beast should get us there!"
  • "Thank you, Machine Spirit, for our safe arrival."
  • "I am honoured that you require my skills."
  • "Let us join the fray then!"
  • "Machine spirit, may our shots be true!"
  • "I am no match for these foes!"
  • "I will ease the Machine's pain."
  • "An easy matter for one of my skill."
  • "These repairs will require some time."
  • "For the Emperor!"
  • "We will be there as quickly as we can!"
  • "Initiating construction!"
Guardsmen Squad
  • "Reporting for duty, Sir!"
  • "If such is the Emperor's will."
  • "From the Emperor's mouth to my ears, Sir."
  • "It's an honor to serve the Imperium, Sir."
  • "Hustle up! One two! One two!"
  • "You heard the man! Jump to!"
  • "I'd give my life if that's what's asked."
  • "By the Emperor, we've won!"
  • "Take the objective!"
  • "You shall have your prize!"
  • "He was just a boy..."
  • "Take it at all costs!"
  • "Flee! They're too much for us!!"
  • "Where's that damned artillery!?"
  • "Hold the line, dammit!"
  • (mock-weakly)"Thought they broke our backs...? Ha!"
  • "Left! Left! Left, right, left!"
  • "Present and accounted for, sir!"
  • "It's every soldier for himself!!"
  • "Is that the best you've got?!"
  • "Capturing it was easy. Holding it will be hard."
  • "Retreat again and I'll shoot you cowards."
  • "Those are Eldar? I thought they'd be taller..."
  • "By the Emperor! Not them!"
  • "Greenskins. Thought I smelled something..."
  • "We've been overrrun!!"
  • "Pull back, dammit!!"
  • "Eldar. And they look ready for war."
  • "Orks. *Spits* Where there's one there's a hundred of 'em."
  • "For every one of us who falls, ten more will take his place!"
  • "Let's see them fight all of us!"
  • "There are too many of them!"
  • "Concentrate all of your fire on that big bruiser!"
  • "Shore up the left flank and keep firing!"
  • "Here they come again!"
  • "Tanks! Where're the bloody tanks?"
  • "On my mark, charge!"
  • "Look out! Here they come!"
  • "Space Marines...this'll be ugly"
  • "On your guard, Marines!"
  • "Chaos! What do we do sir?"
  • "I have the enemy in my sights."
  • "Storm them!"
  • "Where's our fire support?"
  • "Taking hits!"
  • "Holy... Would you look at the size of 'em?"
  • "Sir... Sir! What do we do?"
  • "Objective secured. What now?"
  • "We are the Imperial Guard. It is time we started acting like it!" (1st dawn of war campaign only)
  • "Lets show these filthy aliens what Imperial Guard are made of!" (1st dawn of war campaign only)
  • "We'll get through this...I know it" (1st dawn of war campaign only)
Heavy Weapons Team
  • "We'll cover our men!"
  • "Heavy weapons on the field!."
  • "Nothing will get through our field of fire..."
  • "I've got them in the crosshairs, sir."
  • "Locking on… fire!"
  • "Big guns ready to fire."
  • "You called for some suppressive fire?"
  • "Setting up."
  • "Relocating."
  • "The sand bags aren't holding!"
  • "Fall back! For the Emperor's sake, fall back!"
  • "They won't call me a coward!"
  • "Ready and willing, Sir."
  • "Kasrkin Squad, ready for war."
  • "By the Emperor's will, we are here."
  • "We're ready to go, Sir."
  • "Long have I wished to serve under you, sir."
  • "Faith is all that matters."
  • "We will serve."
  • "On standby."
  • "I'll instruct the men immediately."
  • "Time to earn our keep."
  • "You know the routine: Attack!"
  • "Anoint them with their own blood!"
  • "They will learn to fear me."
  • "I'll see you at the objective."
  • "For the Imperium of Man!"
  • "Slit their throats!"
  • "Strike true and strike with precision!"
  • "Aaaaargh!"
  • "Take us to these coordinates."
  • "Huuh... that's enough comfort for one day!"
  • "Remember, lads! Just like we did on Ceprus Prime!"
  • "I hope this thing was worth it."
  • "We've done this a hundred times."
  • "How long till we are relieved?"
  • "We've got experience in these things."
  • "It's ours, but best we remain on our toes."
  • "In all my years I have never seen them do that!"
  • "I demand satisfaction!"
  • "They'll pay for that humiliation..."
  • "We've survived, thank the Emperor!"
  • "We'll be in and out like lightning."
  • "Leave the wounded behind."
  • "Only a fool would stay!"
  • "Use the frags!"
  • "We cannot win! Run!"
  • "If in doubt, throw more men at it!"
  • "You want Ogryn?"
  • "Heeerrrrrrrre."
  • "Duhhhh....yeah?"
  • "Um sir, we got the...thing!"
  • "Ogryns, this way!"
  • "What you want Ogryn do?"
  • "What Ogryn do now?"
  • "Fall back mean run the other way!"
  • "This not good!"
  • "Whose dumb plan is dis?"
  • "Now dis more like it!"
  • "Da big one is mine!"
  • "Yes, boss, sir."
  • "For the BOSS!"
  • "Huh huh... Okay. We get it."
  • "Uhhh...That way."
  • "Fear ensures loyalty! Where do you need me?"
  • "By the Emperor, it will be done!"
  • "Forward, you dogs, to victory!"
  • "What is your wish?"
  • "You have the honor of serving me, now!"
  • "Fear me, but follow!"
  • "It is only fitting we ride into battle!"
  • "From here on, we march!"
  • "Victory...is assured."
  • "Where is His will needed?"
  • "On charges of cowardice, you are sentenced to death!"
  • "Glory to the first man to die! Charge!"
  • "If you will not serve in combat, then you will serve on the firing line!"
  • "I will have someone's head for this!"
  • "Flee at your own peril, and fight!"
  • "Emperor, forgive me... for I have failed you." (spoken quietly)
  • "They cannot withstand us!"
  • "Retreat... is not an option."
  • "The end of days is upon them!"
  • "Tremble before my wrath!"
  • "Only the faithful shall win the day."
  • "You requested a psyker, my lord?"
  • "My mind bears a great pain...!"
  • "Ah, so you need me now?!"
  • "Witness your doom!"
  • "I will split your thoughts open!!"
  • "Very well...but use me wisely!"
  • "I already know what you want."
  • "They will pay for their arrogance!"
  • "Witness the glory of the Emperor, through me!"
  • "I assume command!"
  • "Follow me, and I promise you glory!"
  • "I hope you know what you are doing."
  • "Their fate is foretold!"
  • "This is not possible! I cannot lose!"
  • "Fall back! We cannot hold them!"
  • "I will not falter again!"
  • "Rip their thoughts asunder!"
  • "Driver, let us be on our way."
  • "Must we travel on foot again?"
  • "I knew you'd say that!"
  • "The time for killing is upon us!"
  • "Let me preach His name!"
  • "You have chosen wisely!"
  • "My scars prove my worth!"
  • "Are you ready to die for me?!"
  • "Rise up and strike them down!"
  • "I feel the Emperor's blessing return!"
  • "My devotion is assured!"
  • "Our deaths will be magnificent!"
  • "Know that you serve the true Emperor!"
  • "Go forth, and prove yourselves."
  • "We must pray for forgiveness!"
  • "I will whip the first of you who retreats!"
  • "I will lead the charge!"
  • "Let ME inspire our men!"
  • "We lost because you were all weak!"
  • "I alone must pay for this defeat."
  • "I am but a humble servant."
  • "A chance to prove our worth! Attack!"
  • "Spit in their faces!"
Vindicare Assassin
  • "Assassin here."
  • "Yes, yes, of course I'll help."
  • "Who summons me?"
  • "A simple task, perhaps..."
  • "Then lead me to my errands."
  • "One chance is all I need."
  • "Tell your men to stay out of my way."
  • "Blink, and I'll vanish."
  • "You cannot kill death!"
  • "Death comes in shadows."
  • "They will die silently."
  • "I can change the tide of battle!"
  • "Hush, say no more my Lord."
  • "They will quake at my shadow."
  • "I shall not fail."
  • "One, or a thousand, I will kill them all!"
  • "Don't you have any Guardsmen here?!"
  • "I shouldn't have lost!"
  • "Why did no-one help me?"
  • "I will do this alone!"
  • "Never turn your back on an enemy..."
  • "Here I come..."


