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Original Dawn of war quotes

Captain Gabriel Angelos

  • (upon finding a large, obviously Chaos dig site) "So the good Inquisitor senses no Chaos on Tartarus. How fortunate for the Imperium that such keen-eyed eagles stand vigil over her gates."

'Under Siege'

  • Gabriel: (Space marine squad is shown taking position) Brother Matiel. Second Squad is to man those buildings opposite the market streets. Go!
  • Gabriel: (Heavy bolters drop in from orbit) Brother Tanthius. Take Ninth Squad and protect our defenses along our southern flank. We need those gun emplacements operational.
  • Gabriel: That is correct, Brother Coralus; begin executing protocol 18. We will silence that ork artillery.
  • Colonel Brom: (arrives to speak to Gabriel) My lord, I have taken the liberty of stationing my Imperial Guard out around the key facilites including the spaceport and power plant.
  • Gabriel: Your inititave is admirable, Colonel. But I need you to pull your men back to this location where they can concentrate their defense. (After this three marines with Missile launchers destroy an Ork Leman Russ)
  • Colonel Brom: But if we abandon the spaceport...
  • Gabriel: We cannot hold the spaceport, Colonel. We have to maximize our defense in one location to assure victory. Do not mistake the Orks simple manner for stupidity. They are far more cunning than they may seem. Now go. (During this marines are shown fighting the Orks and a Leman Russ)
  • Colonel Brom: Yes, my lord.
  • Isador: I do not agree with this course of action. Why are we sitting back waiting for the Orks to strike? We should attack, surely it is better than doing nothing.
  • Gabriel: You would have us meet the Orks on open ground? That would be madness. It is written in the Codex Astartes that this situation calls for a defensive action.
  • Isador: Of course. You are right. Perhaps patience is the better virtue here.

'Orkamungus is dead , Inquisitor Toth arrives'

  • Gabriel: Brother Tanthius?
  • Scout: Burned beyond recovery of his geneseed, along with brother Mikaelus. Nothing was left of them save for ash. They burned from the inside out.
  • Gabriel: Anything else to report?
  • Scout: The Ork Warboss has been destroyed but we saw a dropship leave the area. Captain, she bore the eight-pointed star.
  • Gabriel: The mark of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos.
  • Sergeant Matiel: The Forces of Chaos. Here? Now?
  • Gabriel: Tartarus has endured several Black Crusades led by the terrible Chaos champions. However it seems too convenient that Orks and these heretics are here at the same time, but I trust the eyes of our scouts.
  • Gabriel: Isador, do you sense anything?
  • Isador: No I have sensed nothing.
  • Isador: But if the nature of Brother Tanthius' demise is any indication, then they would have a sorcerer with them who would be capable of masking their presence, especially with all the background static caused by the orks. (A Thunderhawk gunship flies over carrying Inquisitor Toth)
  • Gabriel: Ah, our honored guest has arrived.
  • Sergeant Matiel: Who is it?
  • Isador: Inquisitor Mordecai Toth, protector of the Emperor's divine word and will.
  • Sergeant Matiel: Is he here to take command?
  • Isador: An Inquisitor may have near unlimited power. Yes, he can commission the service of any Imperial citizen from peasant to planetary governor, but... (Gabriel immediately starts to speak)
  • Gabriel: I shall not cede command of my Space Marines to him, Inquisitor or not.
  • Sergeant Matiel: Then why is he here? Does he suspect one of us of heresy?
  • Gabriel: He is an Inquisitor. They suspect everyone of heresy.
  • Gabriel: If Chaos taints this world then that explains his presence. We must share with him what we discovered. (Inquisitor Toth comes up during the speech)
  • Gabriel: Inquisitor Toth. Welcome to Tartarus.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Thank you, captain, but we have little time for courtesies. You and your men must leave Tartarus. Now!

'Enemy in the shadows , chaos?'

  • Inquisitor Toth: This warpstorm could trap us here for a month or a century. We cannot risk staying here. We must evacuate Tartarus before it arrives in three days time.
  • Gabriel: The Imperial guard and holy fleet can attend to the evacuation. The Blood Ravens have more pressing matters to contend with.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Such as?
  • Gabriel: I believe agents of chaos have taken strong route here.
  • Inquisitor Toth: I sense no taint here.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Even so , were there a chaos presence on Tartarus it is better we leave them here with the Orks than waste more lives fighting them. We could wish no worse fate for either of our enemies than to be trapped with the other.
  • Inquisitor Toth: But we must leave here now.
  • Gabriel: That is a matter for my brothers and I to decide. We will use these three days to settle our affairs and satisfy our suspicions. Meanwhile you have our transports to facilitate evacuations.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Colonel Brom the captain and I must attend to matters of faith. If you would leave us please.
  • Colonel Brom: But surely this involves me as... (Toth interrupts)
  • Inquisitor Toth: Forgive me for not being clear in the matter. I said please when in fact I meant now. (Colonel Brom leaves)
  • Gabriel: This does involve him. You should have shown him a modicum of respect.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Captain you uncovered the extensive heresy on your homeworld, Cyrene was it?
  • Gabriel: That has nothing to do with the events here on Tartarus.
  • Inquisitor Toth: But I believe they do. You requested the inquisition undertake an Exterminatus. The destruction of your entire planet's populus which we obliged.
  • Gabriel: I still fail to see.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Captain I am not questioning your loyalty. But I must wonder if you actions on Cyrene have not affected your judgment.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Perhaps that was a... poor choice of words. I merely fear that you see Chaos where it does not exist. I ask that as a loyal subject of the Emperor you serve the Imperium's interest before you own... agenda. (Inquisitor Toth leaves)
  • Sergeant Matthias: Captain that Inquisitor had no right to speak to you in such manner but perhaps he is right. The coming storm will trap our enemies here where they can consume one another.
  • Gabriel: And what if the forces of Chaos escape the system before the storm? No we will not use this freak occurrence as an excuse to avoid our enemies or our responsibility. They are here for a reason and we will discover that reason.
  • Isador: We are with you brother captain as always.
  • Space marine scout: (reporting back to Gabriel)Orbital command has indicated that a drop ship has landed in this general proximity.We've discovered a path captain.It's obvious someone has been digging here.
  • Gabriel: Cut by orks?
  • Space marine scout: I've never seen an ork lend such a careful hand to a task.
  • Gabriel: If it wasn't orks then it must be the forces of chaos.
  • Gabriel: We will follow this path and discover the truth behind what has transpired here.

