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Dark Crusade Quotes

Against Space Marines

Opening Cutscene:

  • Captain Thule: The enemy is at our doorstep and thinks he can push us off this world. He is already gloating. He can taste his victory.
  • Captain Thule: But what he fails to see is that we will make this his last meal.
  • Captain Thule: The chief Librarian has ordered the purge of this world to protect our chapters secrets. Are we to retreat with our duty unfufiled?
  • Captain Thule: Are we to let a black mark stain the banner of the Blood Ravens?
  • Captain Thule: I say that we will not! I say our enemies will regret the day they ever decided to face us in battle!
  • Captain Thule: (An attacking squad is hit by orbital bombardment) Our battle barge orbits overhead and will rain the Emperor's holy fury upon our opponents.
  • Captain Thule: (A Thunderhawk gunship lands to reinforce the Space Marines) More of our brothers will come to join the fight but as ever our enemy outnumbers us. Each of you must be an army in your own right!
  • Captain Thule: Veterans of the First Company the finest of our entire chapter stand with us. Let their valour guide your fire into the enemy's heart!
  • Captain Thule: Remember that we are Blood Ravens. We have all sworn to protect fonts of hidden knowledge. Each one of us must fall before handing this world to the enemy.
  • Captain Thule: The Emperor is with us. The unknown Primarch is with us.
  • Captain Thule: They have come for our blood but they will Drown in their own!

Closing cutscene

  • Captain Thule: (lying on the ground dying) No....we cannot fail.
  • <The Space Marines make a final stand against your attack forces>
  • Apothecary: The geneseed must be preserved. Get Captain Thule to the Thunderhawk.
  • Space Marine: Understood.
  • Space Marine: Join them, Brother Apothecary. We will cover your escape.
  • Apothecary: And you?
  • Space Marine: We cannot allow the enemy to claim our relics. This area must be cleansed with orbital fire.
  • Apothecary: The chapter will honor you, Brother.
  • Space Marine: There is no honor to be had in defeat but someone must deliver the targeting beacon.
  • <The Thunderhawk takes off>
  • <One of the Blood ravens has placed the beacon>
  • Space Marine: Battle control, lock onto this beacon and fire full power.
  • <The Blood Raven fleet starts to bombard the location destroying anything unfortunate enough to be caught in it>

As Tau

  • Shas'O Kais: Surrender, human. If not for you, then for the Greater Good.
  • Captain Thule: The Greater Good is coming to you from my bolter, alien!
  • Shas'O Kais: Do the deaths of your soldiers mean so little to you? Are you that mad?
  • Captain Thule: Do the deaths of yours mean so much to you, alien? Are you that weak?

  • Captain Thule(Upon losing the relic): You will not squelch our faith so easily, alien.
  • Shas'O Kais: The Tau Empire will respect your faith, human, if you would only see reason.
  • Captain Thule: Our faith is in the Emperor of Man, alien. To bow to you is heresy.
  • Shas'O Kais: Then you follow the path to destruction.
  • Captain Thule: Better destruction than bondage.
  • Shas'O Kais: So says the slave to the free man.

  • Shas'O Kais(when the castellum is attacked): You should have surrendered, gue'la. Now it is too late.
  • Captain Thule: Come on, then! Your death awaits!

As Chaos

  • Captain Thule: We don't fear you, heretic.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: I should hope not, Captain. Fearless foes are much more satisfying.
  • Captain Thule: The only satisfaction we'll give you is a quick death.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: And now you tire me, Captain. I've heard far too much empty boasting already.
  • Captain Thule: Come on, then, if you think our boasts are empty.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Patience, Captain. I will kill you all in good time.

  • Captain Thule(Upon losing the relic): You won’t hold that for long, daemon-spawn!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Daemon-spawn? One so hopelessly ignorant of his origins should not be so quick to insult another’s parentage, brother.
  • Captain Thule: We are not brothers, heretic.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: *laughs* Of course not. My mistake.

  • Captain Thule(when the castellum is attacked): We fight to the last man, my brothers! This fortress shall not fall!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Such inspiring courage! Perhaps we’ll mount your corpse on a golden chair and make an idol out of you as well.
  • Captain Thule: You pile heresy upon heresy, traitor. How could the Emperor have ever trusted trash like you?
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Wonder instead how we ever could have trusted one such as him, brother.

As Eldar

  • Captain Thule: Go back to the shadows, Eldar. You can’t win here.
  • Farseer Taldeer: I have already seen our victory, human. You simply delay the inevitable.
  • Captain Thule: The Blood Ravens have never bowed before destiny or fate, and we won’t start now. The Emperor calls and we serve.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Seeing virtue in idiocy is the prerogative of the young.

  • Captain Thule(Upon losing the relic): Alien witch! You despoil our chapel with your presence.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Your Emperor is an illusion, human. I cannot blaspheme against something that isn’t divine.
  • Captain Thule: You dare…!
  • Farseer Taldeer: Unless, of course, you pray to something else altogether from this ruined temple.
  • Captain Thule: We will send you back to your Craftworld in a tomb!
  • Farseer Taldeer: I’ve known my death for ten of your lifetimes, captain. Don’t think to scare me with it.

  • Captain Thule(when the castellum is attacked): The Blood Ravens will not be driven back by one such as you.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Take solace at least in facing defeat at the hands of your betters. There is no ignominy in that.
  • Captain Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien, certainly not on this forsaken world. All we have seen here are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum.
  • Farseer Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror, then.