Common Quotes
  • "Where are those damn Techpriests?"
  • "We'll be off as soon as the fuel has arrived!"
  • "Standing by."
  • "Acknowledged sir!"
  • "Following orders!"
  • "Warming up the engine, m'Lord."
  • "As soon as we beseech the Machine Spirit!"
  • "Ready to transport our men."
  • "Fire! Fire! Open up with everything we've got!"
  • "Get on that multi-laser!!"
  • "Sentinels ready to deploy!"
  • "We'll take it from here."
  • "That's one resource the enemy will no longer hold."
  • "Quick and fast! Just the way we like it!"
  • "Drive the enemy off!"
  • "I'd die for the Emperor!"
  • "Hellhound here, at your service!"
  • "We can handle anything you throw at us."
  • "Understood. Just keep that artillery off our backs."
  • "Open the valves, full blaze!"
  • "On my mark, full inferno!"
  • "Empty the tanks! Burn them all!"
  • "Someone call for an Earthshaker?"
  • "3, 2, 1, fire!"
  • "Firing solution plotted!"
  • "Make it rain FIRE!"
  • "Rip them apart!!"
  • "Shatter their sky!!"
  • "They shall perish!"
  • "Plotting firing solution!"
  • "Thank the Emperor... action!"
Marauder Bomber
  • "Pilot to bombardier: ready the payload!"
  • "Fire! Fire! Fire 'til nothin's left standing!"
  • "Leave nothing but craters!"
  • "Engaging target!"
  • "Face the wrath of the Imperium!"
  • "Bomb's away!"
  • "Let 'er fly!"
  • "Drop the payload!"
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "Orders acknowledged."
  • "It's a smooth ride."
  • "Bomber on the way."
  • "Marauder en route."
  • "Tactical bomber, in the air."
  • "Ready to drop our payload."
  • "Lascannons are hot."
  • "Marauder ready."
  • "You called for an air strike?"
  • "Marauder Bomber, king of the skies."
Leman Russ
  • "Backbone of the Guard, ready to serve."
  • "Tell the men the cavalry has arrived!"
  • "Let's bloody the treads!"
  • "Time to rampage!"
  • "Nothing like a stroll through the countryside."
  • "Fire until they see the glow of our barrels!"
  • "We are mighty."
  • "Ready to win the war, sir!"
  • "Awaiting orders."
  • "Let them have it!" (1st Dawn of War campaign only)
  • "Ready to unleash eleven barrels of hell!"
  • "We'll leave nothing standing."
  • "We will lead by example."
  • "Doubt is for the dying."
  • "All guns, fire until they glow!"
  • "We'll make the Emperor proud."
  • "Failure is a weakness of the enemy."
  • "We'll flatten anything standing in our way."
  • "Fire, all barrels hot!"
  • "All guns, on my mark!"
  • "All guns, strike true!"
  • "You'll not find us lacking, sir."
  • "As you command, so shall it be."
  • "Roll over them!"
  • "All Guardsmen, follow me to glory!"
  • "All cannons at the ready, fire!"
  • "Who's dying now?"
  • "Keep firin' 'til I see the glow of our barrels!"