'You and your men are on you own'

  • Sergeant Matthias: We are still unearthing Eldar explosives and demolition charges. But we dare not move them, We replaced their triggering mechanisms however. That is all I care to do with such 'Xeno tech'.
  • Isador: Was this a trap?
  • Sergeant Matthias: No by the placement of the charges, it is likely they planned to collapse this area. Burying the marker and anyone near it.
  • Gabriel: They failed. Isador study the marker and see where it leads us next.
  • Sergeant Matthias: Captain, Inquisitor Toth has arrived.
  • Gabriel: Of course he has.
  • Inquisitor Toth: (looking at the chaos marker) Yes captain it is an impressive sight but I never claimed chaos had never set it's foot on this planet before. I said that if something were here the impending warpstorm would eliminate that threat. Best we not remain to share it's fate.
  • Gabriel: And as I explained Inquisitor, the Blood Ravens will remain until the last possible moment. Until that happens in two or three days hence I plan on pursuing this riddle.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Captain, I do not presume to question your decisions concerning the Blood Ravens but when it comes to employing the Colonel's Imperial Guard in your quest-
  • Gabriel: My quest!? Yet again you accuse me of pursuing my personal interest. It is my duty and yours to expunge the scent of heresy or chaos.
  • Inquisitor Toth: You overstep yourself.
  • Gabriel: As do you, Inquisitor. It is not the Colonel's 'Imperial Guard'. Their lives belong to the Emperor. It is by his mandate and will that I use the Imperial Guard against the forces of disorder and elevate them in the glory of holy battle.
  • Inquisitor Toth: I see now that coming here was a mistake. If you are set on a path that will lead you to destruction I can do nothing to stop you but I won't allow you to drag us down with you.
  • Inquisitor Toth: By Inquisitorial edict, I am taking control of the planet Tartarus. All requests for planetary resources including it's military will go through me. Captain, from this point on you and your men are on your own.

'Finding the key'

  • Gabriel: You are approaching the objective. On your guard brothers.
  • Gabriel: The key is located in this monument which is currently held by the Eldar.
  • Gabriel: (Eldar Warp Spiders come and kill his scouts) An ambush! Foul Xenos!
  • Gabriel: We must find our way through the city to the monument and take it from these treacherous aliens.

'The Eldar have been weakened , Chaos forces revealed'

  • Farseer Macha: Kill me. Obliterate my body and cast my name to the wind. But you must heed me. Bury that which lies beneath my feet. It will undo us all. I may be your enemy in this but we both have a greater foe.
  • Isador: Do not listen ,Gabriel. We must destroy this 'alien'.
  • Gabriel: She knows much. Much we need to learn.
  • Isador: What could she offer, but lies? Do not trust her Gabriel!
  • Farseer Macha: The key! (Sindri teleports in and steals the key)
  • Farseer Macha: No damn you!
  • Gabriel: Who was that , alien? What did he steal?
  • Farseer Macha: A key. The last step along a bloody path.
  • Gabriel: A key to what?
  • Farseer Macha: The undoing of us all.
  • Gabriel: Stop speaking in riddles!
  • Farseer Macha: He stole a key , a key to the shadows of this world. To the evil horror that lies within.
  • Gabriel: Tell me what this key does!
  • Farseer Macha: You do not know? Your Inquisitor keeps you on a short leash. He knows ask him.
  • Gabriel: How dare you speak ill of the Emperor's loyal subject!
  • Farseer Macha: He has known since he arrived or should I say he never left. Do you not think it convenient he appeared from nowhere and landed on the cusp of a warpstorm? Or that I know him already? Human , you are caught in events beyond your reckoning but we can help one another and stop the forces of chaos from succeeding.
  • Gabriel: You fought well , alien and while we share common goals. I cannot risk your betrayal in this matter. You have squandered enough of my attentions. (Warpspiders teleport in to protect Macha)
  • Farseer Macha: No for better or for worse we are locked in our course now , him and I.
  • Farseer Macha: Your enemies have taken position in the Denaan City sector. They will not remain there long.We are too weak to fight them. You have seen to that. (Macha and the warpspiders leave)

'The Blood Ravens Approach'