As Imperial Guard

  • Governor-Militant Alexander: This misguided purge of yours must end, Captain Thule. Segmentum Command has ordered this regiment to return Kronus to the Imperium. Withdraw your Space Marines before it is too late.
  • Captain Thule: I have my orders as well, General. The Blood Ravens must purge this world for the sake of the chapter and the Imperium. We cannot withdraw.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Your loyalty to your chapter does you credit, Captain, but it will not stop me from carrying out my orders.

  • Captain Thule(Upon losing the relic): You tread in places for which you are unprepared, General.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: I am quite comfortable in a chapel of the God Emperor, Captain. But perhaps you are not ?
  • Captain Thule: I serve the Emperor in all things.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Then withdraw, for His sake. There has been too much Imperial blood spilled already.
  • Captain Thule: The Blood Ravens will not retreat, General.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: So be it, then.

  • Governor-Militant Alexander(when the castellum is attacked): Surrender now, Captain. Your Space Marines are beaten. You only delay the inevitable.
  • Captain Thule: It is not in my nature to disregard the orders of my superiors, General.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Then for pity's sake, obey me when I order you to stand down.
  • Captain Thule: You have no authority over the Blood Ravens, General. We answer to our chapter and to our Emperor alone.

As Orks

  • Captain Thule: Your green tide stops here, Ork! You’ll find only death here.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: I likes that kind ‘a talk, humie. I still gotz room on me stick fer yer ‘ead.
  • Captain Thule: And I have room for you under my boot, alien.
  • Captain Thule: Blood Ravens, attack!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Hah! Dis iz gonna be fun.

  • Captain Thule(Upon losing the relic): You defile all that you touch, Ork!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: If'n you liked dis thing so much, humie, you shoulda kept it safe instead of leaving it out 'ere. Now it belongs to da Orks!

  • Warlord Gorgutz(when the castellum is attacked): I'm comin' fer yer 'ead, humie!
  • Captain Thule: Come on, then! You'll see what the best of the chapter has to offer your kind.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: You sure do like to yammer, don't ya humie?
  • Captain Thule: We'll fight to the last man!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: O, shut yer maw an' die, already!

As Necrons

  • Macabee(Upon arrival): Death has come for you, Space Marines.
  • Captain Thule: We are the Emperor’s finest. We won’t fall to you, alien!
  • Macabee: Your end is inevitable. Submit and spare yourselves the pain of living.

  • Captain Thule(Upon losing the relic): We will drive you from there, Necrons!
  • Macabee: You will only follow your Emperor into death.
  • Captain Thule: The Emperor protects us. We will not fall.
  • Macabee: You will.

  • Captain Thule(when the castellum is attacked): This fight isn’t over yet!
  • Macabee: But your life is.

Against Imperial Guard

Opening Cutscene

  • Governor-Militant Alexander (to a group of soldiers at attention): Fifth Company, this is the moment of truth. You will not fear. You will not falter. You will not give a single step to the enemy.
  • Soldier: But Sir...
  • <Company Commisar shoots him dead>
  • Company Commisar: If you will not serve in combat, then you will serve on the firing line!
  • Governor-Militant Alexander (on loudspeaker): Enemies of the Imperium, hear me. You have come here to die. The Immortal Emperor is with us, and we are invincible.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: His soldiers will strike you down.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: His war machines will crush you under their treads.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: His mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you. You cannot win.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: The Emperor has given us his greatest weapon to wield. So make yourselves ready. We are the First Kronus Regiment, and today is our Victory Day!

Closing cutscene

  • <The Imperial guard make a final futile stand against your advancing forces>
  • Captain Vash: The command post is gone! We can't hold them back much longer!
  • Captain Vash: We can't allow the titan cannon to fall into their hands! Overload the core!
  • <The Techpriest goes towards the cannon>
  • Techpriest: For the Emperor!
  • <The cannon is overloaded and explodes taking down anything caught in the radius>

As Chaos

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: What a rousing little speech, Governor. Unfortunately, your false Emperor cannot touch us here.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Ridding the Imperium of filth like you will be a pleasure.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Oh, I assure you, the pleasure will be all mine.

  • Eliphas the Inheritor(when Anton Gebbet is killed): Your commissar is dead, Governor. Your men are rebelling. You can't hold for long.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: You'll pay for each death, heretic. You haven't beaten us yet.

  • Eliphas the Inheritor(when the main base is attacked): The False Emperor has failed you again, Governor. Perhaps it's time to embrace a new deity?
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Never! The Emperor protects.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Oh, we'll soon see how well he protects you.

As Space Marines

  • Captain Thule: General Alexander! This is your last chance. We purge this world under the authority of the Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens. Withdraw your men to orbit and our conflict can still end peacefully.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: I have the utmost respect for the Emperor's Space Marines and their millennia of service, Captain Thule, but my orders are explicit and come directly from Segmentum Command. I cannot withdraw.
  • Captain Thule: Then the time for talk is over.

  • Captain Thule(when Anton Gebbet is killed): Commissar Gebbet has fallen, General, and your soldiers are in open revolt. Surely you can see the end is at hand.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: The blood of the Emperor's servants is on your hands, Space Marine!

  • Governor-Militant Alexander(when the main base is attacked): These Space Marines are gripped by madness, men! They fight against the Emperor's holy will!
  • Captain Thule: I will not be called a traitor, General!
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: You haven't silenced me yet, Blood Raven.