Imperial General (Command Squad)
  • "I stand ready to serve."
  • "I will do as you ask."
  • "Standing Ready."
  • "Let me lead the way!"
  • "It will be my honor."
  • "All right men, time to wage to war!" ("All right men, time to wage war!" in Dark Crusade)
  • "The hand of the Emperor guides all."
  • "A true servant never yields to doubt."
  • "Fire control, initiate strafing run!"
  • "Obedience without hesitation."
  • "Take them, now!"
  • "On my orders, charge!"
  • "Spare none in your fury!"
  • "That way lies victory."
  • "Fear is naught, my faith is strong."
  • "I strike with the emperor's fist!"
  • "Faster, driver! Faster!"
  • "We have the enemy in our sights!"
  • "Reporting enemy units."
  • "What is this I see? Heretics!"
  • "Fell brethren! You will not escape us!"
  • "Damn their hides! The Eldar are here!"
  • "I've spotted Eldar. What are your instructions?"
  • "Marines spotted! Transmit their location!"
  • "Enemy Space Marines!"
  • "I see the Ork rabble."
  • "Reporting Orkish incursion."
  • "Orks, I thought I smelt something."
  • "Follow men,Charge!
  • "All due speed, then."

Tau Unit Quotes


Earth Caste Builder
  • "The Earth Caste will do its part."
  • "Builder unit ready."
  • "Command."
  • "Ready to build."
  • "Construction matrix engaged."
  • "I will make it so."
  • "Each caste does its part for the Greater Good."
  • "Awaiting orders."
  • "Service required?"
  • "Drop cranes inbound."
  • "Relocation required."
  • "New location reached."
  • "System failure..."
  • "Retreating."
  • "Resuming main programming."
  • "Ready."
XV15 Stealth Team
  • "The lone hunters are here."
  • "Can't kill what you can't see."
  • "Stealth field fully active."
  • "The technology of Tau, makes us strong."
  • "The silent hunters are ready."
  • "We'll take it right from under their noses."
  • "It will be ours."
  • "It is already ours."
  • "They will never see us."
  • "We will spring the trap."
  • "Swift and silent death."
  • "We strike from hiding."
  • "Weapons primed and ready."
  • "Ahh... prime targets."
  • "Stealth Team ready for next assignment."
  • "Mission accomplished."
  • "Another victory for the Greater Good."
  • "Duty calls, Shas'ui."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "Of course."
  • "We will not let you down."
  • "We shall prepare an ambush from there."
  • "It is a pleasure to serve."
  • "Keep formation, Shas'ui!"
  • "My pleasure."
  • "We will eliminate the targets."
  • "Stealth team, fire away!"
  • "They will never see their deaths coming."
  • "Send us toward the enemy."
  • "Stealthsuits ready and willing."
  • "XV25 Ready for action."
  • "We hunt with patience."
  • "We relish the hunt."
  • "Let's go... but don't expose us."
  • "Mount up."
  • "Let's move."
  • "We go our way from here."
  • "Disembark!"
  • "Jetpacks fire!"
  • "Jetpack engaged."
  • "Our armour is too light, we must retreat!"
  • "Form up, back into it!"
Vespid Stingwing Strain
Fire Warrior Team and Shas'Ui Bodyguard
  • "We serve the Greater Good."
  • "For the Greater Good."
  • "Just tell us where you need us."
  • "Fire team is ready."
  • "The Ethereals watch over us."
  • "Eat plasma fire!"
  • "The fire caste serves with pride."
  • "Shas'La, ready for action!"
  • "Keep firing! Keep firing!"
  • "How can they ignore the Greater Good!"
  • "Ethereals protect us!"
  • "I will atone for my selfish actions."
  • "The banner of Tau flies high!"
  • "Coordinate your volleys, bond brothers."
  • "Shoot to kill."
  • "We will cut them down."
  • "They’ve fallen into the trap."
  • "Don’t let the prey get away."
  • "Pick your targets, team."
  • "Take us to the hunt."
  • "Keep us hidden and we’ll do the rest."
  • "We will claim it for the Greater Good."
  • "Target confirmed."
  • "We'll take it."
  • "The Ethereals will not find us wanting."
  • "Like Tau, we shall triumph."
  • "Moving out."
  • "Understood."
  • "Orders recieved."
  • "It will be an honour."
  • "Yes sir."
  • "The fire caste will not fail you."
  • "My Shas'la will not fail."
  • "Our bond is strong. We will not fail."
  • "Point us at our targets."
  • "All warriors open fire!"
  • "There is your prey, Shas'la."
  • "Our hunt begins."
  • "We will pick up the trail from here."
  • "Our duty calls, Shas'la."
  • "Pin them down and eliminate them."
  • "Grenades!"
  • "Our hunt begins!"
Kroot Carnivore
  • "Kroot and Tau stand as one."
  • "What do you want?"
  • "The Shapers sent us to serve."
  • "Get us to the fight."
  • "Kroot ready."
  • "Yes?"
  • "You are strong. It will be good to have that strength."
  • "I knew this trip would be worth it."
  • "My blade is sharp."
  • "We'll get them."
  • "They won't last long."
  • "They make us strong."
  • "Good meat."
  • "Hurry up, there's not much left."
  • "Where are the Tau guns?"
  • "Gnyaah, you call this a fight?"
  • "You want that?"
  • "Fine, we'll take it for you."
  • "Your flag is up. Now what?"
  • "Argh! There are too many of them!"
  • "The Kroot will do it."
  • "I strengthen my kin."
  • "If the Shapers will it."
  • "I swear, we'll get it done."
  • "Is that all you need?
  • "Let's go."
  • "Gnya ha, that won't be hard."
  • "You want me there now, do you?"
Kroot Shaper
  • "I will lead our warriors."
  • "The Kroot are bred for battle."
  • "I have sworn to fight for the Tau."
  • "The Kroot will stand with you."
  • "I am ready to join my kin."
  • "Is it time for a fight?"
  • "Run, run, run!"
  • "I'll be there right away."
  • "You want me there now, do you?"
  • "Let's go then."
  • "I understand."
  • "Sharpen your knives!"
  • "I've guided my kin for this purpose."
  • "Let's get them."
  • "Follow me, and we shall all be strong!"
  • "Together we will beat them all!"
  • "Keep fighting!"
Pathfinder Team
  • "Pathfinders on duty."
  • "Recon ready."
  • "The vanguard is ready."
  • "We will be your eyes, and ears."
  • "Just tell us what you want to know."
  • "We are the first in the field."
  • "We will get all the details."
  • "We will find your targets."
  • "Heading there now."
  • "Got it."
  • "Pathfinders lead the way."
  • "Understood. Watch for our signal."
  • "Looks like we're in for a fight!"
  • "Into battle!"
  • "We will deal with them."
  • "Patient hunters find their prey."
  • "Take them out!"
  • "Confirmed."
  • "We're being cut to pieces!"
  • "Great Tau, there's too many of them!"
  • "The Ethereals make us strong."
  • "We see it, and we will take it."
  • "It will be yours in no time."
  • "We secure territory for the Greater Good!"
  • "I cannot abandon my brothers."
  • "The point is ours. Set up a defense."
  • "Zone secure!"
  • "That point you wanted... it's all yours."
  • "We are heading into enemy territory."
  • "Carry us to these coordinates."
  • "Pathfinders, disembark."
  • "Open fire!"
  • "Concentrate fire!"
  • "Do not let them get away!"
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
  • "Broadside team, ready."
  • "XV88 ready for action."
  • "Setting stabilizers...ready to fire."
  • "We serve the Greater Good."
  • "Broadsides redeploying."
  • "Where do you need firepower?"
  • "Awaiting orders."
  • "Yes, sir."
  • "Moving into position."
  • "Firepower on the move."
  • "I am honoured to join the cadre, commander."
  • "Acknowledged...moving out."
  • "Missiles are ready to launch!"
  • "Targets confirmed."
  • "Locking on target."
  • "We will eliminate the targets!"
  • "Our pleasure."
XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
  • "All systems ready."
  • "We've learned the lessons of Mont'ka."
  • "Where do you need the Elite?"
  • "The Fire Caste's best are here to serve."
  • "Battlesuits ready for action."
  • "No problem."
  • "Let's get it done."
  • "If the Ethereals will it."
  • "Accelerating to attack speed."
  • "Locking on targets."
  • "All weapons are go."
  • "Engaging the enemy."
  • "We will deliver the killing blow"
  • "Coordinates locked in."
  • "We can't hold here, we just can't!"
  • "Major damage to all systems!"
  • "We need to find us a stronger position!"
  • "The Ethereals have restored me."
  • "That is enough, time to strike back."


