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Winter Assault quotes

General Sturnn

'Arrival on Lorn V'

  • <Chaos marines are shown moving but they are hit by the air forces of the Imperial guard>
  • Commissar: Ah, another world, another victory in the making for our glorious Emperor!
  • General Sturnn: I see no victory here. I see the one truth, and that truth is war. This world would not even warrant our attention were it not for our prize.
  • <More Imperial Guard air strikes get several Chaos squads>
  • Commissar: Yes, the Titan Dominatus. Imagine - a great war machine forged in the volcanic foundries of Mars.
  • General Sturnn: The Titan fell in the defence of this world. The Emperor has entrusted the Cadian 412th Regiment of the Imperial Guard to retrieve it. The Titan lies in the ruins of Lorn V's principal city, Talorn.
  • General Sturnn: But, one thing at a time. We must take the Talorn Defence Fortress if we hope to defeat the forces of Chaos firmly entrenched upon this world. Spread word to the men.
  • General Sturnn: Tell them we win this day or we die trying! There is no retreat!

'The Daemon Gate'

  • Commissar: We cannot survive this barrage much longer.
  • General Sturnn: The Daemon Gate is protected by the foul workings of the warp. If we cannot overcome this quickly then all is lost!

'Only fools are certain, Hidden allies? '

  • Commissar: We have won, but the cost was high. Hundreds dead. Thousands wounded. I have the numbers here if you wish.
  • General Sturnn: (Sigh) We will mourn the dead later, while the wounded can still fight. Regardless, we have our foothold and the soldiers left are more than enough to secure the Titan.
  • General Sturnn: Still, I wonder why did the Daemon Gate collapse? Whose fortune was that?
  • Commissar: The fortune of Chaos, General Sturnn. Such is the folly with consulting with evil. The Emperor was smiling down upon us today, General. I'm certain of it.
  • General Sturnn: Only fools are certain Commissar; and the day's not yet won. There is more to come. And what awaits us I'm not sure. (They both leave)
  • Chaplain Varnius: (on a failing radio transmission) This is brother Varnus... I repeat this is Brother Varnus of the Ultramarines. Fell heretics have shot us down - The Titan crew is with us! We'll hold on for as long as we can, but our transport has crashed deep inside enemy territory... must save the Titan crew at all costs...

'Rescue the entrenched ultramarines and the titan crew'

  • Commissar: Chaos, Orks....our work is clear.
  • General Sturnn: Indeed. The Thunderhawk crashed nearby and it is to us to reach Chaplain Varnus and the Space Marines. More importantly, we must save the titan's crew. To this task....all considerations, even our lives, are secondary!
  • Commissar: I would have it no other way!

'Forced retreat'

<The Imperial Guard are under heavy fire from the Ork forces>

  • General Sturnn: We must retreat and find another way around. The bridge is lost to us!

<Several Guardsmen die under heavy fire from Ork Wartrakks>

  • Commissar: To be thrown back by this 'filth'! Had we our Basilisks ready we would have taught them a lesson!

<The bombardment continues>

'War in all things, Disgust for receiving help from an unknown force'

<A Chaos sorcerer becomes a Bloodthirster>

<The Ultramarines shoot the Bloodthirster to no avail and one gets cut down in melee>

<Chaplain Varnus moves in to confront the bloodthirster and defeats it>

  • Chaplain Varnus: Again, General Sturnn, you have my thanks, and the thanks of the Ultramarines.
  • General Sturnn: I am the Emperor's humble servant. But... we're not entirely responsible for today's rescue. Someone else is helping us. This is twice that some impassable obstruction miraculously evaporated.
  • Chaplain Varnus: You should trust in the Emperor. He was with us today.
  • General Sturnn: Of that I have no doubt but still something else is helping us, and I wish they'd stop! I don't like favours curried in secret. They wilt under the Emperor's light.
  • Chaplain Varnus: Your words are pious. I respect that.
  • General Sturnn: Thank you. I expect war in all things, and I'm rarely disappointed, or caught unaware. I'll let my men know that the Imperium's finest extends them their gratitude.
  • Chaplain Varnus: Indeed. The Titan's crew is secured and ready for transport.
  • General Sturnn: Let us leave this place, then and make our return to the outpost. We must get the crew to the titan or all this would have been for naught.