  • Gabriel: Brother Mattiel, report. (The Space Marines are firing at the chaos marines on the other side of the chasm)
  • Sergeant Mattiel: The chaos forces have rent an impassible chasm through the centre of the city and have taken up position in a temple. The battle is upon us captain.
  • Gabriel: We are arriving at your position momentarily. Hold the chasm. I will deal with the temple.
  • Sergeant Mattiel: It will be done.
  • Gabriel: (Gabriel is healed by an apothecary) You are finished apothecary. Had the Emperor not intended I suffer, then I would feel no pain.
  • Gabriel: (To Isador) What foul acts are these heathens involved in?
  • Isador: They are performing a ceremony to release the key from it's bindings. We must stop them.
  • Gabriel: ( temple is shown) Yes we will need to break down the doors of that once glorious temple. It appears they have rent a chasm across the city ,stopping us from reaching the other side.
  • Gabriel: (Machine outposts are shown under attack by chaos cultists) An outpost with machine cults located here will give us access to the vehicles we will surely require.
  • Gabriel: Secure the outpost and stop that ceremony!

'Starved for vengeance'

  • Inquisitor Toth: What news sergeant?
  • Sergeant Matthias: The Chaos marines retreated to this city and entrenched themselves. Whatever is to happen will happen here.
  • Inquisitor Toth: And the good captain?
  • Sergeant Matthias: I would call him starved for vengeance. But my words are inadequate to encompass his fury. (Gabriel calls down orbital bombardment on several chaos squads )
  • Gabriel: Make ready we have wasted enough time and suffered for it.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Agreed but we know nothing of our enemy or his intentions. Bale was someones pawn, Sindri he called him.
  • Gabriel: Sindri is not my concern, Isador is. He has fallen and he will find me at his doorstep.
  • Inquisitor Toth: Now you know the full weight of my original concerns. I must admit, I was surprised that it was Isador who succumbed.
  • Gabriel: I know. You suspected me.
  • Inquisitor Toth: It takes either steel or rot to willingly condemn you own world, your very family to the torch. I sensed the seed of chaos in your midst and you seemed to eager to uncover this planet's secrets.
  • Inquisitor Toth: But I was so certain that the taint stemmed from you that I failed to notice it's true source in Isador.
  • Inquisitor Toth: I was wrong, Captain.
  • Gabriel: We will discuss the matter another time, Inquisitor. For now we have an enemy who demands our ministrations.

'Confronting the traitor Isador'

  • Isador: You are a fool, Gabriel, you know you are no match for me.
  • Gabriel: Of all my brothers, why you? You were stronger than this!
  • Isador: I am stronger than you ever imagined. I can feel the universe tremble at my approach. Even the GODS know my name!
  • Gabriel: No one will remember you, traitor. I will see to that! (Gabriel and Isador start their fight)
  • Isador: (After knocking Gabriel to the ground during the conflict) Pathetic! You were great once before doubt addled your will. Before you rendered judgment on Cyrene. Before you murdered the innocent and guilty, all in one stroke! You weak, sorry fool! How does it feel to have slain millions, to have betrayed your own family?
  • Gabriel: (still on the ground) I betrayed no one!
  • Gabriel: (Stands up again) Innocents die so that humanity may live. I ended their suffering, as I will end yours. (Gabriel attempts to take Isador down)
  • Isador: (After receiving several heavy blows from Gabriel's power sword and kneeling on the ground) You have beaten me. I cannot believe it. I was wrong, Gabriel, so wrong. I thought I was strong, strong enough to control it. I wanted to use the power for good, for the Imperium. You must see that. You must give me the chance to make amends. To seek redemption.
  • Gabriel: If redemption is what you seek, then that is what I will give you. (He shoots Isador in the head with his bolt pistol and ends the traitor's life)
  • Gabriel: (Several Space Marines arrive on the scene of the battle) This is the fate of traitors. Remember this and do not stray. If you do I will be ready to render you the same service.

'The final assault to destroy the Maledictum'

  • Gabriel: This disturbance is acting like a beacon for the warp storm, accelerating it's arrival.
  • Inquisitor Toth: We have little time left. We must assume Sindri has released the daemon.
  • Gabriel: Then our course is clear. We must destroy it, however meager our armaments are today. The daemon will not find our hearts lacking.
  • Inquisitor Toth: I know. I believe you captain. Here.
  • Gabriel: What is this? (Inquisitor Toth gives him the Daemonhammer and takes the power sword)
  • Inquisitor Toth: A daemonhammer, Godsplitter. We have always intended to destroy the daemon within the stone. Would we not appear the fools without the means to dispense our wills?
  • Gabriel: You...you entrust this artifact to me?
  • Inquisitor Toth: I can think of no better champion to wield Godsplitter against the daemon. And you can call it a premonition. But I believe you will end this fight, not I.
  • Inquisitor Toth: (Seems to understand Gabriel's thoughts) You are thinking of the traitor Isador. I render judgment on far more people than you can imagine, Captain. Trust me, you are not responsible for the strength or failings of others. It is not our lot to test their purity. We merely dispense the Emperor's justice when they fail.
  • Gabriel: (Switches to the view of the allied Eldar) And the Eldar if they are this desperate to waste their already meagre forces...
  • Inquisitor Toth: (switches back to the view of him and Gabriel) Then matters are truly dire. Prepare yourself. You are about to enter a battle field unlike any other.

