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In the Dawn of War series of games, each installment has a campaign mode for those players who are interested in pursuing the single player aspect. A (spoiler heavy) compendium of dialog between characters in the campaigns can be found here.


Dawn of War

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the original campaign of Dawn of War, you must lead Gabriel Angelos on an expedition across the planet Tartarus, seeking to discover a Chaos plot in the midst of an Ork invasion. Accompanying Gabriel is chapter librarian Isador Akios, who is a childhood friend and powerful psyker, and on occasion Carus Brom, an Imperial Colonel tasked with the defense of Tartarus. Inquisitor Mordecai Toth initially suspects Gabriel of being tainted by Chaos, since he had willingly put his home world of Cyrene to the torch, but later realizes it is Isador who has become corrupted. A fourth party to the events on Tartarus is the Eldar, who have sent farseer Macha of craftworld Biel-Tan to prevent the release of the Chaos daemon of the Maledictum. Seeking to gain favor with the dark gods, Lord Bale and Sorcerer Sindri Myr are trying to awaken the daemon, all while Warboss Orkamungus leads his Waagh! across the planet.

Spoilers end here.

Winter Assault

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the Winter Assault campaign, General Sturnn of the Imperial Guard has been tasked with salvaging the Imperial Titan Dominatus discovered on the planet Lorn V with the aid of Space Marines of the Ultramarines chapter. However, Farseer Taldeer of Ullthwe Craftworld has foreseen that Necrons would soon awaken on that world and she must move to stop them. In addition to this, the Ork Warlord Gorgutz has chosen the planet as the site of his Waagh and the forces of Chaos are present, as well.

The campaign is divided into two halves, the Order and Disorder campaigns. In the Order Campaign, the player leads the Imperial Guard and Eldar forces to awaken the Titan and defeat the Necrons. In the Disorder Campaign, the player leads Chaos and Ork forces. The player is forced to change factions at certain points within missions and in later missions can change at will (that is, one can change from Eldar to Imperial guard and back, but not switch to Chaos or Ork).

Spoilers end here.

Dark Crusade


In Dark Crusade, a new type of campaign known as a meta map campaign was created, different from the linear storyline of the previous two games. The meta map is a turn-based strategic map showing each of the seven races and the respective provinces under their control. The goal is to gain control over provinces by fighting for ownership of the territory and, ultimately, to annihilate all of the opposing factions.

By controlling certain territories, the player can gather planetary requisition at the beginning of each turn on the metamap. This requisition is distinct from that used in normal battles and is tracked separately. It is used to purchase special honor guard units to accompany the commander around the map or purchase garrison units to hold critical territories.

On easy difficulty, the AI opponents have just 25% of their usual health for all their units while the player has 250% health for theirs and starts with 600 planetary requisition. On normal difficulty, the AI has normal health and the player has 200% health and starts with 400 planetary requisition. On hard difficulty, both players have normal health and the player starts with just 200 planetary requisition.

Players-controlled provinces can be attacked by the AI-controlled factions, and the player may either auto-resolve the conflict or fight off the invaders. Auto-resolving is generally not recommended, as the player is far more likely to lose. Note that all player-built structures, except those immediately around the enemy base, are still present from when that province was conquered in the first place. This can make defensive battles particularly easy. Some players find it worthwhile to take and fully-fortify every point on the map before finally destroying the enemy stronghold (keeping the enemy 'pinned' with a large mass of troops just outside the base) and even build turrets or minefields outside the base to make early point-capture extremely difficult for the invading enemy. If this is done, a defensive battle can be won in a matter of minutes, allowing you to build a force and attack at your leisure. Also note that the base of the invader is usually in the same place as the original enemy, and if the enemy had two bases, the invader will have those two bases as well.

Special Territories

The following territories provide special bonuses to the faction who holds them. Some of these have special mission objectives that must be met to win the scenario. In addition, each race's stronghold will have its own particular objectives in addition to simply annihilating the enemy.