'After being contacted by Farseer Taldeer'

  • General Sturnn: I don't trust the Eldar either. But this way we know where they are. Move our men into position around the Eldar and protect them until we can relocate them.

'Meeting Taldeer in person , grim news?'

  • Farseer Taldeer: We thank you for your assistance.
  • General Sturnn: You Eldar are always trying to manipulate us into fighting your battles. Hekate 7, Tartarus, here! What is it this time?
  • Farseer Taldeer: Very well. But remember, once I tell you the truth I cannot untell it.
  • General Sturnn: I believe in the Emperor. His is the only truth. Anything you have to say falters in comparsion to that.

<A brief moment of silence>

  • Farseer Taldeer: Very well. Death's locusts are coming to this world and they will appear where your primitive titan has fallen, to stop you from claiming it.
  • Farseer Taldeer: They are called the Necrons and they will lay waste to all life in this sector.
  • General Sturnn: Necrons? Hmm... I've heard the word before.
  • Farseer Taldeer: The last time they were awake was eons ago. They thinned the galaxy of the species and threatened us to the verge of extinction. We possess a weapon this time, however.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Our soulstone can destroy them. But.. we will speak more on this later. The Orks and fallen humans approach.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Let us be on you way.

<Both sides split up to make their journey to the Titan>

'Escort the titan crew, Do not trust the Eldar'

<The Imperial forces start to mobilise>

  • Chaplain Varnus: Necrons? And you believe the Eldar?
  • General Sturnn: Their assertions mean nothing to me. I agreed to help them to keep them within reach and aid us in destroying the enemy. I fully expect them to betray us at first opportunity.
  • General Sturnn: We must reach the Titan and get the crew in place before the Eldar do. Only one of us, Imperial or Eldar will win the day and the victor will be chosen here.

'If the Imperial guard get through the gate'

<The Imperial Guard are on the other side of the gate while the Eldar are stuck with the Chaos and Ork forces>

  • General Sturnn: This is General Sturnn of the Cadian 412th Regiment Imperial Guard. Only fools believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Still, the Eldar proved useful enough to bring my men into position. Admittedly at cost to their own lives.
  • General Sturnn: They lay outside being cut to the last as I speak. I cannot risk helping them. I will not trade the lives of my men for theirs.
  • <Farseer Taldeer is fighting in melee and speaking to Sturnn at the same time>
  • Farseer Taldeer: You will fail this day, General. Without our soulstone the battle will be lost. The Necrons will sweep over you and drink your life out from the hollow vessel of your corpse! Without us you face your doom.
  • General Sturnn: Eldar! The Cadian 412th have faced doom before. We bested it then and we will best it today! Die well!
  • <The Imperial guard move on leaving the eldar engulfed in hordes of enemies>

'The fight is far from over'

  • General Sturnn: Although the Golden Throne of Terra orbits a distant star far from here, the Emperor's hand is on your shoulders today.
  • General Sturnn: You have fought and displayed bravery and loyality far and above your calling as Guardsmen.
  • General Sturnn: You have faced the full brunt of an Ork Waaagh! As well as stirred down the horrors of the warp in the fallen Space Marines, and in that I am honoured to have led you.
  • General Sturnn: Our task remains, however; there is still work to be done! The Titan is ours but its Machine Spirit is injured.
  • General Sturnn: The Titan crew is in place, leaving us to defend the Titan while the crew brings it's armaments online. For that we need energy to power the weapon systems.
  • General Sturnn: Now go...the fight is far from over.

'Realisation, The Eldar have been telling the truth'

  • Commissar: General, the Titan's senses are functioning, but they're reporting anomalous signals and unusual xeno energy readings.
  • General Sturnn: What!? So the Eldar was telling the truth.
  • <A Necron Monolith descends on the battlefield and deploys a few necron forces and begins it's path of destruction>
  • General Sturnn: Rally the troops. If we're to hold of these vile, heartless Necrons. We will need every man!
  • Commissar: Emperor be with us.

'The Titan awakens'

  • Commissar: General! The Titan's weapons are online!
  • <The Titan's head starts to move>
  • General Sturnn: Finally! Now we show these Necrons the might of Terra! Titan gunnery crew, fire on those Monoliths and bring them down! All Guardsmen units drive the Necrons back! Give them hell!!