As Eldar

  • Farseer Taldeer: Your bravado is tiresome and predictable, human. I am not the one fated to die on this day.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: I don't believe in fate, witch. My Emperor and my men are all I need to defeat you.

  • Governor-Militant Alexander(when Anton Gebbet is killed): Commissar, come in!
  • Farseer Taldeer: Your Commissar has left this plane, human.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: I'll see you dead for that, Eldar.

  • Farseer Taldeer(when the main base is attacked): There is their final bastion! We must take it for the Craftworld!
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: No alien leaves here alive, men! Open fire!
  • Farseer Taldeer: Bark all you wish, human. Your end is at hand.

As Tau

  • Shas'o Kais: It would serve the Greater Good if you would lay down arms, human. This planet shall be returned to the Tau Empire as is proper.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: You have no claim to this city or this world, alien.

  • Shas'o Kais(when Anton Gebbet is killed): Your political officer could not see reason, human, but it is not too late for you to spare your men further suffering.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Every soldier of the Imperium will gladly lay down his life to stop you.

  • Governor-Militant Alexander(when the main base is attacked): The aliens are at the gates, men! Drive them back!
  • Shas'o Kais: Your men have fought well, human, but your end is upon you.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Never!

As Orks

  • Warlord Gorgutz: Do ya always yap so much, humie?
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: You've come here to die, alien!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Guess so.

  • Warlord Gorgutz(when Anton Gebbet is killed): I liked dat Kommissar's hat. Too bad it blew up with his 'ead!
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: That's one more soul that'll be avenged when you die, beast!

  • Warlord Gorgutz(when the main base is attacked): 'Ere we come, humie! 'ope you weren't bored waitin'.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: The orks are in the citadel! Drive them back!

As Necrons

  • Macabee: Death has come for you at last.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: The Necrons are here! Drive them back to their tombs, men!
  • Macabee: It is your men who go to their tombs, Governor.

  • Governor-Militant Alexander(when Anton Gebbet is killed): Commissar, come in!
  • Macabee: We have purged your bootlick, Governor. You will be next.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Damn you, monster!

  • Macabee(when the main base is attacked): The Nightbringer has come for you, Governor.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Hold the line, men! Push these metal monsters back to the hell they crawled out of!
  • Macabee: So much fear. So much noise.

Against Tau

Opening cutscene

  • Aun'el Shi O'res:O'Kais, are the troops ready?
  • Shas O'Kais: Yes, Aun'el.
  • Shas O'Kais: The earth caste is completing construction of the Mont'ka command post. Our armoured units are ready to deliver the killing blow.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: And our Kroot allies?
  • Shas O'Kais: Also ready, Aun'el. The Kauyon command post in the Kroot's city quarter is prepared and the shapers have readied the finest of their warriors.
  • (Tau stealth teams start to take position)
  • Shas O'Kais: Stealth teams are taking position across the city. Ready to strike where the enemy is weak.
  • <Several of your squads come under heavy fire from fire warriors and battle suits>
  • Shas O'Kais: Strike teams of fire warriors and Kroot teams will defend the streets and meet the enemy head on.
  • <Kroot squads ambush your squads under fire from the fire warriors and battle suits>
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Excellent commander , patch me through to the troops please.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: (On loud speaker) Soldiers of the fire caste , Kroot and Vespid allies! Today , we stand as a bulwark against the selfish , the souless and the mad!
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Today we must drive our enemies from our city and our world!
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Today , more than ever before. We fight for the greater good! And we will triumph!

Closing cutscene

  • (Aun'el Shi O'res and his fire warrior body guard are gunned down by your forces)
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: (Dying) All is lost.
  • <Shas O'Kais and two battle suits jump in where the ethereal was killed>
  • Fire warrior: Aun'el is dead, we cannot win.
  • Shas O'Kais: Fall back ,now.
  • <Shas O'Kais and the battle suits take off with the Ethereal's body>
  • <Your forces continue to kill the Tau they can find>
  • Shas O'Kais: All forces evacuate the city.
  • Shas O'Kais: We will return Aun'el to T'au for burial.
  • Shas O'Kais: There is nothing left for us here.
  • <O'Kais and the remaining tau leave by Orca drop ships>

As Chaos

  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Your mad crusade must end, sorcerer.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: The only madness is in failing to see the power of Chaos.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: I see only a deluded tyrant.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Then, by all means, allow me to show you the truth.

  • Shas'o Kais(when nearing Unity Plaza): Protect the communications array. Deploy additional forces to Unity Plaza.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Is that fear I hear, alien? I will take your precious tower from you, then.

  • Eliphas the Inheritor(when the main base is attacked): There you are, alien. Your time has come.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: I do not fear you, human. We fight for the Greater Good.
  • Shas'o Kais: Fire Warriors, beat these madmen back! Protect Aun'el at all costs!
  • Shas'o Kais: They're inside the citadel! Crisis suits, attack!

As Eldar

  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Eldar, your attack against us is ill conceived.
  • Farseer Taldeer: I choose the path of war because it is the only one left to me, Aun'el Shi O'res of T'au.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: War against the Greater Good is never justified.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Naïve child.

  • Farseer Taldeer(when nearing Unity Plaza): A communications array. Capture it and our hidden enemies will reveal themselves to us.
  • Shas'o Kais: You won't take Unity Plaza so easily, El'dar.
  • Farseer Taldeer: I long ago surrendered hope of anything being easy, Commander. Still, we shall prevail this day.