Metamap spaceport icon.jpg Pavonis: Grants the Spaceport ability, allowing the player to launch attacks or move to any province except enemy strongholds. To win this scenario, you must locate six of ten Servitors scattered around the map and return them to your stronghold before your opponent.
Metamap fury icon.jpg Eres Badlands: Grants the Fury ability, allowing the player to move or attack twice in one turn on the planetary map. To win this scenario, you must kill a certain number of enemy units before losing that same number of units. The number of units you must kill depends on the defending race and the difficulty level. You only have 30 minutes to complete your objective.
Metamap manpower icon.jpg Aceria Forest: Grants the Extra Manpower ability, increasing your starting and maximum squad cap by 4 and support cap by 2 on all maps. This is just a regular map.
Metamap production icon.jpg Vandean Coast: Grants the Industrial Production ability, granting you an extra 1000 requisition at the start of each battle (1000 power for Necrons). This scenario requires you to stockpile a large amount of power or completely wipe the map of all enemy units and buildings. The amount of power to collect depends on the difficulty level. You only have 20 minutes to complete one of the two objectives.
Metamap forwardbase icon.jpg
Hyperion Peaks: Grants the Forward Base ability, allowing you to purchase buildings before starting an attack. This scenario requires you to find and destroy all enemy structures on the map. You are given a large initial force and resource pool but are only able to build Listening Posts (and Waaagh! Banners as Orks and Necron Warriors as Necrons).
Metamap bulwark icon.jpg
Ariel Highlands: Grants the Bulwark ability, which makes garrisoned units 50% cheaper but also return only 50% their usual return value. This is a regular map.


Each race receives a special commander that leads their forces. This unit will always be present at the start of any attack you launch, as well as any defenses on the same or adjacent territory to your army's current location. If the commander is not automatically available at the start of battle (such as when defending a territory distant from your army) or is slain during the fight, he can be purchased from the appropriate building with all of his acquired wargear intact.


During the course of the campaign you have the ability to earn wargear for your primary commander, improving his base stats or even granting himnew abilities. In order to earn wargear, you must achieve one of the following goals during a battle. Although you can earn multiple pieces of wargear in a single battle by meeting multiple wargear requirements, each requirement can only be achieved once. See each commander's page for a list of the specific wargear that can be earned for that race. Wargear effects that are applied globally (such as Lukas Alexander's Governer's Raiment) persist even if the commander is slain.

  • 1 Conquest
  • 5 Conquests
  • 15 Conquests
  • 2000 kills
  • 5000 kills
  • 1 Defense
  • 3 Defenses
  • 5 Defenses
  • 3-to-1 kill ratio
  • 3 enemy factions defeated

Conquests are earned for taking over an enemy-held territory. Kills are the total kills inflicted by your forces throughout the whole of the campaign and are not specific to the enemies personally slain by your commander. Defenses are earned by personally leading your forces in the defense of one of your territories and cannot be earned by letting the computer automatically defend the territory. The 3-to-1 kill ratio also requires a minimum of 200 kills during the battle. Defeating enemy factions requires that you personally conquer the race's stronghold, not just that an AI player defeats the race.

Honor Guard

Each territory that is neither a stronghold nor one of the special territories listed above grants an honor guard unit. These special squads and vehicles form a cadre that follows the commander around the map, allowing a player to rush an enemy base very quickly in later stages of the campaign. Honor guard units are purchased with planetary requisition and remain with the commander until slain. Strangely, honor guard commanders (Commissar, Librarian, etc.) must be repurchased if attached to a squad at the end of a mission.

Most races receive squads of honor guard troops, but Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines receive individual veterans. Honor guard units do not use squad or vehicle cap, but require requisition and power to reinforce. The AI will receive honor guard units not available to a human player, such as Grey Knights for Space Marines. Fortunately, the AI honor guard is entirely comprised of regular units rather than the super powered units available to the player.