Devilfish Troop Carrier
  • "Devilfish transport ready."
  • "Devilfish swims silently."
  • "We will get our men there."
  • "Right under their eyes."
  • "Burst cannon, fire!"
  • "Personnel carrier, ready for action."
Skyray Missile Gunship
  • "The patient hunter gets the prey."
  • "Mark a target and we will wipe it out."
  • "You needed fire support?"
  • "All missiles, AWAY!"
  • "Bring down the rain of fire"
  • "Acquiring targets."
  • "Missiles are hot."
  • "Missiles locking on."
  • "For Tau to prosper, it will be so."
  • "Gunship on the move."
Drone Squad
  • "All systems ready."
  • "Awaiting programming."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "Attack orders confirmed."
  • "Engaging targets."
  • "Enemy spotted, engaging."
  • "Charging all weapons."
Drone Harbinger
  • "Drones ready."
  • "Drones ready to go sir."
  • "Harbinger ready for action."
  • "Powering fans... now."
  • "Understood."
  • "Target... confirmed."
  • "Launching drones."
  • "Ion Cannon, powering up."
  • "Engaging target."
  • "Feel the bite of the Barracuda!"
  • "The teeth of the Barracuda are sharp."
  • "Barracuda moving out."
  • "Barracuda on the way."
  • "We fly for Tau."
  • "By your will."
  • "Barracuda, ready to serve."
  • "The Air Caste serves Tau."
  • "Barracuda airborne."
Hammerhead Gunship
  • "The fist of Mont'ka is here."
  • "Point us at the target."
  • "Identify our targets, and we will destroy them."
  • "Following orders."
  • "Armoured power, moving out."
  • "All guns... open up!"
  • "Targetting, FIRE!"
  • "Kroot and Tau stand as one."
  • "The Krootox breed for battle."
  • "Yeees?"
Greater Knarloc