  • Farseer Taldeer(when the main base is attacked): Your fated time has arrived, Aun'el Shi'ores of T'au.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: The fates have not spoken yet, Taldeer.
  • Shas'o Kais: Fire Warriors, beat these El'dar back! Protect Aun'el at all costs!

As Orks

  • Aun'el Shi O'res: You are an affront to the Greater Good, Ork.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Ya callin’ me names, Greyskin? Me boyz are gonna hafta teach ya some manners.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Typical. O’Kais, eliminate this pest.
  • Shas'o Kais: Gladly, Aun’el.

  • Shas'o Kais(when nearing Unity Plaza): The Orks have reached Unity Plaza. Protect the main communications array!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Oy! Sounds like we should get hold o' dat tower, boyz!

  • Warlord Gorgutz(when the main base is attacked): Dere you are! C'mere so I can kill ya!
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: You are a plague on the Greater Good, Ork.
  • Shas'o Kais: Fire Warriors, beat these barbarians back! Protect Aun'el at all costs!

As Necrons

  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Return to the graves that spawned you, monsters.
  • Macabee: Gladly, but first we must help you to yours.

  • Shas'o Kais(when nearing Unity Plaza): The Necrons have made it to Unity Plaza, drive them back before they disrupt communications.

  • Fire Warrior(when the main base is attacked): Commander, the Necrons have found Aun'el!
  • Shas'o Kais: Fire Warriors, beat these horrors back! Protect Aun'el at all costs!
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: These creatures have no soul at all.

As Imperial Guard

  • Governor-Militant Alexander: We reclaim this city for the Immortal God-Emperor of Man!
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: We have no interest in bowing to your tyrant, invader.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Then you must die, alien.

  • Governor-Militant Alexander(when nearing Unity Plaza): Emperor be praised! Capture that communications tower, men, so we can deal with these damnable snipers!
  • Shas'o Kais: Strike teams, deploy to Unity Plaza. Defend that tower.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Cut through them, men! For the Emperor!

  • Governor-Militant Alexander(when the main base is attacked): That's their deviant leader! Kill him and the day is ours!
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: You will not find victory so easy, tyrant.
  • Shas'o Kais: Fire Warriors, beat these humans back! Protect Aun'el at all costs!

As Space Marines

  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Your Emperor does not rule here, human.
  • Captain Thule: The Emperor rules all, alien. You'll learn that soon enough.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: You have nothing to teach me, zealot.

  • Captain Thule(when nearing Unity Plaza): Brothers! We have located their communications tower. Take it for the chapter.
  • Shas'o Kais: Strike teams, deploy to Unity Plaza. Defend that tower.

  • Captain Thule: Target spotted! Eliminate that Xeno, brothers!
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Your murderous ways condemn you to barbarity, Space Marine.
  • Shas'o Kais: Fire Warriors, beat these humans back! Protect Aun'el at all costs!

Against Orks

'Opening cutscene'

  • <The ork camp is shown>
  • Warlord Gorgutz: You think ya can sneak about without me boyz seein' ya?
  • <A soldier from your army is killed by Gorgutz>
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Ya think ya can come for me 'ead!?
  • Mega Armoured Nob: Orks iz never beaten in battle.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Shut it , ya grot! The rest of 'em are comin' and we gots to be ready.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Tell the boys dere's some killin' to do!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: I made them big bannerz to remind da clans that they better keep dere boyz in line.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: I don't want no squig heads lookin' to fight me when the enemy's right here.
  • Mega Armoured Nob: (Intimidates several Orks with shooting and melee) Gorgutz iz da warboss , got it ya mucksuckers?
  • Mega Armoured Nob: This voicy box let's 'im talk to ya so open yer ears!
  • Warlord Gorgutz:(on loudspeaker) Listen up ya grots an' squigs!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Dey'z comin' for us like we some kind a humie gitz. But we ain't. We'ze da orks and dis here is gonna be one great fight!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: So get your choppas and shootas ready boyz , cos dere's some killin' to do!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Headcrushas you ready?
  • Headcrushas: WAAAGH!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Footstompas. Yer squiggoths an' such ready?
  • Footstompas: WAAAGH!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Burna Boyz you wanna fight?
  • Burna Boyz: WAAAGH!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Rokkit Rangerz, you in it or what?
  • Rokkit Rangerz: WAAAGH!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: An' what about you'ze Quickmekz? You gonna let all da other runtz get all the good fightin' done?
  • Quickmekz: WAAAGH!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: (Now speaking without the loudspeaker) Dat'z right! We gonna crush 'em all. Dis here is a right 'an proper.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: WAAAGH!
  • Orks: WAAAGH!

'The first of the clans start to rebel'

  • Rebel Ork: Gorgutz ain't so tough! Get 'im!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Ain't no grot lovers gonna leave me Waaagh! Chop 'em up boyz!
  • Ork Nob: Boss da headcrushas iz rebellin'!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: I can see dat ya squig farmer! Shut yer yap and get back ta killin'!
  • Ork Nob: But killin' who boss?

'Closing cutscene'

  • <Your sides soldiers attack Gorgutz' ork forces>
  • Warlord Gorgutz: You ain't got me yet!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Got me one more surprize for ya!
  • Ork Nob: Um, Boss? We'ze gettin' shot up.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Ain't you da master of da obvious? Use da splosives!
  • Ork Nob: Da what?
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Da bomb ya git, da bomb!
  • <The bomb goes off taking down most of your attack force while Gorgutz and The ork nob manage to escape>
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Always have yer tunnels dug an' ready.
  • Ork Nob: You'ze sure iz smart boss
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Shut it ya git! I got me a whole Waaagh! to rebuild. Now get me da Gork offa dis here planet!