In Soulstorm nine factions battle for control of the Kaurava System, a system on whose edge a Warp Storm has arrived. Each faction's motivation for fighting is listed below.

  • Space Marines - They have come to fight the enemies of the Emperor. Of particular interest to the Space Marines is eradicating the Orks that have long persisted on Kaurava II and defeating their ancient enemy, the forces of Chaos.
  • Chaos - They either came due to the presence of the Warp Storm or created the Warp Storm as part of an attack plan.
  • Eldar - They have come in response to the Necron awakening. They will defeat the Necrons and any that stand in the way of this goal.
  • Orks - The Orks have always existed on Kaurava II, and Warlord Gorgutz has come to lead them in a good fight.
  • Imperial Guard - As the Kaurava System is part the Imperium, it is their duty to protect it for the God-Emperor.
  • Necrons - Awakened from their slumber on the planet of Kaurava III by the Warp Storm.
  • Tau - The Tau seek to discover how to stop the Warp Storm before it can threaten their Empire, as well as bring the Kaurava System into the fold of the Greater Good.
  • Dark Eldar - Like carrion crows, the Dark Eldar descend on the battlefield to claim the spoils of war from the preoccupied combatants. Blood, slaves, and souls will all be claimed to slake the Thirst of these wicked raiders.
  • Sisters of Battle - Fanatical in their worship, they see all the other factions as heretics unworthy of the God-Emperor. With holy fire and unwavering devotion they will cleanse the Kaurava System.


The metamap campaign is in the same nonlinear fashion as Dark Crusade, but has been expanded for Soulstorm. A Warp Storm has trapped the nine races in the Kaurava System, leaving them all on their own in the coming war. Until one faction has achieved complete victory, no one will be leaving. The Warp Storm also prevents space flight between the four planets (several provinces on each) and three moons (single provinces) of the system, restricting interplanetary travel to a series of Ancient Gates.

The most important changes from Dark Crusade are that victory is achieved through annihilation of all unit production buildings (similar to the Annihilation multiplayer victory condition) instead of just their headquarters, and bases built when conquering a territory are no longer persistent. Rather, basic buildings can be garrisoned in conquered provinces the same way units are.

Each Ancient Gate is linked to only two others (The Dark Eldar stronghold is a special Ancient Gate, see the Special Territories section). Ancient Gates are fought as Take and Hold missions, and are conquered by holding a majority of critical points for six minutes. Victory can be achieved by annihilation, but it must be total (down to the last man) rather than simply destroying the enemy buildings.

A new concept of Supply Lines has been introduced. If a path of controlled provinces from a territory to your stronghold no longer exists due to enemy conquest, your Supply Lines have been broken and the province no longer produces planetary requisition. Reestablishing a path from your stronghold to the province restores the Supply Lines and planetary requisition production. Chaos has a special ability that makes them immune to supply lines, see the Special Territories section below.

Difficulty levels have mostly increased for a greater challenge. Easy now gives the player 250% health and the AI 60% health. Normal is 200% player health and 100% AI health. Hard is 100% player health and the AI 120% health.

Special Territories

Each race has an intrinsic bonus. The bonus of other races can be claimed by conquering their stronghold. Stronghold provinces are labeled with their corresponding race. Their are also two standard provinces that provide resource bonuses. For convenience, special territories are listed by planet with moons being subsets of their corresponding planet.

Kaurava I

SS ability icon reduced costs.jpg Dussala Precinct (Imperial Guard) - Grants Reduced Production Costs ability. All units and buildings purchased using planetary requisition are available at 85% their usual cost.
SS ability icon forward base.jpg Sama District (Sisters of Battle) - Grants Forward Base ability. You may purchase buildings you would normally garrison in a province when attacking. If you conquer the territory and the buildings survive the battle they remain as a garrison.