'The fight is not over '

  • Farseer Macha: (Gabriel is about to destroy the Maledictum with the Daemonhammer) Human! Do not destroy the stone! You will doom us all!
  • Inquisitor Toth: Ignore her, captain. Destroy the stone before it leads others to ruin!
  • Farseer Macha: You know not what you do!
  • Farseer Macha: We cannot allow this! Take this human down! (The Eldar Guardians open fire on Gabriel)
  • Gabriel: No!! (Gabriel hits the Maledictum and destroys it)
  • Farseer Macha: FOOL!! you have damned us all! (Macha and the Eldar forces withdraw)
  • Inquisitor Toth: Well done, Captain.
  • Sergeant Matiel: Let us bid haste brothers. The fleet is about to depart and leave us stranded.(The Space Marines and Toth leave whilst Gabriel stands there)
  • Daemon: (Before revealing its spiritual form) I am free. You have my thanks.
  • Gabriel: Show yourself Daemon!
  • Daemon: (Spiritual from shown) I will. Soon. Until then go forth and spread word of my return.
  • Gabriel: I am not your herald, warp spawn!
  • Daemon: Are you not? You released me.
  • Gabriel: No! I destroyed the stone!
  • Daemon: Yes. And had you done so sooner you might well have vanquished me. But instead you contributed to my release with your every sacrifice.
  • Gabriel: Sacrifice? What sacrifice?
  • Daemon: This planet was an altar, human, to the Blood God Khorne. Sindri arranged the Ork invasion knowing that Space Marines would come to end their threat. Every death was a sacrifice toward my release and I must say your contributions were many and magnificent. Isador, Bale and finally Sindri himself. Without so many offerings I would have remained trapped. I thank you. I will spare your life for now. (Gabriel turns away from the Daemon to leave the planet)
  • Daemon: Yes... flee and know I will soon come to claim you all!
  • Gabriel: (Turns to the Daemon again) Then come and find your judgment waiting. You have escaped captivity only to face annihilation. I know you now. (Gabriel leaves to depart with the Blood Ravens)

Isador Akios

'Scout Infiltration'

  • Gabriel: You have your orders. Now go, and may the Emperor protect you. (the scouts leave to begin their infiltration against the Orks)
  • Isador: I do not care for this sneaking about.
  • Gabriel: I know, old friend. You always have preferred the direct approach.
  • Isador: We have the Imperial Guard. Why not send them into battle instead of treating them like glorified shepherds? If we meet the Orks in force they cannot possibly stand before us.
  • Gabriel: We have fought the Ork a hundred times before. They thrive on war. A direct assault on them would likely improve their morale and simply attract more of them. The casualties would be enormous.
  • Isador: What are the Imperial Guard for if not to die for their Emperor? At the very least we should retain a regiment to remain at our call. We have little support this far out. We would not want to be remembered for our carelessness.
  • Gabriel: We, old friend? Or Me?
  • Isador: We are brothers, Gabriel you know better than to ask that question.
  • Isador: (Brief silence before continuing)I know what this is about. There was nothing you could have done to save Cyrene.
  • Gabriel: Do not mention that place again Isador. Cyrene was my homeworld. (sigh) My responsibility. (Isador leaves)
  • Gabriel: (contacting the Space Marine scouts) Scout team 3. Do you copy?
  • Scout team 3: Yes my lord.
  • Gabriel: The local Imperial waterworks has fallen into Ork hands. If we are to reclaim this area we must first retake this position.
  • Gabriel: Scouts have infiltrated ahead of you and will assist you in your reconnaissance.
  • Gabriel: If things prove to be more than you can handle, reinforcements will be mobilized to assist.


  • Scout: I must speak with the Captain.
  • Isador: He is giving the Emperor his praise. Leave him this moment.
  • Scout: Yes, brother Librarian. We completed our sweep of the area and can find no more Orks.
  • Isador: Indeed. Tell your squad to move ahead and clear the company's path.
  • Scout: Yes, brother Librarian. (The scout leaves and a Sindri apparition appears behind Isador)
  • Isador: I will suffer no trespass.

'The Chaos Marker'

  • Gabriel: So the good inquisitor senses no chaos here? How fortunate for the Imperium that such keen eyed eagles stand vigil over her gates.
  • Sergeant Matthias: What dark crafts have these Eldar invoked?
  • Isador: None, at least not here. The servants of chaos sacrificed these poor guardsmen themselves.
  • Gabriel: To what end Isador?
  • Isador: I know not. I believe the altar is a marker, a waypoint on the map that leads elsewhere. Someone defaced many portions of text. Regardless of what chaos seeks here the altar requires a sacrifice of blood or more likely a life.
  • Gabriel: Brother Isador you have an hour to study the altar.Document everything as is our tradition then burn it.lest it's taint infect us all.
  • Isador: But Gabriel there is much to learn from here. We should not be too eager to... (Gabriel interrupts)
  • Gabriel: Learn what? Chaos does not teach. It misleads and it betrays. There is nothing to learn here save for our next course. (Gabriel leaves)
  • Gabriel: (Talking to a servitor at a damaged rhino) These transports have been.... damaged somehow. Make the repairs and be quick. (The servitor begins repairs)
  • Sindri apparition: (appears behind Isador at the marker)Well , well, Brother Isador. What betrayal have you wrought? Disabling your own vehicles? Harboring artifacts despite your captains good instructions?
  • Isador: Gabriel does not understand. He does not appreciate the significance of this.
  • Sindri apparition: Oh? But I do.
  • Isador: Quiet heretic! Once I find what you seek I will use it against you for the glory of the Emperor and my brothers.
  • Sindri apparition: You wish to deal me a harsh blow to prove your strength and worth then come to me. I wait at mount Korath.
  • Isador: Have no fear sorcerer. I will be there.