Hero Units

Tau Commander
  • "Commander Puretide would be proud."
  • "Prosper as Tau shall."
  • "XV22 battlesuit ready."
  • "I will lead us to victory."
  • "None can stand before the Greater Good."
  • "Like Tau, we shall triumph."
  • "Shas'O ready to take command."
  • "Mmm I see what your plan is."
  • "A sound tactical move."
  • "Consider it done."
  • "As Aun’va wishes."
  • "All weapons online!"
  • "The Cadre will crush them!"
  • "Target acquired."
  • "I will strike the killing blow."
  • "Remember the lessons of Vior'la!"
  • "It's come to this, has it?"
  • "You cannot stand against the Tau'va!"
  • "The true test of a leader is in battle."
  • "Driver, we head for the front."
  • "Well done, driver"
  • "Fall back! Fall back!"
  • "Retreat! We’ll strike them again from another angle!"
  • "Multiple system alerts. I’m pulling out."
  • "In Tau, I am strong."
  • "I will not be remembered as a coward."
  • "This will slow the enemy."
  • "Mont’au forces. Alert all teams."
  • "Chaos forces detected."
  • "Mad cultists and twisted Space Marines. We must drive them out."
  • "Human madmen, they cannot be reasoned with."
  • "Redeploy to kill that… thing."
  • "Great T'au! Warp beasts!"
  • "Aun'va preserve us!"
  • "Eldar raiders. What are they doing here?"
  • "The Eldar still resist the Greater Good."
  • "So, the Eldar have chosen war over diplomacy."
  • "Sensors picking up multiple targets."
  • "Charge all weapons. The enemy is here."
  • "The battle begins at last."
  • "Imperium soldiers. Prepare to drive them out."
  • "Invaders from Terra."
  • "The Imperium of Man is here to enslave the Tau."
  • "We’re going to need heavy weapons."
  • "Signal a Shaper. Perhaps he can tell us what that is."
  • "They're using wild beasts."
  • "What are these mechanical beasts?"
  • "Necrons. The Greater Good cannot prosper so long as they are here."
  • "Your genocide ends here, Necron."
  • "Orks. Gun them down before they close to melee."
  • "Orks! Get the Kroot to cover us!"
  • "The Ork tide is here."
  • "Greenskins. We must free this land from them."
  • "Space Marines! They will pay dearly for Damocles."
  • "Gue'la fanatics. Get ready for war."
  • "Imperium Space Marines. Prepare for a bitter fight."
  • "Carry on...without me..."
  • "Take heart, the Ethereal Caste is with you."
  • "The Ethereal Caste leads for the Greater Good."
  • "Banish your fear."
  • "We act as one, lest we perish alone."
  • "I shall guide our efforts."
  • "I see that I am needed there."
  • "I will be there shortly."
  • "Of course."
  • "A wise decision."
  • "It will be so."
  • "I fight with all Tau."
  • "They reject the Greater Good and so are doomed."
  • "Against tyranny, there can be no surrender."
  • "Join us. It is not too late."
  • "It saddens me that battle is the only way."
  • "My Honour Blade shall not fail."
  • "Mobility is the key to success."
  • "Take us from this place, pilot."
  • "I will not forget your service, pilot."
  • "The voice of reason."
  • "Kor'el, fire orbital artillery!"
  • "Where once was one, let there be two."
  • "Your defeat is inevitable."
  • "The enemy is too strong!"
  • "This battle was your doing!"
  • "I am wounded, fall back!"
  • "All is lost..."
  • "The empire relies upon me, I cannot fail."
  • "It is time, to strike back."

Dark Eldar Unit Quotes


Common Quotes
  • "Eldar. Their heads will adorn my belt! "
  • "A family reunion. I hate family!"
Tortured Slave
  • "They told me I would build things, and not be beaten all the time!"
  • "A bigger cage... I can't even see the bars!"
  • "Ohh-oh!"
  • "Hm?"
  • "I... am ready."
  • "I will do it..."
  • "The seed is planted."
  • "Never, NEVER! Aaah! Ok-k-k-k-ay..."
  • "It is done."
  • "No! Not the whip!"
  • "Where...?"
  • "Where?! ...oh."
Mandrake Squad
  • "We lurk in shadows... We wait to kill."
  • "Skin them. Gut them."
  • "We are your nightmare."
  • "We are of the Shadows."
  • "We fear nothing."
  • "Yesssss?"
  • "Bloody murder."
  • "Strike unseen."
  • "Move in the shadows."
  • "Carve them... Ahahahahahaa!"
  • "We will feast on their beating hearts."
  • "Take this point... NOW!"
  • "The banner... RAISE THE BANNNNER!"
  • "We are Death unseen..."
  • "They cower... We carve..."
  • "By the time they scream... It's too late."
  • "It is taken."
  • "We have it!"
  • "Claw out their EYES!" (While in melee)
  • "Cower! Tremble!"
  • "Cut them open!"
  • "Cower!"
  • "WHOAAAAH!" (Shrieking)
  • "Die!"
  • "Blood!"
  • "Now you see me?!"
  • "They cry out!"
  • "To the shadows! Flee!"
  • "They see us!"
  • "We are hidden once more."
Warrior Squad
  • "Ah... Where is our Quarry? I long for the hunt!"
  • "Warrior squad, ready to kill."
  • "There is mischief to be done!"
  • "To arms!"
  • "What's up?"
  • "What will you?"
  • "Lead us to the fray."
  • "They shall rue the day..."
  • "We move with speed."
  • "With speed."
  • "We hunger!"
  • "We thirst!"
  • "Swiftly!"
  • "We feed off their fear."
  • "We feed off their pain."
  • "For Commorragh!"
  • "Hoist the flag!"
  • "Hoist the flag of Commorragh!"
  • "Raise our standard! Let it strike fear!"
  • "Fear us! Tremble!"
  • "Into the fray!"
  • "Make it a slow death..."
  • "Cower before us."
  • "Cower in fear."
  • "I hope they scream..."
  • "They die this day..."
  • "Terrorfex!"
  • "We were not prepared!"
  • "I am slipping!"
  • "We... We are losing ground!"
  • "We should return, to gain a better vantage!"
  • "Our footing is firm again."
  • "See what we are made of! Fools!"
  • "We rally!"
Hellion Squad
  • "We are Hellions -- lords of flying death!"
  • "We are fanged lightning."
  • "We live for the thrill."
  • "*I* can go faster."
  • "Flight and mayhem!"
  • "Speed, bringer of death!"
  • "Death from aboooove!"
  • "Skyboards ready!"
  • "Skyboards -- dispatch!"
  • "Hoist the banner high!"
  • "Raise the flag of Commorragh!"
  • "En route!"
  • "Speed! Speed and death!"
  • "Speeeeeed!"
  • "Hyaaaaagh!"
  • "We swoop! We strike!"
  • "Them? No problem."
  • "Lift off!"
  • "Hellions… aloft!"
  • "Fly away!"
  • "Pull back! Pull back!"
  • "Let us fly again!"
Scourge Squad
  • "We are Scourges, dark vultures of the battlefield."
  • "We are birds of prey."
  • "The earth does not deserve to touch my feet."
  • "We rise in number, we blot out the sun."
  • "The song of winds sing your demise..."
  • "The wind moans of vile deeds."
  • "I have soared above Commorragh, and seen such things..."
  • "We hunger to make mayhem."
  • "The deed is done."
  • "We soar on loathsome winds."
  • "We shall be the dark wings of discord."
  • "It is... done."
  • "Upon the wind."
  • "Take to the air."
  • "Rise brothers. Blot out the sun!"
  • "To the air, my brothers."
  • "Skyward."
  • "Let us claim this place."
  • "Plant the flag."
  • "Plant the flag... A single bloodstained wing."
  • "Lay waste to the enemy."
  • "Fear us."
  • "We heed the call to battle."
  • "I am the last thing they will see."
  • "You cannot flee us..."
  • "Take wing!"
  • "To the air!"
  • "We fly again."
  • "Return us to the field of battle."
  • "I shall not die this day."
Wych Squad
  • "We are wyches. Killers tried and true."
  • "Years of combat have prepared us for this day."
  • "My skill is peerless."
  • "My sparring partners never last long."
  • "I have killed many..."
  • "Show me a worthy foe!"
  • "It recalls my days in the arena."
  • "Who shall taste my trident?"
  • "I am dancing death..."
  • "None have grace so deadly."
  • "I long for battle."
  • "I long to deal death."
  • "For this, I am trained."
  • "I yearn to shed warm, sweet blood!"
  • "This is nothin' to my training!"
  • "I kill for the prize."
  • "Their deaths are my art."
  • "They don't have long to live..."
  • "We will carve them up."
  • "These foes are clumsy."
  • "I have faced worse."
  • "They lack skill. They're unworthy."
  • "Into the fray!"
  • "The killing game begins..."
  • "I-It is not strategic for me to remain...!"
  • "They... They are more than I can fight!"
  • "Ready to fight once more."
Warp Beast Pack
  • "(Growls)"
  • "Get them!"
  • "Sick. SICK!"
  • "Tear... Them... TO PIECES!"
  • "Go, my beasts. GO!"
  • "Strike terror in their hearts."
  • "Tear them. Shred them. Hahahaha!"
  • "I command here. Come back to me."
  • "I will calm the savage beasts."