'The Necrons have been defeated'

  • Chaplain Varnus: The Titan's excavation crew is landing, along with reinforcements. If I were a suspicous man, I'd call their timing too good. (During this an ultramarine drop pod drops in)
  • General Sturnn: I told them to hold off until we'd bested the Necrons. There was no reason to lead more into the slaughter without the Titan's weapons operational.
  • Chaplain Varnus: Indeed. It is a day to be proud, General. Your men performed better than any Guardsman unit I've encountered.
  • General Sturnn: Thank you. But our work is not yet done. There's still pockets of Ork resistance across Lorn V. We must protect the repair crews while they nurse the Titan back to health.
  • Chaplain Varnus: Still...it was an honour to fight alongside you. Barring my space marines, I could not have asked for better.
  • General Sturnn: To each of us falls a task, and all the Emperor requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand the line, and we die fighting.
  • General Sturnn: It is what we do best.
  • General Sturnn: We die standing.


'A last stand against the Forces of Disorder during the Disorder campaign'

  • Commissar: When it comes to this - facing my last battle with filthy aliens like yourself, rather than valiant men like Sturnn!
  • Farseer Taldeer: Then appreciate the universe, human. It posesses the ability to laugh in the face of our misfortune. Good luck to you.
  • Commissionar:(To his forces) Prepare yourselves men! Show these aliens the meaning of valour!
  • Farseer Taldeer: (To her forces) Indeed sisters, stand strong. Show these humans the meaning of dignity.

<Afterwards the player leads either the chaos or ork forces and kills both of these commanders along with their forces>

Farseer Taldeer

'Help the Imperials get through the gate'

<The Ulthwe Eldar forces are watching the Imperial guard make a futile attempt to bring down the daemon gate>

  • Farseer Taldeer: The Imperials falter in their opening steps, far sooner than I would have liked. How typical of them. Sadly, we must intervene on their behalf.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Isha's tears. Four generators channel power to the so-called Daemon Gate. If we are to help these Imperials, we must destroy the four generators first.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Fortunately, we can use our webway gates to reach impassable areas and to bypass the Imperial presence. They'll never know it was we who helped them.

<Taldeer teleports through a webway gate and the Eldar start the movement to destroy the generators>

'Aid the Imperials again'

  • Warlock: Exalted farseer, the Imperials are mired before the bridge and fallen under heavy bombardment. Your orders?
  • Farseer Taldeer: The Imperials test my patience with their incompetence! Very well, we will deal with the Orks ourselves, but only because the time grows short. Death is almost upon us.

'The immortal enemy draws near'

<An ork concentration is shown then the view changes to Taldeers eldar base>

<Taldeer and several squads come through the gates>

  • Warlock: Farseer Taldeer? What is wrong? You appear ill.
  • Farseer Taldeer: It is not but passing weakness. The immortal enemy draws near, and I'm afraid their presence taxes my strength.
  • Warlock: Then they find us lying in wait ready with their deaths. The Webway Assembly is safe, as is the stone itself.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Good, for without the stone we cannot strike down what approaches. Still, there is work to be done. We cannot relocate again without attracting the attention of the area's Orks, however.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Their leader possesses interesting technology. Deploy the Rangers to attack and eliminate this Ork leader before they destroy us all.

'Unlikely allies, secret revealed'

<An Imperial Assassin sneaks up and kills an Eldar Bonesinger>

  • Farseer Taldeer: The skein of plots unravels us. Many have sacrificed themselves to that we might escape, but we are weaker for that loss. Now the Imperials know we are here. There is only one thing we can do.
  • Farseer Taldeer: (Contacting General Sturnn via communications)Greetings, General Sturnn. I am Farseer Taldeer. I require your assistance.
  • General Sturnn: Eldar? Hmm... I knew there was more to this than the Orks and Chaos Space Marines. Well then.. if you know me by name then you know my question.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Indeed, why should you help us? Because... in this matter we are not your enemy. It was we who saved you against the Daemon Gate and the Ork artillery. And if we perish, then you will never know the real threat facing all of you.
  • General Sturnn: The strange readings? Very well we will meet in person. Meanwhile...