'The assault on the Eldar's blockade'

  • Gabriel: Are you certain?
  • Isador: Yes. The path to Mount Korath. This is where the altar said we must go. Why do you question my findings?
  • Gabriel: I do not question your abilities, Brother Librarian but I do question their tactical sense. That mountain pass is the perfect place for an ambush.
  • Sindri apparition: Listen to the distrust in his voice. He probably calls you mutant behind your back but he fears your divinity. Your power. You must put the child at ease.
  • Isador: I do not deny that this is likely a trap, which is all the more proof that our enemy lies in this direction.
  • Gabriel: Very true old friend. Stay alert and follow my lead. I want no mistakes.
  • Isador: Agreed.
  • Gabriel: (switches to the view of the scouts opposite the Eldar Blockade) Scouts, are you in position?
  • Space Marine scout: Yes my Lord. We have discovered the location of the first Eldar forces.
  • Gabriel: We must find a way to overcome this Eldar Strike force before we can scout out a good location to stage our field operations.

'The key'

  • Isador: Just a bit longer and the key will be mine.

'Before Gabriel Speaks to Farseer Macha'

  • Sindri apparition: (Referring to the key) It lies within reach , you sense it's power. Do you not?
  • Sindri apparition: Still think you have the strength to use it against me? All that stands in your way is the Farseer.

'The temptation of the Maledictum after Gabriel and Toth leave the temple'

  • Sindri apparition: They are weak, terrified of the power that you alone are strong enough to control.
  • Sindri apparition: It is yours!
  • Sindri apparition: Yours for the taking!
  • Sindri apparition: But they mean to destroy it, those small minded fools!
  • Sindri apparition: Think of the good you could do in the name of the Emperor!
  • Sindri apparition: Think of the power you could wield!
  • Sindri apparition: (Several Sindri apparitions surround Isador) It is yours for the taking!
  • Isador:(the Sindri apparitions disappear) The Maledictum....is....mine!

'The assault on the ritual to prevent Chaos from getting the Maledictum'

  • Gabriel: Now you know what we fight and why. We will launch a two pronged assault against the temple with the help of several guardsmen units who remain loyal to the Emperor. We must stop our adversaries from uncovering the Maledictum. (Gabriel leaves and several Space Marines go with him)
  • Isador: (He gets the attention of a Space Marine Squad) Come with me. You have new orders now. We know of a hidden way into the temple. Tell no one else.
  • Isador: (As he leaves with the squad) It is a surprise.

Farseer Macha

'The Eldar attempt to block the Blood Raven advance'

  • Warlock: Exalted Farseer. The Humans are moving. Traversing the slope as you predicted. They are walking into our Trap.
  • Farseer Macha: Yes, but you can never ambush a Space Marine. Remember that. They expect treachoury at every turn you can only validate their suspicions.
  • Warlock: Your orders?
  • Farseer Macha: We have locked the humans into this path as they have locked us into ours. They know they enter a gauntlet and will likely drag us into as well. Now we play our parts and pray that we are the better actors.

'Only one choice'

  • Farseer Macha: Our choices are gone we have but one recourse left. Do you understand what is asked of you?
  • Dark Reaper Exarch: You cannot ask for that I offer freely, Farseer. My life is yours.
  • Farseer Macha: It belongs to all Eldar now brave one.
  • Farseer Macha: You will become the war cry made manifest. (An Avatar is shown)
  • Farseer Macha: The host is assembled and we fully commit ourselves to the battle.
  • Farseer Macha: You are the best of us. May Kaela Mensha Khaine find you worthy of becoming his Avatar.
  • Farseer Macha: Then the humans shall have the death they seek.

Eldar Ranger

'Enemy in the shadows'

  • Eldar ranger: (Watching the space marine scouts)The humans are coming your way in full force. You should hear their heavy feet long before you see them and smell them long before that.

Ork Nob

'Time to get the warboss'

  • Ork Nob: (Fires his pistol to get the orks attention) Knock it off all a you'ze. We'ze movin' out!
  • Ork: We'ze not gonna stay an' 'fight'?
  • Ork Nob: I'ze da biggest ork 'ere which means I'ze da leader of you'ze lousy bunch a gitz. (clears throat) We been waitin' an' waitin' to fight dese marine boyz and we'ze gonna stop dem but good. To do dat we need all da strength of da boyz, not a small weak mob a runtz like you'ze boy'z!
  • Ork Nob: Use your skull for somethin' besides thumpin'! We'ze orkz and we'ze were made for fightin' an' winnin'! (Hits an ork with his choppa)
  • Ork: an' chopping? You da boss.
  • Ork Nob: We'ze gonna go get big boss Orkamungus. He got somethin' special planned for dese humies. (The Orks leave to get the Warboss)

Warboss Orkamungus

'The Ork and Chaos alliance'