As Chaos

  • Warlord Gorgutz: You bring yer biggest Chaoz Boyz ‘r what? I don’t want to waste no time on yer little runts.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Your time is the last thing I wish to waste, alien.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Then quit yer yappin’ and get to fightin’.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Enjoy your last moments of bravado, Ork.

  • Warlord Gorgutz: Took ya long enough to get to me, didn’t it?
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Chaos moves at its own pace, alien, not yours.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: How bout dying? Do you do that any faster? I gots to plan da rest of me day…
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Ah, I will miss this banter once you are dead, Ork.

As Necrons

  • Macabee: Death has arrived. We come for you.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Death? You look more like a humie who needs some feedin’, metal-boy.
  • Macabee: We exterminated all life on this planet once before and we will do so again.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Dat was before my Waaagh! got ‘ere. Now, we’s the ones doin’ the sterminatin’.

  • Warlord Gorgutz: Metal boyz! That’ll go all nice on me pointy stick. Kill ‘em, lads!
  • Macabee: We are your end, alien.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: If ya mean the end of me pointy stick, I’m right there wiff ya. Hah!
  • Macabee: Your bravado will not save you.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: You jus’ keep on talkin’, humie. I’ll get to ya soon enuff.

As Eldar

  • Warlord Gorgutz: You Eldar are startin’ to be a real pain, ya know that?
  • Farseer Taldeer: Our task here is too important to let one such as you derail it.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Hunh? Did you say somethin’, Eldar? I couldn’t hear for all that hot air youz blowin’.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Your infantilism is boundless, Ork.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: And she still won’t shut it!

  • Warlord Gorgutz: Nuff o’ yer sneakin’ about, Eldar. Let’s see if I can get me some o’ yer pointy skulls for me stick.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Your ill-begotten invasion ends now, Ork.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: I’ll be what’in, now? You Eldars is mighty proud of yer big words, you know.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Knowledge brings power with it, barbarian.

As Imperial Guard

  • Warlord Gorgutz: What? More humies? Got me enough of them skullz already!
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: The Kronus Liberators will push you from this world, alien scum!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: You got some Ogryn with you, humie? At least they don’t break as easy as the rest of you lot!
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Kronus Liberators! Attack!

  • Governor-Militant Alexander: The alien’s base. We have him, Liberators!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Come on, then, humie. Let’s see whatcha got.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: What I have is your death, alien.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Yer not the first to think dey got me, humie. Let’s see if ya can live up to yer yammerin’.

As Space Marines

  • Warlord Gorgutz: Oy, humies! Yer in Ork lands now. Hope you ain’t too ‘tached to yer ‘eads.
  • Captain Thule: Yell and gnash all you want, alien. The Blood Ravens are here to finish you off.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: A humie with some spirit! Yer ‘ead’s gonna be mine!
  • Captain Thule: You'll meet my bolter first, filth!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Hah! I like tha’ way you think, humie. Dis is gonna be fun!

  • Captain Thule: Marines! There’s the enemy’s camp. Attack!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: More humies to kill. Get to it boyz!
  • Captain Thule: It’s time for you to meet your misbegotten maker, Ork.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: I made meself, humie. An’ I’m gonna un-make you!

As Tau

  • Shas'O Kais: Ork! You don’t have a chance. Surrender for the Greater Good.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: You don’t know much about Orks, do ya, greyskin?
  • Shas'O Kais: I’ve given you your chance. The time for talk is over.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Now, yer seein’ things my way, greyskin. Shut yer yap and get to fightin’!

  • Warlord Gorgutz: C’mon, greyskin! I need yer skull for me pointy stick!
  • Shas'O Kais: Don’t you see that your defeat is inevitable, Ork? You cannot hope to win.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: How ‘bout you shuttin' yer yap and getting over here so I’s can chop ya? Can I hope fer that?
  • Shas'O Kais: Barbarian.

Against Chaos

Opening Cutscene

  • Chaos Sorceror: With the thirty-seven keys of Tzeentch, we open the way for our brothers.
  • Chaos Sorceror: With the thousand whispers of Slaanesh, we call to them.
  • Chaos Sorceror: With the twelve plagues of Nurgle, we fell their enemies.
  • Chaos Sorceror: And with the mighty axe of Khorne, we cut open the world for them!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Yes. Come forth to bear the word of Chaos!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Hear my warnings, unbelievers. Carried to your minds by the power of the Prince of Excess himself.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: We have raised altars in this land so that we may sacrifice you to our gods.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Veterans of ten millenia of unholy war wait to grind you beneath the treads of their mighty boots.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: The chosen of Khorne hunger to add you to their bloody tally.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: The Blood God himself has marked this land, and will claim your skulls for his throne.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: There is no hope in opposing the inevitable.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Put down your arms, unbelievers, and bow before the forces of Chaos Undivided.

Closing cutscene

  • Eliphias the Inheritor: They reject the Word of Chaos, my lord. The faithful here are not strong enough.
  • Daemon Prince: It is a poor shepherd who blames his flock, Apostle. This failure is yours and yours alone!
  • Eliphias the Inheritor: (firing his plasma pistol at the daemon prince) No! I will not go to the basilica of torments again!
  • Daemon Prince: Fear not, Apostle. The basilica is reserved for those who may redeem themselves.
  • Eliphias the Inheritor: No....No! (The daemon prince has casted a spell to destroy Eliphias)
  • Daemon Prince: You will have no such chance.