Reaver Jetbike
  • "My Reaver Jetbike is pure pain, and pure speed."
  • "Nothing can outrun me!"
  • "Reaver Jetbike, fastest instrument of pain!"
  • "Reaver Jetbike!"
  • "Engines running!"
  • "GOING!"
  • "Swift beyond compare."
  • "Full speed!"
  • "They cannot touch me."
  • "My engine will scorch their broken corpses."
  • "My engine roars. I am but a spec in the distance."
  • "My craft will dance like a wych's blade!"
  • "I am a blur of death!"
  • "Slice through their ranks!"
  • "First to the fight."
  • "Raider craft ready to loot, pillage and kill!"
  • "Our weapons are terror, dark lances and speed!"
  • "At the ready."
  • "We fly!"
  • "The engine screams!"
  • "Is it time to loot and kill?"
  • "We ride!"
  • "Commence assault!"
  • "To the battle!"
  • "I have coursed the skies of Commorragh."
  • "Engines full blast!"
  • "Board now or stay on foot!"
  • "The battle ends here!"
  • "We stalk! We pounce!"
  • "We sow the seeds of terror!"
  • "Hiyaah!"
  • "I am Raven, airborne death!"
  • "Aye?"
  • "Raven airborne."
  • "Nevermore!"
  • "Where? Ah, there."
  • "Engines full blast!"
  • "I have my orders."
  • "I GO!"
  • "Into the darksome sky!"
  • "The Raven soars!"
  • "Raven kill!"
  • "Die, Die, DIE, DIE!"
  • "Raven fly!"
  • "Strike them!"
  • "Pssssst...." (engine piston sound)
  • "The Ravager. All jagged metal, guns, and death."
  • "Ravager in heavy armor clad."
  • "Heavy armor, heavy lances."
  • "None can withstand our blast..."
  • "They shall not pierce THIS hide."
  • "Heavy armor, with great speed."
  • "Ride!"
  • "Ravager stands ready."
  • "Like a hammer falls!"
  • "We Fly."
  • "Propulsion at maximum."
  • "Fire when the enemy is in sight."
  • "We fly for the front."
  • "Horrorfex."
  • "Unleash our might!"
  • "Know the singe of dark lance blast!"
  • "Let loose upon them!"
Dais of Destruction
  • "My chariot... Forged in the dark city, built for death and pain!"
  • "Lay down your lives, that my greatness may increase!"
  • "I shall feast upon their very souls..."
  • "Do not waste my time."
  • "WHAT?!"
  • "BEG FOR MERCY... Not that it will help you."
  • "All these souls shall be mine to drink."
  • "I am the blackest heart."
  • "A throne of death and havoc, I ride!"
  • "Come. Do my bidding, wretches!"
  • "They shall not go gently OR quickly..."
  • "The harvest begins..."
  • "I am a storm of agony and fear, hard upon you!"