'Get to the titan before the Imperial forces do'

  • Warlock: Never have I encountered such an obstinate species. The Orks are victums of their nature but these humans are willfully persistent and blind. How they survived...
  • Farseer Taldeer: Is a joke the universe shares with no one, I'm afraid. But we can trust the humans to turn against us once the Titan is operational. That is why we must reach the Titan first with the soul stone.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Only then can we hope to defeat the Necrons.

'If the Eldar get through the titan gate'

<The Imperial guard continue to fight the forces of chaos>

<The gate is still activated but the Eldar just teleported through it>

  • Farseer Taldeer: (From the other side) I hear the music from the celestial heavens and the music is cacophonous. It is strange but I find comfort in it's dissonance.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Writing the discord of the universe ophus is what's given my people purpose by all rights we as a race should have collapsed in upon ourselves.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Win or lose this battle is already my victory - my triumph. It is not fate that decides whether I am there to celebrate that fact or not.

'A terrible task'

  • Farseer Taldeer: My brothers and sisters of light and song, a terrible task falls to us. The Necrons, our ancestor foes and destroyers of our sister species have returned.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Even into this millenium some craftworlds lie in silent ruin because of them. Millions of brothers and sisters gutted out like weak candles.
  • Farseer Taldeer: We cannot abide this travesty again. To obliterate the soul itself is an act of utter unprecetended malice we cannot allow. The Necrons must pay for their actions.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Today they answer to us.
  • Warlock: Farseer Taldeer. Necron monolith sighted.
  • Farseer Taldeer: So it is. Every battle must be a war upon itself. There can be no partial triumphs, for the Necrons will return again and again.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Prepare yourselves. Today...we war.

'Our hated foe arrives'

<A necron monlith descends on the battlefield>

  • Farseer Taldeer: Be strong of heart, my warriors. The Necrons have arrived!

<Necron warriors start coming out of the monolith>

  • Farseer Taldeer: By the gods. Guard my soul in the infinity matrix. This is Farseer Taldeer praying for what I fear is the last time. Give me strength!

'Ally with the Imperial Guard again - we are not your enemies.'

<The Imperial guard have found their way through the gate>

  • General Sturnn: Order the Phalanx to pull back. Let the enemy pursue them. Then close in with the Eighth and Tenth phalanxes. Just like we did on Baltane.
  • Commissar:(notices Taldeer approaching) General! Eldar!
  • Farseer Taldeer: Stay your hand human. I've come to speak with you, not fight.
  • General Sturnn: You have guts, Eldar, considering we already trusted you once.
  • Farseer Taldeer: We are not your enemies today, so stop treating us as such. We do not want your Titan. It is yours once we dispose of the Necrons.
  • General Sturnn: I don't trust you, Eldar.
  • Farseer Taldeer: Your trust is not required to win this war, only your help.

'The necrons fall at last'

<Several eldar tanks bombard a necron monolith and destroy it and an avatar kills a necron squad in melee>

  • Warlock: Farseer, have we truly won?
  • Farseer Taldeer: A momentary victory, I assure you. The Titan has served it's purpose, but the strain ruptures it. If it explodes it will claim us in her fury!
  • Warlock: Our people await your instruction, Farseer. What would you have us do?
  • Farseer Taldeer: The Necrons came expecting to find souls for the claiming and instead found defeat. We can leave now. Go through the portals.Sound the evacuation! We are finished with this world.

<Taldeer and the Eldar squads move off to go through the portals>

<The Titan explodes>

  • Farseer Taldeer: (From an unknown location) We have won the day but the day is not won on battles alone. The Necrons will continue their march and at every turn of every crooked corner of this universe. They will find us lying in wait and they will find us unafraid!

Chaplain Varnus

'The crashsite'

<The Ultramarines are firing at the advancing chaos forces>

  • Chaplain Varnus: We have weathered fiercer storms than this. Hold the line, damn you! You will not embarrass the Emperor today by dying!
  • Chaplain Varnus: Watch your flanks and protect the Titan's crew! THERE! More come to die!


'Lets get dis waaagh goin'!