<Eliphias lifts into the air and explode in viscrea of blood>

As Tau

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Alien, you come here to your doom.
  • Shas'O Kais: I've got a buzzing in my comms. Switching channels.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: I am no static, alien, I am... Alien? Do you hear me?
  • Shas'O Kais: Fire Warriors, move forward. I want these Gue'la maniacs eliminated.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: You come to your death, Tau.
  • Shas'O Kais: And shut down that comm chatter!

As Orks

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Your blood will serve as any other, alien.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Whatcha doin' in me 'ead? Get outta dere!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Gladly. Yours is not the refined soul I wish to drink from.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Ere I come, Chaos boyz!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Your subtlety astounds me, Ork.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Gets outta my 'ead I said!

As Necrons

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Soulless automatons. You cannot prevail against Chaos.
  • Necron Lord of Kronus: <whispers>
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: It... your soul is gone... I will destroy you!

As Eldar

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Your blood will serve as any other, alien.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Your whispers will not drive me from my destined course, Eliphas.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Oh, I certainly hope not. It is your destiny that has brought you to me.

As Imperial Guard

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Ah, welcome to Deimos, Governor Alexander.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Sweet Emperor! His foul voice is in my very head. Get me a Psyker immediately.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Your emasculated telepaths cannot protect you here, Governor.

As Space Marines

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Welcome, Captain. Have you seen the truth at last?
  • Captain Thule: I won't listen to your lies, heretic!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Then I won't lie to you, brother. You've been lied to enough...

Against Necrons

Opening Cutscene

  • <Weak unit of your race running in terror and killed>
  • Macabee: Our lucky creatures. At long last you have found the tranquillity of death.
  • Macabee: I was like you, once, clinging to life and blind to the truth.
  • Macabee: When I uncovered the truth, I too shuddered and paled with fear.
  • Macabee: Deep in these catacombs, I was remade. Here, my brethren slumbered for eons while the living grew like weeds.
  • Macabee: My Lord knew this day would come. He had plans for all of us. We would purge this world once more.
  • Macabee: So come, poor victims of life. We will grant you tranquillity in these crypts.
  • Macabee: Kronus will be a Tomb World once more.
  • <Standard infantry pass by a tunnel and soon become overrun>
  • Macabee: You have penetrated but the very surface of our catacombs. More and more of us rise from the depths with every passing moment.

Closing Cutscene

  • <Necron Lord tries to resurrect the dead army>
  • Macabee: Bring them back, my Lord. The living are escaping...
  • <Macabee approaches the crest of the pyramid and notices the explosive>
  • Macabee: My Lord! The living have--
  • <Entire catacomb is destroyed in the resulting explosion>

As Chaos

  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Hear me, Word Bearers! This day we destroy the hateful forces of the Star Gods.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Warp-blessed Amphion and Zethus have prepared a great device, blessed by Lord Tzeentch's might. With it we shall bring down these caverns and crush the Necrons!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: I will deliver this great artifact into the bowels of these caverns myself. Guard my advance and my withdrawal.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: I will not give these machines the satisfaction of my death.

As Tau

  • Aun'el Shi O'res: The Necrons are an offence to the Greater Good, Commander. We must destroy them here and now.
  • Shas'O Kais: I concur, Aun'el, and I have a plan. The Earth caste has discovered that these catacombs are unstable. If we can place a fusion bomb at the deepest point, we can bring the whole complex down on top of the Necrons.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: I see. The fate of this planet depends on your success, Commander.
  • Shas'O Kais: I understand. I will plant the charge myself.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: Very well. But this is no suicide mission, O'Kais. There are battles still to fight even if you succeed here.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: I expect you to survive this day, Commander.

As Orks

  • Ork Nob: I've gots yer bomb, Boss.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Gimme dat!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Okay, ya gits, lissen up. I'm gonna stuff dis here bomb down these Necron boyz throats. So lets get down there and get out right quick.

As Eldar

  • Farseer Taldeer: Is the distort weapon ready?
  • Harlequin: Yes, Farseer. Carry this weapon into the bowels of these catacombs and you may eliminate these Necrons once and for all.
  • Farseer Taldeer: I see great strife between now and then, Harlequin, but I shall not fail.
  • Harlequin: But Taldeer, it is too dangerous. Were you to fall to the enemy, we could not continue.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Then I shall not fall, Harlequin. I will live to fight another day.

As Imperial Guard

  • Sergeant: The Techpriests report that the plasma bomb is prepared, Governor. They have identified the most auspicious place for it as well.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Excellent. Prepare your men. We are delivering this device personally.
  • Sergeant: To die in battle is the highest honor, Governor.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: I have no intention to die here, sergeant. We still have a planet to free.

As Space Marines

  • Blood Raven: Captain. The Techmarines report that the plasma bomb is ready.
  • Captain Thule: Thank you, brother. We must now deliver it into the belly of these alien catacombs and bring the sky crashing down upon these Necrons.
  • Blood Raven: Though it may cost our lives, we will not fail the chapter.
  • Captain Thule: We fail if we give our lives needlessly, brother. To die in the chapter's service is praiseworthy, but not if it leaves us without the means to fight the battles to come.
  • Blood Raven: Your leadership is our most valuable resource, Captain. You above all must survive to continue the campaign.
  • Captain Thule: And so I will, brother.