  • Ork nob: (Arrives in wartrukk and walks towards the warboss) Everything iz ready boss!
  • Orkamungus: (laughs) Dem humies iz in for a good stompin'! Dis is gonna be da best fight o' dere miserable lives!
  • Sindri: Just make sure its the last fight of their lives.
  • Orkamungus: I don't take orderz from you, humie.
  • Sindri: We've held our side of the bargain, have we not? You wanted a new planet to wage war on. We have given it to you.
  • Sindri: (switches to the view of the arriving Blood Raven forces) You wanted to face the Imperium's greatest warriors, The Space Marines. They are here. We've even provided you with weapons and Imperial tanks to use on the battlefield.
  • Sindri: (switches back to the view of Sindri) And all we ask in return is that you keep the Imperials distracted from our operations here.
  • Orkamungus: You'ze kept your word but, that still don't means you can order da Orkz around.
  • Sindri: My apologies. We've delivered the last of the weaponry. They are in the hands of your...'servants'...?
  • Sindri: We'll take our leave now. I... respectfully request that you keep the marines busy for as long as you can.
  • Orkamungus: Bah! We'll keep 'em more than busy! We'll keep dem dead! (Sindri and Lord bale leave)

'After Sindri and Lord Bales conversation about the alliance'

  • Ork nob: (Growl) Why'z we talking with dem humies instead of fighting with 'em?!
  • Orkamungus: Dem smelly Chaos boyz iz weak, not nearly enuff of a challenge for da boyz. If dey were strong like orkz dey wouldn't need us to fight for 'em. We'll take dere gunz and dere help and when we're done choppin' up all da humies we'll come back here and chop dem up as well.
  • Orkamungus: Waaagh! (A squiggoth charges through several orks)

Lord Bale

'The reaction to the alliance with the Orks'

  • Lord Bale: The thought of kowtowing to these 'creatures' disgusts me.
  • Sindri: The Orks are a tool, nothing more, and quite an effective one, I might add.
  • Lord Bale: Perhaps. But I dislike providing such unpredictable aliens with our own weaponry.
  • Sindri: Lord Bale. Orks are not unpredictable. Quite the contrary, you can rely on them to turn against you. But they will honour our agreement as long as we provide them with enemies to satiate their battlelust.
  • Lord Bale: If we intimidated them into doing our bidding, showed them out strength - they would take pause before betraying us.
  • Sindri: You cannot intimidate something that knows no fear. Trouble yourself no longer with the Orks. We will have what we came for and be gone before they finish with the Imperials and turn on us.

'Waiting to get the key'

  • Lord Bale:(watching the marines and the Eldar fight) This delay - you cost us the key Sindri! The False Emperor's lackeys and the Eldar will battle for the city.
  • Sindri: They are naught but hapless fools before your might, Lord Bale. Surely a modicum of patience is in order here. Let us progress to your benefit, and my devices. You will see. Have faith. Have I lead you astray thus far?
  • Lord Bale: No, but if you fail me in this...
  • Sindri: Yes, yes then my suffering will be great. Just be ready to move when I instruct.

'Ill news'

  • Chaos cultist: (Trembles before speaking to Lord Bale) My Lord , Blood Ravens approach from the south.
  • Lord Bale: (Annoyed that the Blood Ravens know about their base) How did they get so close!?
  • Sindri: My Lord these flies are minor annoyances. We have the key and ample bodies to imprison the Blood Ravens behind a wall of corpses while we complete the ceremony.
  • Lord Bale: Your 'assurances' leave me cold , Sindri.
  • Sindri: Events have proven my words true at every turn, my Lord. We are not in danger.
  • Lord Bale: (Agitated by Sindris confidence) Events have proven you fortunate, sorceror. To what do you owe this present bout of nautious optomism?
  • Sindri: We have recieved a message Lord Bale. We have a new ally who is more than ready to betray the Blood Ravens.
  • Lord Bale: Excellent , prepare for what is to come and dispose of this idiot. (Lord Bale starts to leave)
  • Chaos Cultis: (Panicking) Why? How have I failed!?
  • Sindri: You were stupid enough to personally deliver ill news to Lord Bale and we cannot abide stupidity. (The cultist makes a futile attempt to kill Sindri but Sindri casts a spell and destroys him)


'The plan to rise to power'

  • Sindri: (Holding the key) All power demands sacrifice..
  • Sindri:(The chaos cultists begin the ritual).. And pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power.
  • Lord Bale: Sindri!
  • Sindri: (caught off guard by Lord Bale's sudden appearance) What!? My lord.
  • Lord Bale: The traitor Imperial Guardsmen have fallen.
  • Sindri: So quickly. I expected them to last a bit longer.
  • Lord Bale: Some of them have betrayed our position to the Blood Ravens. They are on their way here now.
  • Sindri: Continue chanting. I shan't be long.
  • Sindri: (Walks towards Lord Bale) The circumstances you mention are divine providence My Lord. Everything is as planned. Once I dispense with this last obstacle you will have that which we have plotted and schemed to achieve.
  • Lord Bale: And if the Space Marines should arrive before 'providence' graces us?
  • Sindri: Then we shall play the good host and indulge them in a bloody feast. At all costs however keep them from interfering.This is a delicate process that cannot well afford anymore interuptions.
  • Sindri: And might I advise you throw everything at the Blood Ravens. Everything. Their every contribution in this matter is paramount especially when we are so close. (Lord Bale leaves)
  • Sindri: (Continuing the ritual) Now where were we? Ah yes... Power demands sacrifice.