<Orks are fighting in melee against the forces of chaos>

  • Mega armoured nob: We be fightin' dem chaos boyz for a long time now. Da imperial boyz before dat was easy but deze boyz. Dey too tough for us!
  • Mega armoured nob: Dey smash us good less we run!
  • Nob: You talkin' scared? You're a coward. Dem only humies!
  • Mega armoured nob: I'ze got more brains than you I sez we run! (Gorgutz appears and starts to speak)
  • Warboss Gorgutz: And I sez you shut da hell up! I da boss , questions!? Good! We need more boyz for dis 'ere waaagh!
  • Warboss Gorgutz:Before we take da chaos boyz down good!
  • Warlord Gorgutz: Dis 'ere is da first of the five big ork clanz.
  • Warboss Gorgutz: To take 'em we needs to destroy dere big waaagh! banner. That'll teach 'em!

'Obtaining the squiggoths'

<Orks under the command of the enemy mega armoured nob fight against Gorgutz' orks>

<The gates come down because Gorgutz' orks have destroyed the power generators'>

  • Rebel Mega armoured nob: Whatcha gitz doin'!? Fight! Dey ain't dead till I sez dey dead!

<The gate holding a squiggoth comes down and it sneaks up behind the mega armoured nob>

  • Rebel Mega armoured nob: Who dat rumblin'? (The squiggoth eats him)
  • Warboss Gorgutz: (After seeing what happened) Hahahahahaha! Now dat was funny! Charge boyz! Dis fight is already mine....I can taste it!

' Da nearest humie base'

  • Warboss Gorgutz: "Ok, letz see 'ere. Da 'Eadcrushaz? Mine.
  • Warboss Gorgutz:Da Rokkit Rangaz? Mine. Da Kwik Mekz? Mine!
  • Warboss Gorgutz:Da Burna Boyz? MINE! Da Squiggoth base?! MIIIIIIIIIINNNNE!
  • Warboss Gorgutz:Hear dat boyz?! Now dat we'ze all wun big happy family, letz go get dis Waaagh! goin'!
  • Warboss Gorgutz:And I know just da 'humie base to attack! Oh, and bring da Squiggoths.
  • Warboss Gorgutz:We aint fed 'em yet! He he he he he he!"

'Clans united, Lord Crull iz next!'

  • Warboss Gorgutz: All da ork boyz answer to me!! Who da warboss?
  • Mega armoured nob:You iz, boss! You'ze da biggest, bestest Ork warboss ever! You'ze bigger than Nazdreg! You be bigger than Ghazghkull!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Nobody's bigger than Ghazghkull, you ignorant git! At least....not yet! Now where's my flying ting? I got me a chaos boy skull by da name of lord crull to claim!

'Shot down by the forces of chaos'

  • Waboss Gorgutz:"I don't care if da flyer boy is dead! Find me anuvver flyer boy so I can kill him instead!"
  • Warboss Gorgutz: How am I supposed to run a waaagh! our 'ere with no boyz!? (kills an ork)
  • Warboss Gorgutz: An' right near a humie base! Dis just grand! (Chaos base is shown)

'Now Dis is a waaagh!'

<Imperial guardsmen are fleeing from the advancing orks>

  • Imperial guardsman: Too many! There's too many! We've never seen this many before! Sound the retreat! Sound the retre...(He is gunned down by the Orks)
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Datz it boyz ,kill yer fill and smere dis 'ere icepatch with dere blood! Dis is a Waaagh! All good an' proper. Da way it should be done with me as warboss!
  • Mega Armoured Nob: What about Sturnn boss? Can I kill him....Show you'ze I'ze a good ork?
  • Warboss Gorgutz: No, Sturnnz mine! I want his head!
  • Mega Armoured Nob: What's so special about his head?
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Dat's where da skull iz stupid! an' I'd look foolish with 'is foot on me pointy stik!
  • Mega Armoured Nob: Stupid , stupid me. I knew da answer to dat!

'Sturnn is dead'

<Gorgutz grabs general sturnn and beats him into the ground and kills him>

  • Warboss Gorgutz: Sturnnz dead! Dis 'ere is his 'ead on me pointy stik! Dere's still enough space for yer 'ead on dis pike crull!
  • Lord Crull: Careful with my trophy , Gorgutz. I'll soon be claiming it from your frozen carcass.