  • "Mine is the right to lead."
  • "I thirst..."
  • "I thirst for violence."
  • "Yeeees?"
  • "I long to shed blood."
  • "Death is my meat. Terror, my wine."
  • "There is much terror to bring."
  • "When do we fight?"
  • "I stand ready..."
  • "Follow me, curs!"
  • "Who shall suffer next?"
  • "Come."
  • "Where are they?!"
  • "We go."
  • "Let us strike!"
  • "Let them fear our blades."
  • "STRIKE!"
  • "Strike swiftly!"
  • "The spoils of war shall be ours."
  • "You will know pain..."
  • "Cower, you dogs!"
  • "Spill their insides on the ground."
  • "Death only after great pain."
  • "Their cries grant us life!"
  • "Have a taste... Of malice!"
  • "Malediction strike!"
  • "Aaaugh!"
  • "Your life ends here!"
  • "You slow me down. Leave."
  • "You may fight with me. It is an honor."
  • "We go from hence."
  • "Take me there with utmost speed."
  • "So. Here we are."
  • "Now we may fight!"
  • "Follow me."
  • "Our prey shall cower in fear."
  • "A taste of madness!"
  • "hyauugh" (sound of casting the souls upon the enemy)
  • "If it is not our fair-feathered kin."
  • "Ah, our cowardly cousins."
  • "Eldar. Fear not, the blood feud is not forgotten."
  • "I see our foe; now I shall kill them."
  • "Behold our prey draws nigh."
  • "So, the battle will soon be joined."
  • "There is our foe. Show them no mercy."
  • "That is all there is to fight?"
  • "Die!"
  • "They must die."
  • "I'm here... Where are my victims?"
  • "The nature of a man..."
  • "Agony... My art form."
  • "Their cries... are music!"
  • "I long to experiment."
  • "I feast on misery."
  • "The sweet sound of suffering!"
  • "In good TIME!"
  • "I love to watch them squirm!"
  • "YOU... Assist me in my experiments."
  • "Pain... Is pleasure... Hmhmhmhmhm."

Sisters of Battle Unit Quotes


Common quotes

Note: these quotes are said by several units

Ecclesiarchal Servitor
  • "I serve the sisterhood."
  • "I am equipped for that."
  • "I serve."
  • "I humbly await orders."
  • "I... submit."
  • "Be it your will."
  • "Your will... be done."
  • "To specification."
  • "Build protocol confirmed."
  • "Instructions received."
  • "Immediately."
  • "If you will it."
  • "The Machine Spirit sings in me."
  • "I will make it whole."

NOTE Ecclesiarchal Servitor doesn't have any morale broken and recovery quotes.

  • "A humble Missionary, here to serve."
  • "No! If I must die, I shall welcome death!"
  • "I am consecrated to the Imperium."
  • "Sworn ever to your service when at peace and when at war."
  • "I am a servant to the Emperor."
  • "Emperor, grant us dominion of this point, in Thy name!"
  • "Emperor, inspire me!"
  • "Emperor, strengthen my resolve!"
  • "Thank you Emperor, for giving us this point... (doxological tone)"
  • "From the lightning, and the Tempest, Emperor deliver us...(doxological tone)"
  • "I must take heart!"
Battle Sisters Squad
  • "Adepta Sororitas, here to serve."
  • "Sisters of Battle, reporting."
  • "Sisters, march!"
  • "We will be martyrs!"
  • "Emperor; our father and guardian."
  • "Our burning fervor guides us."
  • "Claim that point!"
  • "Phosphor Grenades!"
  • "Discipline and devotion never falter."
  • "Emperor; do not forsake me."
Seraphim Squad
  • "Seraphim; aerial assault squad!"
  • "It is the Emperor who grants us flight!"
  • "Jump packs--now!"
Celestian Squad
  • "Celestian squad ready for battle!"
  • "The best fulfill our ranks!"
  • "The unbelievers will burn!"
  • "Annihilate them all!"
  • "Strike down our foes!"
  • "It is now their time to die!"
  • "We purge with righteous zeal!"
  • "Take the point!"
  • "It will be secured!"
  • "So that is our target."
  • "Death to the heretics!"
  • "Charge, Sisters!"
  • "Celestians, crush them!"
  • "Take *this*!"
  • "I must learn... from the pain."
  • "We board directly."
  • "Celestians, boarding."
  • "We are surrounded!"
  • "Pull back, Sisters"
  • "Cover! Seek cover!"
  • "Our morale is recovered."
  • "Let us fight again."
  • "Now we can take them."
  • "Never shall we tremble."
  • "We know not fear."
  • "We immolate all before us."
  • "Emperor, be my light!"
  • "Foes and allies fear us alike."
  • "Submit fully to the Emperor's will."
  • "Many aspire -- few attain."
  • "I serve the Emperor."
  • "To the hymns of the Ecclesiarchy."
  • "We have excelled at battle."
  • "Point secured!"
  • "It is now consecrated ground."
  • "We have taken the target."
  • "Do we fight now?"
  • "Enough with sitting still!"
  • "Celestian Squad, ready for battle!"
  • "Many wars, have we served the Emperor."
Death-Cult Assassin
  • "Death-Cult Assassin, ready to kill."
  • "I am an assassin. I cannot fight an army!"
  • "I whisper to my blades: Kill. Kill."
Sister Repentia Squad
  • "We are the Sisters Repentia."
  • "We are holy outcasts!"
Avenging Angel
Living Saint
  • "By my light, we shall purge this wretched, tainted land."
  • "Follow my light, sisters. It is the beacon to victory!"
  • "Lay low, the tainted and corrupt."
  • "Lift up the hearts of the righteous."
  • "I am proof of the Emperor's might!"
  • "I died for the Emperor, and by his will, rose again!"
  • "I bring salvation... trought annihilation."
  • "I am a vessel to the Emperor's wrath!"
  • "My fury hath no bounds!"
  • "If you die for the Emperor... He may lift you up"
  • "Emperor! Let my hands take their lives!"
  • "Foul apostasy, be stricken from this world!"
  • "They are consigned to certain death!"
  • "I smite the terrors of darkness."
  • "Tremble, all you flawed and mortal."
  • "I shine with the purest of Light!"
  • "It is I who pay the blood-debt of humankind."
  • "Battle Sisters, follow me! We shall march to glorious victory!"