"The fight with Lord Bale"

  • Lord Bale: (Asking Sindri to help him during the fight with Gabriel and several Space Marines) Sindri! Sindri!!
  • Sindri: Lord Bale.
  • Sindri: (with his back still turned from the fight) The ritual failed to break the protective seal but then I already anticipated it would not work. Infact I counted on it. We require a larger sacrifice.
  • Sindri: (Turns to the chaos marines defending Lord Bale) It is time. Leave him. (The Chaos Marines leave thus leaving Bale at Gabriel's mercy)
  • Lord Bale: How dare you, sorceror!
  • Sindri: (The Chaos Marines arrive beside Sindri) My lord never forget...
  • Sindri: (watching the fight) All power demands sacrifice. Thank you for yours.
  • Lord Bale: (Trying to say Sindri but is severly wounded by Gabriel) SIND..( Bale is cut down by Gabriel and the energy protecting the Maledictum fades because of Bale's death)
  • Sindri: (His attention now turned to Isador) There it is, as I promised. Yours for the taking.
  • Gabriel: (Notices Isador at the Maledictum) Old friend? (Isador picks up the Maledictum and leaves with Sindri and the Chaos Marines. Gabriel runs to the top of the stairs to see them leave and knows something isn't right)

'Sindri's rise to power'

  • Isador:(holding the Maledictum) You allowed me to take the stone. You were true to your word, and for that, you are a fool. Better I keep the Maledictum with me. You are too weak to stomach its gifts. And now, I will use its power to destroy you.
  • Sindri: Lord Bale was likewise foolish in believing me defenceless. Believing himself in control.(Sindri cast's a spell and attacks Isador's mind)
  • Isador: (now holding his ears and kneeling on the ground) Make it stop!
  • Sindri:(Now holding the Maledictum) The Orks thought more of their abilities than they did of me. But I relied on their arrogance at my benefit alone.
  • Isador: Please!
  • Sindri:You however. You hold promise and for that I should let you die before you prove too great a threat.
  • Sindri: But I have invested too much effort into you and had you a century to prepare, you would still be too late to stop me from achieving my glory. Now I must prepare. Attend to the captain's demise if you are capable.
  • Isador: (Standing up) What makes you think that I will do your bidding?
  • Sindri: You have little choice. Your captain is quite tenacious, you more than anyone know that. You will have to deal with him and that benefits me.
  • Sindri: Oh and thank you for delivering the Maledictum. (Sindri starts to leave)
  • Isador: You cannot abandon me now!
  • Sindri: (Sindri stops to reply) Oh but I can and I do. At least I leave you in good company.
  • Sindri: Now prove yourself worthy. Go spill the blood of those that were your brothers. Spill the blood! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!! (During the speech an aspiring champion ascends to become a Bloodthirster and knocks Isador to the ground briefly)

'Sindri's Ascension'

  • Sindri:(attempting to use the Maledictum's power) Almost! A moment more damn you!!
  • Sindri: Yes! It is upon us!!
  • Sindri: (Starts to transform into a Daemon prince) Bear witness to my ascension!! (The transformation is complete)

Colonel Carus Brom

'The arrival of the Blood Raven forces'

  • Colonel Brom: (Observing his Imperial guard getting beaten back by the Orks) HOLD THE LINE! IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR YOU WILL NOT FALTER!!
  • Imperial guardsman 1: (Two of them withdraw from the advancing orks and run past Brom) We can't hold!
  • Imperial guardsman 2: Run for your lives!
  • Colonel Brom: Cowards. (He shoots both of them for cowardice)
  • Colonel Brom: You will fight or you will die. (Afterwards the Blood Ravens arrive from orbit and easily cut down the Ork squads)
  • Gabriel: (Comes towards Colonel Brom) I am Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens Third Company. Status!
  • Colonel Brom: My lord, forgive me. We have done all we can to stop the orks, but we have failed. My men's lives are yours.
  • Gabriel: You stood your ground in the face of the Emperor's foes. You have done your duty. If your men have failed you, I will leave their judgement in your hands.
  • Colonel Brom: Thank you, my lord.
  • Gabriel: I am not here for your thanks. This port must be held if we are to maintain troops and supply lines to the planets surface. That is why we are here. Now, what of the wounded and the civillians?
  • Colonel Brom: Stranded. We have few ships.
  • Gabriel: Then you shall have more.
  • Gabriel: All Blood Raven flights. Execute protocol 23 and initate evacuation. We will dispatch the ground forces.
  • Space Marine: Yes, my lord.
  • Colonel Brom: Ground forces my lord? But the orks have retreated.
  • Gabriel: (Servitors arrive and the HQ is under construction) You must know your enemy to defeat them. Orks only retreat to regroup. They will keep coming until you or they are dead.
  • Gabriel: Brothers! Let us destroy this alien filth! (He says it as he walks away from Brom towards the under-construction base)

'The port is secured'

  • Colonel Brom: (Once Isador arrives from orbit Brom goes over to him) I am honoured to be in the presence of a Librarian. I wish to know how my men can better serve you.
  • Isador: We shall have to wait for the Captain to finish his prayers. I saw you stand against the orks. You are a brave man. I wish I could say the same of your men.
  • Colonel Brom: I shall strengthen their resolve, my lord.
  • Isador: (starts to walk off) See that you do, or we shall do it for you.
  • Isador: (Detects Colonel Brom has something else to say) You have something you wish to say. Say it, colonel.
  • Colonel Brom: How did you know?
  • Isador: Even without my psychic gifts it is obvious. Speak.
  • Colonel Brom: Is it true your company eradicated a heresy on the planet of Cyrene recently? An Exterminatus? Down to the last man, woman and child?
  • Isador: Colonel. Your company is welcome, but such questions are not. Do not ask the Captain about Cyrene if you intend to remain in his good graces. (Brom and Isador move off to meet Gabriel)
  • Isador: Brother-captain, the colonel wishes an audience with you.
  • Gabriel: Thank you, Isador.
  • Colonel Brom: My lord, my Tartarus 37th regiment stand ready to serve you in protecting the city. They wish to make amends for..
  • Gabriel: They will have many oppurtunities to prove themselves warriors worthy of the Emperor. The Blood Ravens are leaving the city. Its protection is in your hands.
  • Colonel Brom: I will ready my men. May I ask what your next course of action is?
  • Gabriel:(A dead ork is shown) Orks only respect strength. I intend to show them that we have it in ample supply.