<Gorgutz walks off and pushs a chaos marine over as he leaves>

'If the orks get through the titan gate'

<The chaos marines and the orks are shooting eachother>

  • Warboss Gorgutz: I am da biggest baddest warboss dere is!
  • Lord Crull: Gorgutz! The titan is mine! Do you hear? Mine!!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: You'ze a gretchin' git! Da titan is mine. I got here first. I control da gate!
  • Lord Crull: Don't be a fool even if you have the titan you don't know how to operate it.
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Da titan is worthless to me! Datz why I'm gonna pound it into scrap!
  • Lord Crull: You can't!! The titan dominatus is one of the greatest warmachines ever constructed!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Wrong ya git! Da greatest warmachine is da ork WAAAGH!!! We don't need no damn tinkin' 'traption to be strong! We iz strong!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Listen to 'im screamin' with one voice across da whole planet!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: WAAAGH!

<Gorgutz goes through the gate>

  • Lord Crull: You'll regret this Gorgutz. I swear to you I'll rip the flesh from your bones and eat your eyes! All remaining units! Charge the gate!!

<The Chaos marines charge>

'More skulls for da pointy stik'

  • Warboss Gorgutz: Lets see da waaagh! iz goin' good but dere's somethin' missin'
  • Mega armoured nob: More skullz?
  • Warboss Gorgutz:Datz it see! I got me all da skulls of all da warbosses I killed , Sturnnz and dat farseerz skull. So who are missin'? Oh yeah dat git Crull! I need his head for me pointy stik and you know how i'm gettin' 'im to coming after me?
  • Mega armoured nob: You gonna call him , a grot?
  • Warboss Gorgutz: We'll call dat plan stupid! I named it after ya. No da way ta get Crull crazy mad is to 'tack his titan. Den he'll come for me.
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Hey! why'z you grinnin'?
  • Mega armoured nob: Because you named a plan after me!

'Metal boyz'

<The orks are digging. They attack the chaos marines but a necron monolith arrives.>

<The Monolith opens fire on both the orks and chaos forces>

  • Warboss Gorgutz: I know dese guys. Dese necron boyz. Demz good killin'! Hey! Why's it I got none o' dere skulls? Time to change dat! Alright all ya gretchin lovin' orks. It's time to introduce da necrons to da waaagh! Den we'll get Crullz skull for me stik!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Beat 'em down till da necrons go runnin'.

'Time to claim Crulls skull!'

  • Warboss Gorgutz: Crull! Yer pretty skull iz mine!!

<Crull and Gorgutz get into melee>

  • Lord Crull: I'll gut you. I'll send down Khorne's wrath upon your heads and boil the blood from you veins!

<Gorgutz Grabs crull and kills him>

<Gorgutz leaves to speak to the rest of the orks>

  • Warboss Gorgutz: I did it! I beat da udda warbosses! Da imperial humies , da eldar and dose chaos boyz and even dem necrons! Dat was a good WAAAGH!
  • Mega armoured nob: And your pointy stik got plenty of dem skullz! Dose are pretty trophies! What you gonna do next , huh warboss? Dere's nobody left to beat.
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Datz right! I'ze da biggest baddest warboss on da planet! I wonder where da nearest udda planet iz.

Lord Crull

'Finally something to kill!'

  • Lord Crull: My men grow restless guarding this insufferable fleck of ice they call Lorn V, though I do not blame them! Blood was meant to flow hot and free... not to run cold and sluggish.
  • Lord Crull: By Khorne, I should be commanding crusades! But this world... see how it denies me even my most basic pleasures!
  • Sorcerer: Then perhaps I can provide you with some sport. Yes? Our Hunters clipped the wings of the shuttle carrying Warboss Gorgutz.
  • Sorceror: He recently united the other Ork clans. I believe he survived the crash.
  • Lord Crull: Yes! Finally some sport. Eliminating Gorgutz will send the Orks reeling. But tell everyone that I alone will claim his head!
  • Lord Crull(As his forces move out): By nightfall, we'll drink a toast from his skull!

'Gorgutz is still alive! , The Imperial guard arrive'

<Gorgutz is lying on the ground and the chaos forces are standing around him>

  • Lord Crull(They are hit by an air strike): What!? Where's that attack coming from!?