Rhino Transport
  • "This is Rhino Transport. I have reached the battlefield."
  • "They won't pierce my armor!"
  • "Behold the Immolator Tank. Burning glory!"
  • "It all goes up in FLAMES!"
Lightning Fighter
  • "Lightning Fighter, defending the Emperor's sky!"
  • "Faster than blasphemy!"
  • "The Sisterhood hath no fury like the Exorcist Tank."
  • "Can you hear an Organ play?"
Penitent Engine
  • "Ohhhhh." (Moaning)


  • "By the Emperor's Light I lead."
  • "Witchcraft, heresy and mutation!."
  • "Thou shalt not. I shall!"
  • "We command dread and awe!"
  • "Sisters, fight by my side!"
  • "Unbelievers...MUST....DIIIIIEEE!!!"
  • "We march to the hymns of the Ecclesiarchy!"
  • "We go!"
  • "It is a judgment...!"
  • "Smite the enemy!"
  • "Come, my sisters!"
  • "Strike them down!"
  • "We cannot afford mercy."
  • "They have committed the ultimate heresy."
  • "Part from me, Sisters."
  • "I place my faith in the Emperor."
  • "I will consent to board."
  • "I have longed for action."
  • "I have spent my time in prayer."
  • "With my commendation."
  • "Emperor, grant ascension."
  • "Holy martyrs, ascend!"
  • "Fallen Sisters, rise!"
  • "Martyrs, rise!"
  • "Abominable traitors!"
  • "Wretched heretics!"
  • "Chaos! I should have suspected."
  • "The blasphemers shall meet only with unflinching justice."
  • "A foul daemon. We must be strong."
  • "Grant us strength against all daemons."
  • "Spirits of noxious immateria, be gone from hence."
  • "The Imperial Guard. Tainted heretics, most likely."
  • "Imperial Guard? Surely they are guilty of thought in their hearts."
  • "There is the foe. Soon, we will fight!"
  • "The enemy. They shall be purged."
  • "So... our foes approach. They will burn, shortly."
  • "Look, Sisters! The adversary comes. Be wary!"
  • "The enemy is close by, and does not surrender. Do they not know the Sisters Militant?"
  • "I have come to pass judgement."
  • "Come. Walk by my side."
  • "From true doctrine, never waver."
  • "A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time."

The Dawn of War Player's Guide

The Dawn of War Player's Guide - Thought of the day: Knowledge is power, guard it well.
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Scout Marine Squad

Space Marine Squad

Assault Marine Squad

Grey Knights

Terminator Squad

Assault Terminator Squad

Skull Probe


Force Commander





Cultist Squad

Chaos Space Marine Squad

Raptor Squad

Khorne Berzerker Squad

Horror Squad

Possessed Squad


Chaos Lord

Chaos Sorcerer

Daemon Prince




Guardian Squad

Ranger Squad

Howling Banshee Squad

Dark Reaper Squad

Fire Dragon Squad

Warp Spider Squad



Seer Council

Avatar of Khaine



Slugga Boy Squad

Shoota Boy Squad



Nobz Squad

Flash Gitz

Mega Armoured Nobz

Mad Dok

Big Mek



Techpriest Enginseer

Guardsmen Squad

Heavy Weapons Team



Command Squad




Vindicare Assassin


Earth Caste Builder

XV15 Stealth Team

Vespid Stingwing Strain

Fire Warrior Team

Kroot Carnivores

Kroot Shaper

Pathfinder Team

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

Kroot Hound Pack

Tau Commander


Shas'Ui Bodyguard


Builder Scarabs

Necron Warriors


Flayed Ones



Necron Lord

Essence of the Nightbringer

Essence of the Deceiver


Tortured Slave

Mandrake Squad

Warrior Squad

Hellion Squad

Scourge Squad

Wych Squad

Warp Beast Pack




Ecclesiarchal Servitor


Battle Sister Squad

Seraphim Squad

Celestian Squad

Death-Cult Assassin

Sister Repentia Squad


Avenging Angel


Living Saint

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Land Speeder


Hellfire Dreadnought

Land Speeder Tempest



Land Raider


Chaos Rhino


Chaos Predator

Hell Talon


Falcon Grav Tank




Shuriken Grav Platform

Brightlance Grav Platform

Fire Prism




Killa Kan


Looted Tank







Marauder Bomber

Leman Russ



Devilfish Troop Carrier

Skyray Missile Gunship

Drone Squad

Drone Harbinger


Hammerhead Gunship


Greater Knarloc


Tomb Spyder

Attack Scarabs


Heavy Destroyer

Lord Destroyer

Restored Monolith


Reaver Jetbike





Dais of Destruction


Rhino Transport


Lightning Fighter


Penitent Engine

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Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator



Machine Cult

Sacred Artifact

Orbital Relay

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Desecrated Stronghold

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Chaos Temple

Chaos Armoury

Sacrificial Circle

Machine Pit

Daemon Pit

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Webway Assembly

Listening Shrine

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Webway Gate

Aspect Portal

Soul Shrine

Support Portal

Support Platform

Mine Field



Da Listenin' Post


Bigga Generator

Waaagh! Banner

Da Boyz Hut

Pile O Gunz!

Da Mek Shop

Mine Field


Field Command

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Infantry Command

Tactica Control

Mechanized Command

Mars Pattern Command

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Cadre Headquarters

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Tau Barracks

Path to Enlightenment

Kroot Shaping Center

Vehicle Beacon

Kauyon Command Post

Mont'ka Command Post

Coalition Center


Dormant Monolith


Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Summoning Core

Forbidden Archive

Greater Summoning Core

Energy Core

Gauss Turret


Kabal Fortress

Tower of Loathing

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Slave Chamber

Hall of Blood

Haemonculus' Laboratory

Dark Foundry

Wych-Cult Arena

Soul Cage


Ecclesiarchal Chapel

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Adepta Sororitas Convent

Pristine Sanctuary


Holy Reliquary

Shrine of the Living Saint

Inferno Turret

Purgatus Mine Field