Kaurava II

SS ability icon deep strike.jpg Lands of Solitude (Space Marines) - Grants Deep Strike Squads ability. In addition to garrisoning units, deep strike units may be purchased at your stronghold. These can be called in to help when attacking any province but strongholds. Deep Strike units can not be used for defence. Note that units must be purchased by reinforcing your own HQ, which will have a "Deep Strike" tab in addition to the normal units and buildings tab. Purchasing Deep Strike units is more expensive than Honor Guard or garrison equivalents. Deep Strike units are not automatically deployed; they must be enabled for each attack.
SS ability icon population growth.jpg Rockclaw Mountains Orks - Grants Fast Population Growth ability. Provides a 33% chance to get a free garrison unit in a random province every turn. The weakest garrison units are added first.
SS ability icon resource bonus.jpg Forgotten Isles - Grants a Resource Bonus. Start each battle with a 10% increase in starting resources. Stacks with the other Resource Bonus.
SS ability icon tau gun.jpg Nan Yanoi Tau - Grants Ar'Ka Cannon ability. Before attacking a province the massive Ar'Ka Cannon fires at it, giving a chance to reduce the strength of the garrison force by 1. This ability currently does not work properly.

Kaurava III

SS ability icon roadway seeds.jpg Upper Wastes Eldar - Grants Fleet March ability. Make one move of up to 3 spaces or attack a territory up to three space away once per turn. Extra movement must be through friendly territories, as you may NOT make multiple attacks.
SS ability icon resurrection.jpg Coastal Imossa (Necron) - Grants Troop Recovery ability. Provides a 33% chance per turn to recover Honor Guard defeated in battle for free, rather than having to be repurchased.
SS ability icon resource bonus.jpg Broken Lands - Grants a Resource Bonus. Start each battle with a 10% increase in starting resources. Stacks with the other Resource Bonus.

Kaurava IV

SS ability icon ignore supplylines.jpg Peninsula of Iseult Chaos - Grants Ignore Supply lines ability. Broken supply lines have no penalty.
SS ability icon warp gate.jpg Lacunae (Dark Eldar) - Grants Ancient Gate Raiding ability. Can move from one Ancient Gate to any other, rather than just the two it is linked to. If you do not control the destination Ancient Gate you must still fight for control of it. The Dark Eldar stronghold is also a special Ancient Gate and is only accessible via other Ancient Gates to the controller. This allows the Dark Eldar to initially attack any planet.


When defending a province, you do not start with your commander or have the aid of your Honor Guard unless your commander is in (cannot be next to like in Dark Crusade) the province being attacked on the metamap. You may use your commander once you have built them at the appropriate building. Commanders no longer engage in dialog with each other during most stronghold missions, only certain pairings have banter (e.g. Dark Eldar attacking Eldar).


The requirements for obtaining Wargear are exactly identical to the requirements from Dark Crusade (see above). Returning races' commanders have similar Wargear that are mostly renamed versions, but a few pieces have new functions and new appearences.

Honor Guard

Honor Guard in Soulstorm function roughly the same as Honor Guard in Dark Crusade. Ancient Gate provinces do not award Honor Guard. Several bugs exist, the known ones are reported below.

  • The Sisters of Battle's Immolator Honor Guard is currently bugged and takes up vehicle cap.
  • The Sisters of Battle's Confessor Honor Guard prevents production of the standard Confessor while alive.
  • The Eldar Harlequin Honor Guard is currently bugged and takes up infantry cap.
  • The Space Marine Grey Knight Honor Guard is currently bugged and takes up infantry cap.
  • The Chaos Possessed Honor Guard is currently bugged and takes up infantry cap.
  • The Tau Broadside Battlesuit Honor Guard is currently bugged and takes up infantry cap.
  • Beating the Imperial Guard Stronghold results in all Honor Guard needing to be repurchased.