<Gorgutz gets up>

  • Warboss Gorgutz(Gets up): Looks like da Imperial Guardz come ta kick yer can!
  • Lord Crull: Fool! We'll both die on this misbegotten ball of ice! You'll make a lovely mound of snow! Unless we charge their lines before they tighten their noose!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: (runs off) Waddya mean, charge der line? Tell ya what. You goez yer way, I go mine and we'll see who comez out da udder side!
  • Lord Crull: What!? Gorgutz, where in the Warp are you going? Gorgutz! Damn him! I'll charge the lines alone, then, and kill him when I next see his bloodshot eyes.
  • Lord Crull(Charges with Khorne Bezerkers): AAAAARRRRGGGHHH! KILL THEM ALL!!

'A titan? Ally with Gorgutz?'

  • Imperial Guardsman:Stop... please. I'll tell you whatever you want. I'll tell you everything!
  • Lord Crull: Why are you here on my world!? Answer me and I'll show you mercy.
  • Imperial Guardsman: We were assigned a Titan, Dominatus. It was badly damaged in the defense of this world ages ago. We were hoping to repair it. (Crull kills the Guardsman)
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Titan? What dat?
  • Lord Crull: Power unimaginable, Gorgutz. A war machine unlike any other... a weapon to devastate worlds... entire star systems, even.
  • Lord Crull: If I can gain control of the Titan, none could stand in my way. I'd be a God. Organize your forces, Gorgutz, and let us be done with these Imperial Guardsmen.
  • Lord Crull: Afterwards we'll settle matters between us.
  • Warboss Gorgutz(Waddles off): Soundz good, Crull. I'll gather da boyz, and once I crush da humies I'll help ya bleed somethin' good.
  • Lord Crull: Not unless I crush you under the Titan's heel first, Gorgutz.

'Blood sacrifice'

  • Sorceror: I have arrived at the Blood pits, My lord. What would you ask or me?
  • Lord Crull: Then get to it! The faster we gather the blood to appease Khorne. The faster the titan is ours! But before you leave execute that pitiful excuse for a soilder for embarrising me! ( He says he wants the Chaos marine executed because Gorgutz knocked the chaos marine over and he is digusted by it)

<The Chaos marine is killed by the sorceror>

'The Blood thirster has been summoned'

<The Blood thirster and the eldar avatar fight and the blood thirster wins>

  • Lord Crull: Damn them! We wasted too much blood summoning the blood thirster! Now we need more if we are to appease Khorne! I'll tell you this sorceror. Tommorrow I shall enjoy sucking the eldar's eyes out of their screaming skulls!
  • Sorceror: I am, ah , sorry my lord. But that is not the worst of it.
  • Lord Crull: Tread carefully, sorceror or I might savage you instead of the Eldar!
  • Sorceror: Then perhaps you should sate your thirst on ork blood my lord. Gorgutz and his rabble are gathered near the titan. Perhaps he is ready to attack it.
  • Lord Crull: Gorgutz wouldn't dare!! I grow tired of this so called alliance! I've waited for that miserable orks skull and I shall have it as my cup!
  • Lord Crull: We will first move to secure the titan and then deal with that venomous snake! Only then shall we fill the blood pit to requiem and set it overflowing!
  • Lord Crull: Then the titan at last will be mine!

'The orks must not get the Titan'

  • lord Crull: Gorgutz! What is the meaning of this!?
  • Warboss Gorgutz: It's time I got me some eldar skullz! I hear dere farseer got a pretty skull!
  • Lord Crull: Just stay clear of the titan , ork! Try to rob me of my prize and I'll rob you of your limbs!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: You'z too worried about that Titan, Crull. Makez you blind. Maybez I should destroy it fer ya...keep you mind on important tings...like winnin'!
  • Lord Crull: The Titan is the only prize worth having! Take another step towards it and I will drive my thumbs into your greasy eye pits.
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Da Imperial boyz smashed you good. You'z weak! Da new hammer, Crull, iz me! My WAAAGH! is unstoppable. What you got? Nuttin!
  • Lord Crull: I have enough men to sieze the control gate and who controls the gate controls the fate of this battle!