Inquisitor Toth

  • "I shall crush you beneath my inquisitorial boot"

"The truth about Tartarus after the assault on the Chaos temple"

  • Isador: Inquisitor Toth has arrived at your request.
  • Gabriel: And what do our scouts say?
  • Isador:The Guard's distraction was a success. The Chaos lord and his host escaped. We are however, tracking their movements and questioning some of the traitor guard that we captured
  • Gabriel: How is it that I could not have seen this? How is it I am blind when it matters the most?
  • Isador: Are you refering to these traitorous guardsmen? Or the destruction of your homeworld Cyrene?
  • Gabriel: I should have seen the rot before it spread. Instead I was blind for far too long. I put my own world to the torch. I killed for the Inquisitions eager sanction and watched too many innocents die in a holy firestorm. And yet here I am at another doorstep with the executioner's blade in my very hand.
  • Isador: Blessed is the mind too small for doubt, Gabriel. Perhaps there is truth in there. For the both of us.
  • Gabriel: I still believe, old friend. I believe in the soveriegn might of the Golden Throne and in the purity of the Imperium.
  • Isador: But you have lost faith in yourself?
  • Gabriel: Only in what I see, Isador. Only in what I see.
  • Inquisitor Toth: (Inquisitor Toth arrives) And what is it that you see captain?
  • Gabriel: I see conspirators and liars more concerned with their own agenda than the will of the Emperor.
  • Inquisitor Toth: I am not so easily cowed by such displays, Captain.
  • Gabriel: You lied to me and cost me men!
  • Inquisitor Toth: Better they die, their blood pure. If you feel warranted in handing out recriminations, then our deaths are on your head. I warned you to leave this world, to leave Tartarus before the warp storm.
  • Gabriel: Your words still ring untrue, Inquisitor. I know you were here before we arrived!
  • Inquisitor Toth: I am not in the habit of explaining my actions, Captain but, yes I was here before you arrived. Stalking after horrors disturbed by nights of their dreams.
  • Gabriel: The same horrors that the legions of Chaos seek.
  • Inquisitor Toth: On Tartarus there are no coincidences, Captain. There is only the storm that wills the faithful from the heretic.
  • Gabriel: Are we faithful men, Toth? Good servants of the Emperor? It is time for us to put aside our differences. What do they seek, Toth? What do you seek here?
  • Inquisitor Toth: This world is cursed, Captain. Thousands of years ago an artifact of ancient evil power was lost here. The forces of Chaos seek this artifact. They've sought it for centuries but have never held all the pieces of the puzzle.
  • Gabriel: And now they do.
  • Inquistor Toth: An Imperial excavation team uncovered the first marker and word somehow got to the enemy. With the knowledge of the exact planet and the first marker, it was a simple matter to uncover the remainder.
  • Inquistor Toth: Now they have the last piece necessary. A key to unearth the artifact itself.
  • Gabriel: What is this artifact?
  • Inquisitor Toth: A stone called the Maledictum. It contains a creature of great evil, a creature of Chaos itself. The stone imprisons a daemon, one of untold power.
  • Gabriel: How is it possible that the citizens of Tartarus do not know this? These artifacts lay buried beneath their own cities.
  • Inquistor Toth: From what I surmise, the daemon within the Maledictum may be imprisoned, but it is not powerless. It can still influence people with visions and madness.
  • Inquisitor Toth: The ancient text in the Registratum Malthius speaks of a warp storm that visited this system at an age when many Space Marine Chapters were still young. The storm drove the inhabitents of this planet insane.
  • Inquistor Toth: Under the daemon's influence, they hid the markers and buried the Maledictum to protect it against hunters like myself. When colonists returned to this world they remained ignorant of the perils.
  • Inquisitor Toth: They built over the dark places, never knowing what lay beneath.
  • Gabriel: And the Eldar? Did they seek this power for themselves?
  • Inquisitor Toth: No. It was they who imprisoned the daemon in the first place. They fiercely safeguard the stone against all others, going so far as to interfere in our efforts to find it. As Chaos' most ancient enemy they see themselves as the only capable defence against its influence and we have paid for their arrogance.
  • Gabriel: I see there is still time to avert disaster.
  • Inquisitor Toth: This is already a disaster. The power of the Maledictum is enough to turn the faithful and drive them mad. Many of the Imperial Guard and local population have already turned as you've seen. It's affecting you and your men as well. I can feel it.
  • Inquisitor Toth: It is calling the warp storm to eclipse this system. It wants to trap us here with it so it can force even the best of us to serve it's twisted will. This is why I encouraged you to leave. Why I still encourage it.
  • Gabriel: You know I cannot do that. I will not shrink away in the face of evil!
  • Inquistor Toth: I would do no less. Enough. Let us end this bickering and face our enemy united. Together we have a better chance of finding and destroying the Maledictum. (Inqusitor Toth and Gabriel leave)

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Dawn of War Single Player Units
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