Dawn of War Single Player Units

Dawn of War Single Player Units
Dawn of War
Gabriel Angelos Isador Akios Mordecai Toth Carus Brom Orkamungus Macha Bale Sindri Myr
Winter Assault
Chaplain Varnus General Sturnn Warlord Gorgutz Farseer Taldeer Lord Crull
Dark Crusade
Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons
Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle

The Dawn of War Player's Guide

The Dawn of War Player's Guide - Thought of the day: Knowledge is power, guard it well.
Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle



Scout Marine Squad

Space Marine Squad

Assault Marine Squad

Grey Knights

Terminator Squad

Assault Terminator Squad

Skull Probe


Force Commander





Cultist Squad

Chaos Space Marine Squad

Raptor Squad

Khorne Berzerker Squad

Horror Squad

Possessed Squad


Chaos Lord

Chaos Sorcerer

Daemon Prince




Guardian Squad

Ranger Squad

Howling Banshee Squad

Dark Reaper Squad

Fire Dragon Squad

Warp Spider Squad



Seer Council

Avatar of Khaine



Slugga Boy Squad

Shoota Boy Squad



Nobz Squad

Flash Gitz

Mega Armoured Nobz

Mad Dok

Big Mek



Techpriest Enginseer

Guardsmen Squad

Heavy Weapons Team



Command Squad




Vindicare Assassin


Earth Caste Builder

XV15 Stealth Team

Vespid Stingwing Strain

Fire Warrior Team

Kroot Carnivores

Kroot Shaper

Pathfinder Team

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

Kroot Hound Pack

Tau Commander


Shas'Ui Bodyguard


Builder Scarabs

Necron Warriors


Flayed Ones



Necron Lord

Essence of the Nightbringer

Essence of the Deceiver


Tortured Slave

Mandrake Squad

Warrior Squad

Hellion Squad

Scourge Squad

Wych Squad

Warp Beast Pack




Ecclesiarchal Servitor


Battle Sister Squad

Seraphim Squad

Celestian Squad

Death-Cult Assassin

Sister Repentia Squad


Avenging Angel


Living Saint

Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle



Land Speeder


Hellfire Dreadnought

Land Speeder Tempest



Land Raider


Chaos Rhino


Chaos Predator

Hell Talon


Falcon Grav Tank




Shuriken Grav Platform

Brightlance Grav Platform

Fire Prism




Killa Kan


Looted Tank







Marauder Bomber

Leman Russ



Devilfish Troop Carrier

Skyray Missile Gunship

Drone Squad

Drone Harbinger


Hammerhead Gunship


Greater Knarloc


Tomb Spyder

Attack Scarabs


Heavy Destroyer

Lord Destroyer

Restored Monolith


Reaver Jetbike





Dais of Destruction


Rhino Transport


Lightning Fighter


Penitent Engine

Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle



Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator



Machine Cult

Sacred Artifact

Orbital Relay

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Desecrated Stronghold

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Chaos Temple

Chaos Armoury

Sacrificial Circle

Machine Pit

Daemon Pit

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Webway Assembly

Listening Shrine

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Webway Gate

Aspect Portal

Soul Shrine

Support Portal

Support Platform

Mine Field



Da Listenin' Post


Bigga Generator

Waaagh! Banner

Da Boyz Hut

Pile O Gunz!

Da Mek Shop

Mine Field


Field Command

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Infantry Command

Tactica Control

Mechanized Command

Mars Pattern Command

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Cadre Headquarters

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Tau Barracks

Path to Enlightenment

Kroot Shaping Center

Vehicle Beacon

Kauyon Command Post

Mont'ka Command Post

Coalition Center


Dormant Monolith


Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Summoning Core

Forbidden Archive

Greater Summoning Core

Energy Core

Gauss Turret


Kabal Fortress

Tower of Loathing

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Slave Chamber

Hall of Blood

Haemonculus' Laboratory

Dark Foundry

Wych-Cult Arena

Soul Cage


Ecclesiarchal Chapel

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Adepta Sororitas Convent

Pristine Sanctuary


Holy Reliquary

Shrine of the Living Saint

Inferno Turret

Purgatus Mine Field