Against Eldar

Opening cutscene

  • Harlequin: All is prepared.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Excellent. Exarch Rakanis, take your warp spiders to their positions and then return to the aspect shrine.
  • Exarch Rakanis: We are on our way.
  • <The Warp spiders teleport away>
  • Farseer Taldeer: You have doubts, Harlequin?
  • Harlequin: I trust in your vision, Taldeer of Ulthwe. But to stand surrounded by primitives makes me uneasy.
  • Farseer Taldeer: I understand your distaste, but Eldar rely on speed and stealth. We are not made for entrenched positions.
  • Farseer Taldeer: The Orks, however, make for excellent tools. They will keep the supply roads closed and our true enemies weak.
  • Harlequin: And if these attackers defeat the Orks?
  • Farseer Taldeer: I do not doubt they will overcome our 'cat's paws' but it will cost them. And in their weakened state they will face the Wailing Doom itself.
  • <Exarch Rakanis runs up to shrine to sacrifice himself to allow an Avatar to be born>
  • Farseer Taldeer: The seer council has named the Young King. Exarch Rakanis of the warp spider shrine shall sacrifice himself to awaken our most powerful warrior...
  • Farseer Taldeer: The Avatar of Khaine.
  • Avatar of Khaine: None shall escape my wrath!!

Closing cutscene

  • <The Eldar warpgates get destroyed by your forces>
  • Farseer Taldeer: The webway is closed to us now. We are trapped on this world.
  • Farseer Taldeer: The Avatar of Khaine has fallen.
  • <The Avatar is killed by one of your units>
  • Farseer Taldeer: Go, all of you. Find what refuge you can in the wilderness of this world.
  • Harlequin: Escape is still possible, farseer.
  • <Farseer Taldeer chooses to stay behind and suffer at the hands of your forces>
  • Farseer Taldeer: I do not deserve that title, harlequin. My vision has failed us all.
  • <A large group of your forces comes towards where Taldeer is>
  • Farseer Taldeer: My fate is here and I shall not flee from it.
  • <The rest of the Eldar use the falcon gravity tanks to escape>
  • <Your forces surround Taldeer and start attacking but depending on your faction she may be captured instead>

As Chaos

  • Berzerker: My Lord. The aliens are camped to the west!
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: Yes, and their Farseer is with them. If we take her, the rest will fall.

  • <The forward base comes under attack, the Eldar retreat and Chaos troops arive>
  • Schismatic Chaos Sorceror: Lord Eliphas of the Word Bearer Legion! Your forces will march for me once you lay slain.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: You truly think your tiny cult can overcome my Legion? The thousand years of torment I suffered will seem gentle when you receive your sentence at my hands.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor(Upon defeating the Sorceror): Ah, defectors from the renegade's forces. Serve me, and you may redeem yourselves before Chaos.

  • Harlequin: The bastion remains strong, Farseer, but the webway gates to your wraithship are vulnerable.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Our course is clear, then. Protect the gates at all costs. Without them, we may never escape this world. We must drive the attackers back.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor: I grow sick of the alien's trickery. We must trap them and finish them.
  • Sorceror: The auguries are clear, my lord. The Eldar have extended their webway to this world through three great gates at the crest of this mountain.
  • Sorceror: By dedicating the gates to the power of Chaos, we can trap the aliens here forever.
  • Farseer Taldeer: The enemy has taken a webway gate. Drive them back.
  • Farseer Taldeer: The wraithbone will never answer your call, outsider. Retreat now!
  • Farseer Taldeer: We cannot allow them to hold the gates for long. Show them no mercy, brothers and sisters!
  • Farseer Taldeer: Retake the gates or we shall never see the Craftworld again.

As Tau

  • Fire Warrior: Commander, we have located an Eldar mystic at a forward camp to the west.
  • Shas'O Kais: Aun'el has spoken of these mystics' wisdom. Surely she can be made to recognize the value in joining the Greater Good.

  • <The forward base comes under attack, the Eldar retreat and Chaos troops arive>
  • Shas'O Kais: A masterful feint by the Eldar. We need to clean out these humans before we can proceed.
  • Schismatic Chaos Sorceror: Alien scum! I will wipe this planet clean with you while that fool Eliphas only waits.

  • Harlequin: The bastion remains strong, Farseer, but the webway gates to your wraithship are vulnerable.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Our course is clear, then. Protect the gates at all costs. Without them, we may never escape this world. We must drive the attackers back.
  • Aun'el Shi O'res: O'Kais. The Earth caste has determined that the El'dar are utilizing these structures to transport their invasion force.
  • Shas'O Kais: We shall take them and trap their forces before they can escape. Then they will have no choice but to recognize the Greater Good.
  • <Taldeer's final quotes are identical to the ones in the above Chaos section.>

As Orks

  • Ork Nob: Boss! Dem puny Eldar makin' a base west o' 'ere. Da grots say one's wearin' dat big pointy hat you was talking about.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Pointy hat? Dats da Eldar boss! Get the boys together, we gonna go doff 'er up!

  • <The forward base comes under attack, the Eldar retreat and Chaos troops arive>
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Dis day is lookin' up! I gets ta kill me some Choas boyz too!
  • Schismatic Chaos Sorceror: Eldar trickery! So be it, I will kill you first, Ork, and then find that witch!
  • Warlord Gorgutz(Upon defeating the Sorceror): You lot, you was supposed to flank dem Chaos boyz. Yer late! Bah, never mind, fall in with us, we gots more thumpin' ta do.