'If chaos wins and gets through the gate'

<The world eaters advance towards the titan>

  • Lord Crull: Yes! The titan is mine , ork! Now rot! Rot as you should have done days ago!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: If it wasn't for me you'd be dead Crull!
  • Lord Crull: So would you ork but I spared your life so you could fight my battles. Nothing more! You've been a good dog. Now die!
  • Warboss Gorgutz: Maybe all we Ork boyz do iz fight an' die. But Ya know what? We'ze good at it and we still gonna win!
  • Mega armoured nob: Den why we lose....huh?
  • Warboss Gorgutz: What!? you talkin' to me?
  • Mega armoured nob: We thought you was da biggest baddest boss , why we lose den?

<Gorgutz kills the mega armoured nob and the orks move in to attack him>

  • Warboss Gorgutz: I'ze still bigger than you'ze! Who else been doin' da thinkin'? huh?
  • Warboss Gorgutz: You think you can take me? I'ze da biggest ork 'ere, show me what ya got!

<The fight continues but it is unknown if Gorgutz died or not>

'Secure the titan in the name of khorne!'

  • Khorne beserker: Blood for the blood god! Blood for the blood god! Blood for the blood god!!
  • Lord Crull: Yes for the Blood god! But we need more sacrifices. Heard the imperial lambs to the slaughter! Bring Khorne his fill or I'll ring what I need from your broken bodies! More sacrifices! More deaths! More glorious carnage!!
  • Lord Crull: The psykers are under my thrall. I will use them to lure imperial guardsmen to the bloodpit for sacrifices and with their blood the titan will be mine!

<After this a squad of guardsmen is lured and sacrificed on an altar>

'What necrons!?'

<The World eaters are fighting the imperial guardsmen in melee>

<A necron monolith descends on the battlefield>

  • Lord Crull: (surprised by the new enemies) What!? What is this!?
  • Lord Crull: Necrons here! It seems the universe itself conspires to rob me of my prize! Enough! Attention followers of Khorne!
  • Lord Crull: Repel the invaders. Protect the titan until the vermon sorcerors complete it's possession. Only with the titan can we best our foes! Not even the gods will stand in our way then!

'The Chaos awaken the titan'

  • Lord Crull: The titan is mine! Let destiny submit itself to my self ambission! The universe will know the will of Khorne. Tremble...quake!! These are you final hours Lorn V! My reign will turn the heavens themselves crimson!

'The Necrons have been beaten'

  • Lord Crull: Behold you new god, is he not terrible to behold!? From this world. I will conquer! And the next and the one after that!! Khorne will surely reward me for the slaughter!
  • Lord Crull: Know this! What will come to pass is no longer war! It is endless sacrifice in his name! Blood for the blood god! Let the universe drown in it!

'Additional during gameplay quotes'

  • Lord Crull(Gorgutz reappears): Gorgutz! Over there! AFTER HIM!
  • Lord Crull(Orks attack a temple): A temple is under attack!
  • Lord Crull(A temple is destroyed): Because of you, we've lost a temple
  • Lord Crull(A second temple is destroyed): Another temple destroyed... Khorne will take your eyes for that!
  • Lord Crull(A third temple is destroyed): You fool! Another temple destroyed! Khorne will rip us asunder for certain.
  • Lord Crull: The Orks are attacking our base... repel them!
  • Lord Crull: The Orks are destroying our base... stop them!
  • Lord Crull: The Orks are frenzied and pressing the attack. Stop them! SAVE US KHORNE!
  • Lord Crull(Upon blood being sacrificed for control of the Titan): Yes! Let the blood flow! I and I alone, will be Khorne's chosen... his favoured acolyte and prime among his champions. And on that day when the Titan is mine, you will all worship me as you do the Gods! Once the Titan is mine, I will crush entire suns in the palm of my hand. I will stride down the halls of the Heathen Emperor and I will grind him and the Golden Throne of Terra between my iron fingers! More! More blood for the Blood God!
  • Lord Crull(When player uses the special Bloodthirster attack on something besides the Avatar): What is this! Fool! This is no Avatar! Only an Avatar is worthy of the Bloodthirster's... attention!

Dawn of War Single Player Units

Dawn of War Single Player Units
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Lightning Fighter


Penitent Engine

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Machine Cult

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Desecrated Stronghold

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Sacrificial Circle

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