  • Shoota Boy: Guess what, boss? Da Meks say dat dem Eldar 'ave got some of their gates on top a dat dere hill. If we take them gates, dey won't have no way ta get away.
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Hah! Dem sparky bits o' theirs is working after all!
  • <Taldeer's final quotes are identical to the ones in the above Chaos section.>

As Necrons

  • Farseer Taldeer: You have come for me, Necron, and I await.
  • Macabee: Finally, you accept the inevitable.

  • <The forward base comes under attack, the Eldar retreat and Chaos troops arive>
  • Macabee: Death will silence you, sorcerer.
  • Schismatic Chaos Sorceror: Necrons! The Eldar has tricked us. Destroy these mechanical monstrosities and then find me that alien witch!

  • Farseer Taldeer: Craftworld Ulthwé will never stop opposing you, Necron.
  • Macabee: The analysis of your technologies is complete, Eldar. We know you cannot escape this world without your webway gates. We will take them from you and then purge this world of your race.
  • <Taldeer's final quotes are identical to the ones in the above Chaos section.>

As Imperial Guard

  • Guardsman: The Eldar Farseer has been spotted to the west. She is vulnerable.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: Men. The witch Taldeer has taken a forward position. Strike quickly!

  • <The forward base comes under attack, the Eldar retreat and Chaos troops arive>
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: You're just a pawn in that Eldar witch's game, heretic. But we will dispatch you anyway.
  • Schismatic Chaos Sorceror: You will die just like the False Emperor you serve!

  • Guardsman: The Techpriest's analysis is complete, Governor. The aliens are utilizing three great gates to travel to this world. By sealing those gates we can trap them here forever.
  • Governor-Militant Alexander: And mop them up from there. Excellent.
  • <Taldeer's final quotes are identical to the ones in the above Chaos section.>

As Space Marines

  • Space Marine scout: Captain. We have discovered an Eldar forward encampment. The Farseer herself is there.
  • Captain Thule: In such an exposed location? With any luck, we may be able to eliminate the alien in one stroke.

  • <The forward base comes under attack, the Eldar retreat and Chaos troops arive>
  • Captain Thule: The Eldar witch is in league with Chaos. Strike quickly!
  • Schismatic Chaos Sorceror: You are as deluded as that fool Eliphas, Captain Thule. I will kill you first and then scourge any Eldar I can find.

  • Blood Raven: Captain. The main xeno encampment is at the top of the hill north of here.
  • Captain Thule: Excellent. We will wipe them out.
  • Captain Thule: The Eldar have prepared an escape, as is their cowardly nature. Three great webway gates stand near their base. But if we can capture them, we can trap them here once and for all.
  • <Taldeer's final quotes are identical to the ones in the above Chaos section.>

Dawn of War Single Player Units

Dawn of War Single Player Units
Dawn of War
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The Dawn of War Player's Guide

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XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

Kroot Hound Pack

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Necron Lord

Essence of the Nightbringer

Essence of the Deceiver


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Mandrake Squad

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Ecclesiarchal Servitor


Battle Sister Squad

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Celestian Squad

Death-Cult Assassin

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Avenging Angel


Living Saint

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Land Speeder


Hellfire Dreadnought

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Land Raider


Chaos Rhino


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Hell Talon


Falcon Grav Tank




Shuriken Grav Platform

Brightlance Grav Platform

Fire Prism




Killa Kan


Looted Tank







Marauder Bomber

Leman Russ



Devilfish Troop Carrier

Skyray Missile Gunship

Drone Squad

Drone Harbinger


Hammerhead Gunship


Greater Knarloc


Tomb Spyder

Attack Scarabs


Heavy Destroyer

Lord Destroyer

Restored Monolith


Reaver Jetbike





Dais of Destruction


Rhino Transport


Lightning Fighter


Penitent Engine

Space Marines Chaos Eldar Orks Imperial Guard Tau Necrons Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle



Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator



Machine Cult

Sacred Artifact

Orbital Relay

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Desecrated Stronghold

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Chaos Temple

Chaos Armoury

Sacrificial Circle

Machine Pit

Daemon Pit

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Webway Assembly

Listening Shrine

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Webway Gate

Aspect Portal

Soul Shrine

Support Portal

Support Platform

Mine Field



Da Listenin' Post


Bigga Generator

Waaagh! Banner

Da Boyz Hut

Pile O Gunz!

Da Mek Shop

Mine Field


Field Command

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Infantry Command

Tactica Control

Mechanized Command

Mars Pattern Command

Heavy Bolter Turret

Mine Field


Cadre Headquarters

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Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Tau Barracks

Path to Enlightenment

Kroot Shaping Center

Vehicle Beacon

Kauyon Command Post

Mont'ka Command Post

Coalition Center


Dormant Monolith


Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Summoning Core

Forbidden Archive

Greater Summoning Core

Energy Core

Gauss Turret


Kabal Fortress

Tower of Loathing

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Slave Chamber

Hall of Blood

Haemonculus' Laboratory

Dark Foundry

Wych-Cult Arena

Soul Cage


Ecclesiarchal Chapel

Listening Post

Plasma Generator

Thermo Plasma Generator

Adepta Sororitas Convent

Pristine Sanctuary


Holy Reliquary

Shrine of the Living Saint

Inferno Turret

Purgatus Mine Field